Google Plus
163 websites Google Plus Widgets to your wordpress blog. Google Plus Plugin for WordPress allows you to Add Google Plus Widgets, Google Api Console required. Simple and fast, just paste your google plus profile ID under "GP Dashboard" Option Page after installed. Google Plus Plugin Features Google Plus Stream Google Plus Profile Google Plus One
Google Plus Widget
313 websites An easy-to-use plugin which allows you to add a Google Plus profile badge along with an optional Google +1 button and Google+ posts anywhere on your W NEW WITH v1.5 Inclusion of profile pictures of people in your circle. Also fixes some minor bugs. PLEASE UPGRADE TO THIS VERSION The Google Plus Widget plugin adds a Google Plus profile widget to your WordPress site along with the option to include the Google +1 button. The plugin links to you Google+ profile and shows the number of followers in your circle as well as allowing users to add you to their Google+ circle. It will also display a custom plugin title and your Google profile picture. This version of the Google Plus Widget plugin accounts for Google's recent changes in the structure of their Google+ profile pages. The Google Plus Widget plugin uses a simple cache state to store your Google Plus profile data and eliminate the need to request information from Google+ on every page load. For the caching to work, write per
Google Map Lightbox Popup
189 websites Google Map Popup plugin allows you to add a google map popup image which on click pops up the google map for your business or the address that you wan Google Map Popup plugin allows you to add a google map popup image which on click pops up the google map for your business or the address that you want to portray. Add a google map popup feature for your website. you can create any number of google map popus. Widget to use the pop up in sidebar Easily manageable back-end. Easy to use shortcode. Use it anywhere you want to. Allows you to add/upload a different image or google map image. You can select the map type you want to use. Highly customizable with the height and width of the image and the popup that will come up. Allows you to add your address bubble on the map. Last but not the least its FREE View Plugin Demo here - Here
SN Google Plus
12 websites SN Google Plus it's a advanced slider (retioSlider) with Google Plus button. SN Google Plus - Google Plus Button with advanced slider (retioSlider). You can select some settings for slider like: 1. Box position ( left, right, top, bottom ), 1. Slider action ( hover, click ), 1. Open / close time ( in ms ) 1. Start / open / close opacity of SN Google Plus box 1. Chose 1 of 12 unique icons. SN Google Plus require jQuery 1.4+
WP Google Search
851 websites This plugin gives a very simple way to integrate Google Search into your WordPress site. If you would like a Google search feature on your WordPress site, you only need to register to Google Custom Search, get your Google Search Engine ID, and enter it in the plugin settings page. Then your custom search engine is ready for use, just put the new Google search-box widget on the sidebar, and enjoy it! In this way the plugin enables you to insert Google search engine into your website, or a collection of websites easily. You can search both web pages and images. You can define if you want to search only inside your site (or given sites), or the entire web. It is possible to customize your search features, the look and feel (layout, themes, custom colors and fonts, thumbnails), and many more. All these settings can be specified on the Google Custom Search Engine admin site: Your cha
Custom Google Plus Feed (google+)
40 websites Google Plus Profile or Page feed for your website. Includes Follow button Options too. Google Plus feeds are here by SlickRemix! Add a Google+ profile or page feed on your WordPress website. Using the Custom Google Plus Feed is a simple, effective and Google SEO friendly way of engaging your users with your Google Plus account while keeping them on your website. Features include the following: Easy to Install and Setup. Create Google Plus Page or Profile Feed. Follow Button options. Able to Display as many feeds as you want. Display Feeds on Pages, Posts and Text Widgets. Fully responsive and works great on desktops, tablets and mobile devices. SEO Friendly. Demo Check out the Demo and add your Google+ ID or name to see what your feed will look like. Google+ Profile or Page Feed Demo. Support All
Google Plus Badge
53 websites Google Plus Badge it's a advanced slider (retioSlider) Google+ Badge for google+ pages. Google Plus Badge - Google Plus Button with advanced slider (retioSlider). You can select some settings for slider like: 1. Box position ( left, right, top, bottom ), 1. Slider action ( hover, click ), 1. Open / close time ( in ms ) 1. Start / open / close opacity of Google Plus Badge box 1. Chose 1 of 15 unique icons. Google Plus Badge require jQuery 1.4+
Magic Google Maps
8 websites Add Google maps quickly and easily to your page. Magic Google maps is light weight plugin optimised for speed. Add Google map to your page with [map]. This plugin is created to do one thing and one thing only, that is why it is fast and does not affect badly loading speed of your website. Plugin setup is quick, easy and very intuitive and it does not require Google maps activation key. Google maps activation key is an optional field. Adding google map to your page never was easer. Just install and activate plugin, go to settings page, zoom in map, drag pin to desired location and hit save. Copy [map] and paste on the the page where you want it to appear. Width of the Google maps will adjust automatically to the size of the page.
