Front End Theme Preview
8 websites Allow users to preview and/or download/buy themes on the front end This plugin allows you to preview your themes or to allow users to preview a theme on the front end. It renders a different theme for the user on your site without changing the current theme. It also offers a download link for the previewed theme provided that the theme is in the "wp-content/themes" directory of your wordpress installation. In version 1.2 a theme shopping cart was added to enable you sell your precious premium themes. After a user buys your theme he/she will be redirected back to your site and he'll will be registered using the email he purchased with. The transaction is saved and client can now download his theme from the sidebar. There's a catch though, the client must be logged in to download his/her premium theme(s). If all your themes are free, no login is required. Users can just download whenever... Note: this plugins only pulls themes from your
Login Theme
17 websites Awesome login themes for WordPress login page. Nice and clean login theme for wordpress default login page, easy to customize and select different themes. Login Theme by Plugin Features Custom logo. Three different theme. Custom background color login area. Custom background image login page. Custom background color for submit button.
WordPress Theme Slider
4 websites WP Theme Slider is a WordPress plugin that allows you use three different image scrollers/sliders on your Wo WP Theme Slider is a WordPress plugin that allows you use three different image sliders on your WordPress blog. To switch, simply change the slider type (radio button) and click "Update Settings". You can use Cycle Slider, Coin Slider, or the dazzling 3D Piecemaker Slider.
Helios Solutions Custom Admin Theme
3 websites Create your own wordpress admin colour schemes. Furnish an admin dashboard with an attractive colours of your own choice. Fully customize you wordpress admin dashboard with your own colour choices. Helios Solutions Custom Admin Theme Style endeavours to transform your working experience into more enjoyable, systemised and beneficial way. This is the best Admin theme plugin as it can be customized as per the choices of the user. Convert your boring default WP Admin theme by streamlining it by using new admin UI and furnish it with an attractive, more up to date appearance with enhanced free backend theme plugin. It makes the admin User Interface smarter through customized WordPress Admin Themes. User can select from the preset themes or can create their own by customizing background colour, font colour, navigation menu colour, post and page form colour. The Helios Solutions Admin Theme Style is compatible with lesser versions and the latest WordPress 3.8 Download free admin theme s
Comic Easel
891 websites Comic Easel allows you to post webcomics to your theme. Comic Easel Website: Comic Easel Comic Easel allows you to incorporate a WebComic using the WordPress Media Library functionality with Navigation into almost any WordPress theme. With just a few modifications of adding injection action locations into a theme, you can have the theme of your choice display a comic. The core reason to use Comic Easel above other WordPress theme's is that you are not limited to the basic ComicPress & Other themes that are specifically designed for WebComics that utilize structures that you do not require or want to make use of. There are a plentiful amount of themes in the WordPress repository that you can now take advantage of that give you tons of options you otherwise wouldn't have had. With Comic Easel's extra taxonomies
Twenty Eleven Theme Extensions
378 websites Easy to use customizations for the default theme Twenty Eleven--add sidebars back into your blog pages, and quickly change individual color settings. Twenty Eleven Theme Extensions is an easy-to-use plugin designed for use with the latest default WordPress theme, Twenty Eleven. It adds a set of customizable features for the theme, designed to add more flexibility to the theme's design without having to modify the template files. The features include: Add the widget sidebar to all pages, and single-post pages. Optionally center the navigation links at the top of single-post pages with a sidebar. Adjust the alignment of sidebar widget titles. Automatically turn sticky posts into single-line headlines to alert your readers of something important. Change the default height of the banner image in the header. Add custom CSS styles for your site safely, in a place that won't be overwritten when you update WordPress or Twenty Eleven. NEW: Modify tw
Marketer Addons
9 websites Shortcodes included with Marketer WordPress theme This plugin adds shortcode functionality to the Marketer WordPress theme. Having this in it's own plugin means that you can move your content easily if you ever want to change theme. Please see Marketer live demo for shortcode usage Download WordPress Marketer theme
2 websites Add theme's or plugin's options to the WordPress Customizer. Build theme and plugin options accessible from WordPress front-end. Customizer Plugin is a tool built for WordPress Theme Developers and Plugin Developers. It extends Customizer panel introduced in WP 3.4. With Customizer Plugin you can: quickly add your theme's or plugin's options to the Customizer Panel without leaving the frontent preview take advantage of both serialized and non-serialized Theme Options add dropdowns, colour pickers, image uploaders, radio options and more extend your current theme to enable front-end customizations Check this quick user guide for examples of how to configure WordPress Customizer. Download the alpha version now and discuss the functionality or report a bug. Your feedback is appreciated.
