Facebook Social Pack
8 websites This wordpress plugin has multiple facebook social plugins that can be used, easily customizeable, shortcode of each plugin. Simple but flexible. This facebook social wordpress free plugin has amazing features. It has user friendly interface so that user can easily create the plugin. Those people can use this plugin who has not much wordpress plugin knowledge Because this plugin has proper documentation of each step so far how user can use this plugin.
Facebook like box
120 websites Facebook like box (facebook page plugin) is wordpress plugin that allows you to include facebook page plugin anywhere on website. Available shortcodes Facebook like box for wordpress is plugin that allow you to customize facebook like box easily. This is very useful plugin for websites, communities that use facebook and want to share there facebook page on their website to get more likes on facebook. This is nice plugin, all in one. You can customize every thing you want. There are a lot of features you can do with this plugin. You can change all facebook original features like: title, width, height, color scheme and more. But in this plugin there is add some more features like: cookies, overlay and styles.
10 websites CheckBot — simple one-click captcha-plugin created for people. It is very easy to use, and look nice, but at the same time, fully customizable, and quite seriously protect your blog from spam. Features Antispam: The plugin uses javascript and randomly generates identifiers and field names, which allows the plugin to automatically filter out fine sent spam. Support languages: The plugin supports Russian and English languages. Fully customizable appearance. The plugin can be used immediately after installation, without additional configuration. You can configure the output plugin yourself anywhere on the page comments. If the user is not the correct picture, or even forgot to select it, the plugin will tell him about it, and, just in case it will write a comment. Plugin/Theme Information Embed
3 websites Paste the URL to a plugin into your posts or pages, and have the plugin information pulled in and displayed automatically A WordPress plugin that allows you to embed realtime information about plugins or themes from into posts and pages simply by pasting in the URL to the plugin into your post or page. The main development is all going on on GitHub.
2 websites Any occasion to receive greetings? So, this plugin is just for you! Any occasion to receive greetings? So, this plugin is just for you! This Widget plugin shows a greeting image which would be uploaded for the occasion and a pop up form for receiving the greetings. It is possible to show the greetings in any post or page. In administrator panel you can do the following: Configure options. Approve, unapprove and delete the greetings. Upload the images, one of which will be shown random by widget. I wish you to have many occasions to recieve greetings!!! Plugin Homepage
ESV Plugin
31 websites The WordPress ESV Plugin can automatically scan posts, looking for Scripture references. References can be turned into links to the text on the ESV website, can have the Scripture passage automatically included on your site, using the Tippy plugin references can be turned into tooltips containing the Scripture text, or references can be ignored. The plugin is highly configurable, allowing the user to have control over several actions. The user is also able to style the appearance of included Scripture passages by editing the css file that comes with the plugin.
WPB Advanced FAQ
38 websites Best WordPress FAQ Plugin, which comes with number one FAQ management system for WordPress. Best WordPress FAQ Plugin that with each and every single feature that you need to add FAQ system in your WordPress site. It's a custom post type base FAQ management system. Using this plugin is super easy. Multiple FAQ's form different categories and tags are also possible for this plugin. It's a very light weight plugin, so your site not going to be slow for this plugin. It's design is mobile responsive and modern flat type user interface. DEMO | Support Plugin Features Two different theme for FAQ. Categorized FAQ management system. Tags base FAQ management system. FAQ Order and number of FAQ control form shortcode. Shortcode system, can be use an
12 websites WP DS FAQ Plus is the plugin which was improved based on WP DS FAQ 1.3.3. WP DS FAQ Plus is the plugin which was improved based on WP DS FAQ 1.3.3. This plugin includes the fixed some issues (Quotation and Security, such as SQL Injection and CSRF. ) , Japanese translation, improvement of interface, and SSL Admin setting.