Google Maps
37 websites Huge-IT Google Maps. One more perfect tool from Huge-IT. Improved Google Maps, where we have our special contribution. WordPress Google Maps WordPress Google Maps Demo Google Maps FAQ Google Maps User Manual Google Maps Huge-IT Google Maps. One more perfect tool from Huge-IT. Improved Google Maps, where we have our special contribution. Most simple and effective tool for rapid creation of individual Google Maps in posts and pages. With our Google s, you can provide your visitors with informat
Maps Builder - Google Maps Plugin
886 websites The most flexible, robust, and easy to use WordPress plugin for creating powerful Google Maps directly on your website. Maps Builder isn't just another Google Maps plugin. It's built from the ground up to be the easiest, most intuitive and fastest Google Maps plugin for WordPress. Visually build powerful customized Google Maps to use on your WordPress site quickly and easily without ever having to touch a bit of code. Plugin Highlights: Fullscreen Live Map Builder - The Map Builder let's you edit fullscreen in a Customizer-like environment so you can see your map come to life right before your eyes. Google Places API integration - Display nearby business locations and points of interest complete with ratings, custom marker icon Snazzy Maps integration - Create truly unique Google Map themes that look great with any design powered by Snazzy Maps.
Google Plus Activity
28 websites Google Plus activity list all of the activities in the specified collection for a particular user. Google Plus activity list all of the activities in the specified collection for a particular user. Simply it display feeds of any user but one thing to remember you can display public posts or feeds on your website only. Some remarkable feature of Google Plus Activity 1) It's simple 2) Very easy to use. 3) Documentation Available with images 4) Responsive 5) Easily customizable. We have set classes everywhere to help you out. 6) It uses Google Plus own API library - No third party library. 7) 24/7 Supports Available
Responsive Google Map
58 websites Just another Responsive Google Map, 24 beautiful map styles with latest version. Responsive Google Map helping you integrate Google Map without any authentication key. You can independently customize the Google Map and integrate into the widget, page and post where you want. Docs & Support You can find docs. If you can't locate any topics that pertain to your particular issue, post a new topic for it. You can directly use the shortcode for in your widget area too. [om_gmap zoom="9" lat="28.9285745" lng="77.09149350000007" infowindow=""] New in version 2.2 Add - 24 new amazing map styles Upgrade - Upgraded UI from tabs to single section. Supported Languages of Responsive Google Map If you need language of Responsive Google Map which is not included in
WP Google Plus Connect
1 websites Add Google+ Direct Connect Badge & allow your WordPress/BuddyPress users to register or login via their Google+ account & import their stream Display a Google+ Direct Connect Badge on your site via widget or shortcode, allow your members to login/register via their Google+ account or sync your Google+ stream with your blog posts or BuddyPress activity via the Google+ API. WordPress Google+ Connect allow your website members the ability to register and/or log in via their Google+ account utilizing the Google+ API. Set up a Google Plus Application and store the API credentials in the WordPress backend, when a user clicks on the "Login with Google+" button that gets added to the WP log in screen or anywhere via a short code and authenticates their Google Plus account a WordPress account will be created with their G+ information and they will automatically be logged in. Any existing WordPress users can also log in via Google+ and link their two accounts. If BuddyPress is enabled a Google+ login button will appea
NK Google Analytics
44 websites NK Google Analytics for WordPress adds necessary javascript to enable Google Analytics tracking on your website. Need Google Analytics on your website? NK Google Analytics adds the required javascript to track your website, it supports Classic, Universal and Remarketing Google Analytics tracking code. For more information about Google Analytics visit: Google Analytics For more information about Display Advertising Support Display Advertising NK Google Analytics its simple, just add your Google Analytics ID and click "Save changes"
Google Maps Easy
85 websites The easiest way to create Google Map with markers, locations and clusterization. Any data on the map: text, images, videos. Custom google map marker i WordPress Google Maps WordPress Google Maps How to use Google Maps Google Maps Demo Google Maps Plugin Features Google Map builder in live mode Unlimited number of map markers and locations Map Markers with media description. Text, images, video, email, phone Map Markers and Locations groups (clusterization) Display google map
Google Language Translator
7525 websites Welcome to Google Language Translator! This plugin allows you to insert the Google Language Translator tool anywhere on your website using shortcode. Settings include: inline or vertical layout, show/hide specific languages, hide/show Google toolbar, and hide/show Google branding. Add the shortcode to pages, posts, and widgets.