LearnPress Course Review - WordPress extension for LearnPress
2 websites LearnPress Course Review - An extension plugin for LearnPress. LearnPress is a WordPress LMS Plugin by ThimPress. LearnPress Course Review bring review feature to your course. Now, student can rate and give review for the course they take on a LearnPress site. Review add-on for LearnPress is using on some WordPress Themes: Education WordPress Theme and LMS WordPress Theme, more is coming. Other free add-ons for LearnPress are available in WordPress: Lea
BNS Theme Details
4 websites Displays theme specific details such as download count, last update, author, etc. This plugin can be used to display the recent download count of a theme, as well as various other details such as the author and when it was last updated. It also includes a link to the WordPress Theme repository if it exists.
Genesis Super Customizer
37 websites The easiest way to customize the design of the Genesis theme, right from the WordPress Customizer. Genesis Super Customizer adds options to customize colors, create a fixed header that shrinks on scroll, upload logos, edit footer credits, and much more, all through the native WordPress Customizer interface. It's the easiest way to customize the design of the Genesis theme or your custom Genesis child theme. IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This plugin is designed to work with the Genesis Framework and the Genesis Sample Child Theme only, not premium Genesis child themes like Author Pro, Parallax Pro, etc. It duplicates and overrides the stylesheet for the Genesis theme or Sample Child Theme (or your custom theme based off of the Sample Child Theme) as a starting point for design. It will override your current styles so it's best to try it out on a staging site first, or start off by developing your site with just Genesis and GSC. There's over 100 options to customize and tinke
Easy custom css by webriti
1 websites Easy Custom css plugin allows you to enter custom CSS Rules without editing theme files. The Easy Custom CSS plugin allows you to quickly change the apprearance of your site without editing theme files. It is a simple plugin which does one thing and does it well. Simply activate the plugin, create your custom css . The Easy Custom CSS plugin works with any WordPress theme you have active on wprdpress. Give Easy Custom CSS a try. We are sure you will like it. In case you face any problem, contact us via the Forums.
11 websites Add theme independent CSS stylesheet to your blog, supports direct editing via admin panel. MyCSS is a WordPress plugin that allows you to attach your personal CSS stylesheet to your blog, regardless of the theme you might be using. This is useful for users who want extra control over the presentation of individual blog entries by using self-defined CSS classes without worrying about compatibility issues when switching theme from one to another. Version 1.1 is for WordPress 2.5+ only. If you are using older WordPress version, please download the 1.0 version. Features: imports user-defined stylesheet, independent of blog theme used provides convenient stylesheet editor in admin panel for fast editing does not write to your WordPress database
Theme Blvd prettyPhoto
17 websites This plugin incorporates a version of prettyPhoto that we've made some slight modification to, in order for it perform better in responsive environments. We've also modified the default prettyPhoto skin to look a bit nicer on HiDPI devices like the MacBook Pro Retina. Theme Blvd Integration If you're using a theme with Theme Blvd framework v2.3+, this plugin will replace all default lightbox integration with prettyPhoto.
Fancy Admin UI
50 websites Clean, blue theme for the WordPress Admin panel and Admin Bar WordPress's admin themes are great, but we wanted to take it a step further. This is a clean blue/gray theme by default for the admin panel that simplifies the interface and makes things more accessible for our customers. Customize your colors by visiting Settings > General If there are any features you'd like to see or bugs with other plugins - visit the support tab and let me know.