Google Plus Stream Widget Plugin For WordPress
4 websites This plugin allows you to display the thread of your Google+ Stream right within your WordPress blog in just a few clicks. Google Plus Stream Widget Plugin For WordPress allow you to add a widget that will, every 30 minutes, check an update on your Google+ Stream wall using Google+ APIs ( authorized way from Google ). As the API calls are limited to 1000 calls per day, we limited to every 30 minutes. Later we will add shorter scheduler notices. The collector stores the data into a table that will be later called to display the stream into your Widget. Read the SETUP carefully to fulfill the requirements. Nothing hard, don't worry. You can customize the title and the number of posts in the stream to display. We will add much more option later. But the strict minimum is there. The plugin includes nice JS effects and ability to read the full post at Google+. Enjoy
User Map
6 websites Enable you to display how many users are online and registered on your WordPress blog . User Map plugin is a great addon to your wordpress site, it will display all the users of your blog/website on google maps, you will be able to see all the registered users on google map, which will help you and other people see from where most of the users are registering to your site. It also shows active live users on google map, this adds a realtime access to stats of all logged in users. General Features Super easy to use, no coding required! Display all the users of your blog/website on google maps Shows all the registered users on google map Shows active live or logged-in users on google map Create unlimited maps and display on posts/pages using shortcode Intuitive and user friendly interface, which makes it very easy to configure User Google map. No complex configuration options Sho
Google Maps Travel Route
4 websites With the Google Maps Travel Route plugin you can easily show a static route on Google Maps. Google Maps Travel Route enables you to easily insert Google Maps along with a travel route, tour, etc in your WordPress website. Via dashboard you can add,edit or delete locations or edit the options for the map itself. The map can be inserted in pages, post or sidebars via shortcode. A widget is also available. You will only need to have a valid Google Maps API key which you can get here. This plugin is a new version of the outdated Google Maps Route Plugin. Thank you NetMadeEz for the initial version! You can find a demo here. And a lot more featu
MK Google Directions
112 websites Enable use of Google Directions in your WordPress blog. MK Google Directions : Enable use of Google Directions in your WordPress blog. It also give details of distance between two locations and also shows driving direction between two places. Google Maps gives you the ability to generate directions between start and end point. This plugin uses Google Maps API to embed the Google Direction to your WordPress Blog. This plugin will show the route on the map and also give detailed directions between two points. Shows Google driving directions on map. Shows distance between two places. Shows time taken to travel between two places. Shows step by step driving directions. For more details: Click here Created By: Manoj Rana Email :
Multi Google Maps
4 websites Stable tag : 0.7 This is first plug-in that allows you to insert Multi Google Map V.3 Objects into your post/blog, No require Google Map API Key . This is first plug-in that allows you to insert Multi Google Map V.3 Objects into your post/blog, No require Google Map API Key. Next version, this plug-in supports to display Multi Google Map on Popup. By the way , If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me. (siripol.n at gmail dot com) Donate Link If you wish to donate, you can donate to my paypal, click here. Thanks to your support.
Google Analytics Dashboard for WP
293 websites Displays Google Analytics reports in your WordPress Dashboard. Inserts the latest Google Analytics tracking code in your pages. This Google Analytics for WordPress plugin enables you to track your site using the latest Google Analytics tracking code and allows you to view key Google Analytics reports in your WordPress install. In addition to a set of general Google Analytics reports, in-depth Page reports and in-depth Post reports allow further segmentation of your analytics data, providing performance details for each post or page from your website. The Google Analytics tracking code is fully customizable through options and hooks, allowing advanced data collection using custom dimensions and events. Google Analytics Real-Time Google Analytics reports, in real-time, in your dashboard screen: Real-time number of visitors Real-time acquisition channels Real-time traffic sources details Google Analytics Reports The Googl
Google Plusone(+1) Button
54 websites WordPress plugin for Google +1 button. This plugin displays the google +1 button in different styles and positions. Author Site| Plugin Home Page This plugin displays the google +1 button in different styles. Display Google +1 button in the posts, pages, single posts or everywhere. Display Google +1 button above the post ['Top'], below the post ['Buttom'], both above and below ['Both'], or floating left side of post ['Left']. Display Google +1 button in four different sizes (Standard, small, medium and Tall) Display Google +1 button using Template Tag <?php if(function_exists('twg_gpo_button')) twg_gpo_button();?> or Shortcode [twg_gpo_button] at any desired position. Nice Preview in the settings page with a dummy post.