Weaver Xtreme Theme Support
278 websites A useful shortcode and widget collection for Weaver Xtreme This is the main theme suppot for the Weaver X Theme. This plugin provides a collection of useful shortcodes and widgets designed to complement the Weaver X theme. These shortcodes have been selected and developed based on requests and feedback from thousands of users of the Weaver X, Weaver II, and Aspen themes. While these shortcodes are optimized for the Weaver X theme, they will also work with full functionality for most WordPress themes, and can be used if you switch themes. Includes complete documentation help file. Instructions for using the shortcodes and widgets are in the help file. Use it for non-Weaver Xtreme themes. Shortcodes included [tab_group] - Display content in a tabbed box. [youtube ] - Show your YouTube videos responsively, and with the capability to use any of the YouTube custom
Any Mobile Theme Switcher
7 websites This Plugin detects mobile browser and display the theme as the setting done from admin. Usefull for switch to Mobile Theme. Detects all the Mobile Browsers and loads the mobile theme as per your settings done in admin. Iphone / Ipod Ipad Palm Os Android Android Tab Windows Mobile Blackberry Opera Mini Others Mobile Browsers You can select a different mobile theme for each mobile browser. You can select different mobile themes for each of the options above. Any Mobile Theme Switcher Pro Features Works With W3 Total Cache Serve seprate home page for mobile devices. QR code for mobile bookmarking. Better Mobile Detection. Click To Call to phone numbers. Click here for details about Any Mobile Theme Swticher Pro Please visit our own
WPB Advanced FAQ
52 websites Best WordPress FAQ Plugin, which comes with number one FAQ management system for WordPress. Best WordPress FAQ Plugin that with each and every single feature that you need to add FAQ system in your WordPress site. It's a custom post type base FAQ management system. Using this plugin is super easy. Multiple FAQ's form different categories and tags are also possible for this plugin. It's a very light weight plugin, so your site not going to be slow for this plugin. It's design is mobile responsive and modern flat type user interface. DEMO | Support Plugin Features Two different theme for FAQ. Categorized FAQ management system. Tags base FAQ management system. FAQ Order and number of FAQ control form shortcode. Shortcode system, can be use an
Weaver II Theme Extras
15 websites Weaver II Theme Extras - Adds shortcodes and other features to the Weaver II theme. Weaver II Theme Extras - Adds shortcodes and other features to the Weaver II theme.
AnythingSlider for WordPress
657 websites Integrates Chris Coyier's popular AnythingSlider jQuery plugin with WordPress. AnythingSlider for WordPress integrates Chris Coyier's popular AnythingSlider jQuery plugin with WordPress. Based on the hard work of folks like Doug Neiner, ProLoser and Mottie, this plugin adds a plethora of flexible functionality to any WordPress theme. By using the [anything_slides] shortcode anywhere in your theme, you can add a unique and highly customizable slideshow to any post or page. Check out the FAQ for more details. Visit Missing Piece Studios for video tutorials. Changelog 0.6.8 Updated plugin script to 1.7.26 * Added option to change theme upon slide insertion * 0.6.7 Added new shortcode attributes. Documentation co
Better Read More
76 websites Use WordPress built-in tag to hide text on pages. Use WordPress built-in tag to hide text on pages. This is particularly handy for a mobile site using pages with extrememly large content. This content will let you put a "more" link in the page and will then insert a javascript more button in the page itself which will show and hide the remainder of the content on the page. Can be used with any theme, including sites that use multiple themes for mobile/desktop and it works with Any Mobile Theme Switcher.