thydzik Google Map
3 websites thydzikGoogleMap is a WordPress plugin that creates inline Google maps in your WordPress posts. Rewritten code supporting latest WordPress and Google Map API v3 features! thydzikGoogleMap is a WordPress plugin that creates inline Google maps in your WordPress posts. With advantages over other existing Google maps plugins being; Ease of use, to create a Google map simply type 'thydzikGoogleMap(mapdata.xml)' (case insensitive) in your post on its own line. Uses XML map data, this allows for maximum configurability, and supports multiple coloured and numbers makers and polylines. Info windows can contain html. Supports cross-domain XML files by using a PHP proxy (your XML file can be anywhere). Google Map width, height, zoom and map type are all individually configurable. Allow readers to download gpx files which can be uploaded to GPS for easy navigation. Google Maps API v3, no key required. 1.Support for KML files
Google Map
2 websites Google Map plugin will help to embed Google Custom Map in Posts, Pages as shortcode and sidebar as widget. Google Map is awesome plugin to add Google Custom map in website.It is fully customizable and can be use as shortcode. It is usable using widget and has all possible options to customize. View our Google Map Plugin Demo page: Google Map Demo Features of Google Map Plugin: User friendly and easy to use. Tested with other popular plugins. Fully Customizable. Ability to change Latitude, Longitude. Ability to change zoom level Easy to add as widget Abilit
Google Universal Analytics
2 websites Adds the latest Google Universal Analytics JavaScript tracking code to your WordPress website. Many options! Adding Google Analytics code to your website has never been easier. Simply copy and paste your tracking code or property ID and that's it. Why Google Universal Analytics is better than the usual Google Analytics? User ID tracking (track user across different devices); Event tracking (track downloads, mailto links, clicks on external URLs and Call tracking); Remarketing (Google AdWords, Display Advertising); Demographics and Interests reporting; IP Anonymization; SSL security for tracking data; Enhanced Link Attribution; Custom domain configuration; Disable Google Analytics tracking for specific WordPress users; Older Google Analytics tracking available; Tracking code customization; Simplified user interface; It is the new analytics standard set by Google;
Google Maps Bank - Easy Google Maps
12 websites Google Maps Bank provides directions, locations, markers, interactive maps, and satellite/aerial imagery of anything. It's more than just a Map. WP Google Maps Bank - Best Plugin to create a Map on WordPress. WP Google Maps Bank is the simplest yet most powerful plugin ever created for WordPress! Add a customized Map to your WordPress Posts/Pages quickly and easily with the supplied shortcode. Google Maps Bank Lite Edition allows you to create upto 2 Google Maps with upto 5 Markers, 1 Polyline and 1 Polygon. Google Maps Bank Lite Edition using Google Maps API v3. Creating a Google Maps Bank has been divided into 7 Steps making it very simple and understandable for a WordPress admin to quickly get done what is needed as per requirements.