Hybrid Hook
1 websites Allows the addition of HTML, shortcodes, PHP, and/or JavaScript to the Hybrid theme's hooks from the WordPress admin. Hybrid Hook is a plugin that allows end users the ability to tap into the Hybrid theme's extensive hook selection by providing a user interface in the WordPress admin for adding custom content. You must be using at least version 0.9 of the Hybrid theme for this plugin to work. It will also not work with any other themes. Features: Ability to add custom HTML nearly anywhere on your site. Use shortcodes to quickly add content. Allows the input of JavaScript. User can select the priority the code will run. Can execute PHP code if the option is selected.
WP Smart Mobile Theme Plugin
2 websites WP Smart Mobile: Your blog, mobile ready...and beautiful WP Smart Mobile automatically gets your WordPress blog mobile-ready with a beautiful theme that automatically adjusts depending on the device it's accessed on, whether it's an iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, or Windows. Customize the design, enable ads, add analytics code quickly and easily from the admin panel. Your current theme will still be shown when users access your site from a desktop, but on mobile devices they'll be shown a beautiful mobile-optimized theme instead, without you having to touch any code whatsoever. The plugin comes with three unique themes built-in that are deeply customizable through your WordPress admin panel. Have a question or are stuck? Submit a question in the plugin support forum ( and we'll get
Nivo Image Slider
56 websites A WordPress Image slider based on Nivo Slider to display image slider on post, page or theme. A WordPress Image slider based on Nivo Slider to display image slider on post, page or theme. It's an easy, simple & responsive slider, which looks awesome in every single theme. Usage - Custom Post & Shortcode Just create your slides from the Slider menu & paste the following shortcode where you want to display this slider: [all-nivoslider theme='default|dark|light|bar'] For example: if you want to add 'light' theme just write as following code [all-nivoslider theme='light'] You can change Slide transition speed by adding animation_speed='' and giving value in millisecond. You can also change duration of slide showing by adding pause_time='' and giving value in millisecond
Suffusion bbPress Pack
8 websites A compatibility plugin to get bbPress running on your Suffusion-based website. Suffusion bbPress Pack helps add bbPress support to your Suffusion-based site. It works by copying a handful of template files to your (child) theme directory. The templates are based on the default bbPress TwentyTen theme, modified suitably to match Suffusion's markup. Pre-requisites You need the following to use the plugin: bbPress 2.0 (or higher) Suffusion 4.0.0 (or higher) A child theme of Suffusion. If you are unsure about creating one, use the starter pack. Using a child theme is strongly
44 websites This plugin brings Internet Explorer 6 support for the new default WordPress theme Twenty Ten.
Ajaxify WordPress
4 websites Tiny Light Weight ajax Plugin that Allows You to Ajaxify your WordPress theme Quickly and Easily. Apply ajax to load your wordpress pages Without refresh. Just Put your Main content Id ( Main div) Choose your link class to ajaxify (For example .menu a) Choose your Gif loader and your theme will be converted to ajax.
WP Contributions
6 websites Provides an easy way to display your Themes, Plugins, Core tickets, and Codex contributions with handy widgets and template tags. Provides an easy way to display your Themes, Plugins, Core tickets, and Codex contributions with handy widgets and template tags. WordPress wouldn't be as amazing as it is without all of the contributors to the project. The community is proud of each and every contributor. Display some of your contributions to the project using handy widgets or template tags in your custom theme. Currently, you can display your contributions to WordPress core, the WordPress Codex, your WordPress Plugins, or your WordPress themes. There are four handy widgets available for you that are easily configured and added to your sidebar. You just need to add your theme or plugin slug to display a theme or plugin or enter your username to display core or codex contributions. You can also display these in a more custon fashion in your custom theme using template tag
MiniMax - Page Layout Builder