WP Google Maps
1243 websites The easiest to use Google maps plugin! Create a custom Google map with high quality markers containing categories, descriptions, images and links. The easiest to use Google maps plugin! Add a customized Google map to your WordPress posts and/or pages quickly and easily with the supplied shortcode. No fuss. No iFrames and super easy to use! Perfect for contact page maps, routes, maps showing delivery areas and any other use you can think of! While the free version of WP Google Maps allows you to create a Google map with as many markers as you like, the Pro version allows you to do so much more! The WP Google Maps Pro Version version allows you create custom Google maps with high quality markers containing locations, descriptions, images, categories, links and directions. Lite Version (Free) The most popular Google Maps plugin on WordPress Super easy to use, no coding required! Create as many
Remove Google Fonts References
22 websites Remove Open Sans and other google fonts references from all pages. Plugin homepage | Plugin author This plugin stops loading of Open Sans and other fonts used by WordPress and other themes (such as Twenty Twelve, Twenty Thirteen, Twenty Fourteen etc.) from Google Fonts. Reasons for not using Google Fonts might be privacy and security, local development or production, blocking of Google's servers, characters not supported by font, performance. Remove Google Fonts References is a very lightweight, it has no settings, just activate it and it works immediately. Suggestion: From version 2.0, CSS files detecting has been added to this plugin to avoid google fonts loading inside CSS files. Although it helps stop loading google fonts more thoroughly, it will causes more resource consumpt
WP Google Analytics
308 websites Lets you use Google Analytics to track your WordPress site statistics WP Google Analytics makes it easy to track your site's usage, with lots of helpful additional data. Features: Uses Google's asynchronous tracking method which is faster and more reliable. Automatically tracks site speed Option to log outgoing links as events Option to log 404 errors as events Use custom variables in Google Analytics to track additional data on pageviews including: Author Categories Tags Context (such as home, category, post, author, etc) Date Logged in Anything - Use the built-in filter to add your own! Allows you to ignore any user roles (administrators, editors, authors, etc) Collaborate on the plugin: WP Google Analytics B
Google Places Reviews
395 websites Display Google Places Reviews on your WordPress website and help boost consumer confidence and search engine optimization. Easily display Google Reviews on your WordPress website using a powerful and intuitive widget. Great for restaurants, retail stores, franchisees, real estate firms, hotels and hospitality, and nearly any business with a website and reviews on Google. View the Online Demo Why Use this Plugin? This plugin allows you to display Google reviews on your WordPress website. Why is this important? Positive reviews on websites like Google help businesses gain additional exposure and further enhance their online credibility. A
MW Google Maps
17 websites MW Google Maps adds google maps in your post easy. MW Google Maps adds google maps in your post easy. Shortcode [mw-google-maps] Map of this post has been displayed. [mw-google-maps zoom="18"] Map that zoom level is 18. [mw-google-maps id="352"] Map that post_id is 353 is displayed. [mw-google-maps-multi] Map of this posts has been displayed. [mw-google-maps-multi ids="19,85,330"] Map that post_id is 19 or 85 or 330 is displayed.
36 websites Robo Maps it's easy and powerful Google maps plugin with maps markers. Google Maps in native WordPress style. Multiply maps on page. Robo Maps - Most Easy and Powerful plugin to create a Google Map on WordPress. Robo Maps it's easy and very powerful Google maps plugin for WordPress. Plugin implemented in WordPress native style, used all wordpress native API and core functionality. You can install plugin absolutely FREE in wordpress admin section or you can purchase RoboMaps Pro version in our website. Robo Maps make you able to insert google map into your WordPress post, page or widget easily! Just use shortcode wizard to define all options Robo Google Maps. Robo Google Maps Lite Key Features Mobile optimized maps - all robo google maps code optimized for mobile devices, so you'll not have any problems with maps Optimized javascript code - optmized havascript code make robo google maps eve
Google Translate
93 websites With Google Translate Widget you can show your website content in many different languages using the Google Translate engine. With Google Translate Widget you can show your website content in many different languages using the Google Translate engine. Features Work only as a widget. Automatically detect user language. After plugin activation you will be automatically redirected to your widgets page so you can configure the Google Translate widget in your sidebar. That simple! If you need help with the plugin or you want to report a bug please refer to
WSAnalytics - Google Analytics And Dashboards
21 websites Google API Based WordPress Plugin for Analytics implementation and Dashboards, See Live, Post/Page and other Stats inside admin area. WSAnalytics - A very simple way to install Google Analytics and have all it's feature under WordPress Admin area, WSAnalytics creates Google Analytics Dashboard helps to-do all implementation for Google Analytics. Features: Install Google Analytics on Your WordPress in few clicks. Option to choose between tradition Google Analytics (ga.js) vs Universal Google Analytics (analytics.js) Enable Demographic feature with Google Analytics Google Analytics Dashboard (Real Time Stats, General Stats, Keyword Stats, Top Country Stats, Top City Stats, and much more) Statistics (General) under the single posts/pages in wp-admin Realtime data Google Analytics data about user
Google Sitemap by BestWebSoft
216 websites This plugin allows you to add a Sitemap file to Google Webmaster Tools. With the Google Sitemap Plugin you can create and add a Sitemap file to Google Webmaster Tools, and get the info about your site in Google Webmaster Tools. Google Sitemap by BestWebSoft Video instruction on Installation Google Sitemap by BestWebSoft FAQ Google Sitemap by BestWebSoft Support Upgrade to Google Sitemap Pro by BestWebSoft Recommended Plugins The author