139 websites Drag and Drop Responsive Page Builder / Layout Builder / Content Builder for WordPress. Start inside active theme or blank canvas. Drag and Drop Page Builder / Layout Builder for WordPress. You don't need to run for learning HTML or finding a coder/designer to change a page layout. We also developing all necessary modules like sliders, galleries, images, progress bar, timeline, testimonials, message box, warning box, notification box, loop for custom post type, post loop with various templates, sub-pages, heading, regular html and many more to build a page or a complete theme just from a blank canvas within few minutes. Works with any theme Minimax- Layout Builder is compatible with any theme. Just install and start using with existing theme. Anyone can Build, No coding required No coding knowledge is required to use Minimax - Layout Builder Plugin for WordPress. Everything is just drag and drop here. Page Layout Builder will give you all power to do anything within a page layo
MW Font Changer
187 websites Change WordPress dashboard font and theme font. Change WordPress dashboard font and theme font. List of some features: Easy Configuration 20 Persian & Arabic fonts and 4 Latin fonts Change WordPress dashboard font Change theme font by enter theme ids and classes Fonts list Sultan Adan B Yekan Droid Arabic Naskh Droid Arabic Kufi B Koodak B Bardiya B Esfehan B Helal B Mahsa B Mehr B Mitra B Jadid B Homa B Nasim B Nazanin B Sina B Titr Dast Nevis Tahoma IRYekan Arial Verdana Comic Sans MS Tested on PC Firefox PC IE PC Chrome Support Forum
Theme My Login
4547 websites Themes the WordPress login pages according to your theme. This plugin themes the WordPress login, registration and forgot password pages according to your current theme. It creates a page to use in place of wp-login.php, using a page template from your theme. Also includes a widget for sidebar login. Features Your registration, log in, and password recovery pages will all match the rest of your website Includes a customizable widget to login anywhere from your blog Redirect users upon log in and log out based upon their role Show gravatar to users who are logged in Assign custom links to users who are logged in based on their role Customize user emails for registration and/or password recovery Send user emails in HTML format Allow users to set their own password upon registration Require users to be approved or confirm e-mail address upon registra
WP Sliding Login | Register Panel
37 websites Add a sliding login | register panel to WordPress Theme Add a sliding login | register panel to WordPress Theme. Instead of modifying directly theme files, just install this plugin so you can preserve you panel when switching between themes and during themes updates. Plugin/Theme Information Embed
3 websites Paste the URL to a plugin into your posts or pages, and have the plugin information pulled in and displayed automatically A WordPress plugin that allows you to embed realtime information about plugins or themes from into posts and pages simply by pasting in the URL to the plugin into your post or page. The main development is all going on on GitHub.
Image Slider Responsive
19 websites A WordPress Image slider based on FlexSlider to display image slider on post, page or theme. A WordPress Image slider based on FlexSlider to display image slider on post, page or theme. It's an easy, simple & responsive slider, which looks awesome in every single theme. Just create your slides from the Slider menu & paste the generated shortcode where you want to display this slide: Video Descripton of Usage
Style Tweaker
14 websites Style Tweaker is a simple WordPress plugin that allows you to tweak your site's CSS files to your heart's content. You can add CSS to the entire website, regardless of what theme is being used, or add it to just the current theme. You can even add CSS that displays only when you are logged on - very useful when you're playing with a new look, and it's not quite ready for public viewing. That's it! There are no other options, everything is deliberately kept simple. Everything is stored in the database, so you don't even have to worry about file permissions on your CSS files. Even better, all three styles are served in one external CSS file which is only loaded if you have actually made any tweaks - so no wasted HTTP requests.
33 websites WP-Mobilizer detects over 5,000 mobile devices and displays. You choose the theme you want for devices. Usefull for switch to Mobile Theme. Mobilize your WordPress! Automatically detects all the Mobile Browsers (more than 5,000+) and loads the theme as per your settings done in admin. Iphone / Ipod Ipad Android Windows Mobile Windows Phone 8 Blackberry Parm Os Opera Mini Others Mobile/Non-Mobile Browsers (more than 5,000+) You can select a different theme for each mobile/non-mobile browser. WP-Mobilizer plugin also includes an installer that will configure everything automatically. All you have to do is install and activate the plugin. Automatic detection of mobile/non-mobile devices. Differentiates between standard mobile devices and advanced mobile devices. Detects more than 5000+ devices. This plugin uses the Mobile