CFB Scroll To Top
10 websites CFB Scroll To Top is an awesome, super lightweight plugin for your wordpress website. Simply install this plugin and show scroll to top button on your wordpress site....... Wanna see how it works? go to screenshot tab on this plugin page on wordpres. or plugin demo:
DWL Preloader
8 websites DWL Preloader is an excellent preloader that looks awesome. DWL Preloader will create a preloading screen for your website before all your images (including the images in CSS) are fully loaded. It will show three running round colorful circle that looks awesome. Specification: Light weight only 3kb. Easy to install No shortcode required. Demo link:
Rate This Page Plugin
8 websites Wikipedia Style Rate This Page Plugin - a plugin which allows registered user and visitor to rate an article posts or pages. Rate This Page is a Wikipedia Article Feedback Tool like plugin where you can rate certain posts or pages of your blog. This plugin contains the following features: Ability to select where the plugin UI will be positioned on the content; Ability to choose insertion if either on Page, Category or Both; Admin can view reports of rated posts or pages; The label can also be customized based on the like of the admin to be its label. Using cookies, the plugin stores a session if a guest user rates certain posts or pages and it uses AJAX to store the rating information. PS: Please post any bugs, issues and suggestions about the plugin. This will help us to better enhance our released plugin. Supported language: English
Facebook Like OMG Ubuntu
9 websites Fecabook Like Plugin/Widget like you just seen on Are you tired of finding the the plugin that use? Now you should find the right one here. Please note that you cannot install if your hosting do not support fopen php plugin. It will be crash on widget selection page. Actually doing the widget in manual mode is more easier than developing the widget/plugin as i required to know much in programming. But, after 2 days i have come with this widget to all of you use it for free. For 2.1.1 and below, please read sory guys. I never use svn before. And my plugin is not compatible with svn. Now i have rename it to work. Delete your old 2.1.1 and below plugin and install this one. Hope u guys enjoy it. I have some time to code this things and this is the result. Hope all of you enjoy it in your wordpress. And the CSS
3 websites Retrieves the number of people who are online in an IRC Channel, which can be displayed in the sidebar using a widget. Well WP-IRC Plugin (for lack of a better name ;) ) can fetch the number of users online in any IRC channel and can be scheduled to auto refresh it every x.minutes. The count thus fetched can be displayed in the sidebar of your blog using a sidebar widget provided by the Plugin. More details about the Plugin can be found at the Plugins Home page. Translation The pot file is available with the Plugin. If you are willing to do translation for the Plugin, use the pot file to create the .po files for your language and let me know. I will add it to the Plugin after giving credit to you. Development and Support The development of the Plugin happens over at github. If you want to contribute to the Plugin, fork the
BuddyPress - New UI
6 websites A great plugin completely changes the entire design of BuddyPress in light or dark color A great plugin changes the interface of the BuddyPress: now it looks beautiful, fresh and in dark/light colors with plugin settings (SOON). The plugin integrated with plugin "bbPress New UI". If you have an idea for plugin - just write me in [email protected]! Features: Redesigned all sections of BuddyPress: Activity tab Profile edit Messages Friends list Forums Groups; Dark theme (soon)
Slimbox Plugin
75 websites Plugin used to overlay images on the current page into neat Javascript-powered overlay popups. WordPress plugin used to overlay images on the current page into neat Javascript-powered overlay popups. This plugin includes the new Slimbox 1.64 javascript written by Christophe Beils and got transformed into a WordPress Plugin by me. Slimbox is a 7kb visual clone of the popular Lightbox JS v2.4 by Lokesh Dhakar, written using the ultra compact mootools framework. It was designed to be small, efficient, more convenient and 100% compatible with the original Lightbox v2. Plugin Homepage
4 websites This plugin integrates the Galleria jQuery plugin with WordPress. Galleriapress allows you to create galleries using the excellent galleria jQuery plugin. Simply drag and drop images from your Media Library or from Picasa or videos from that are publicly available on a Youtube account. You can link galleries to a Gallery Profile. Change the profile settings and it is updated throughout all the linked Galleries. This plugin is still under development and still needs testing. I will be continually improving the plugin over time.
Genesis Design Palette
24 websites This plugin creates a new Genesis settings page that allows you to design the Genesis theme. Has settings for various colors, font stacks, sizes, borders, and more. The plugin writes a CSS file (that can be cache'd) and loads. NOTE this plugin is only for the pre 2.0 version of Genesis and will not work with the newer versions. Also, this plugin is no longer being actively maintained.
Heatmap Plugin
46 websites This plugin monitor user mouse movement and clicks. This plugin will help you to analyze where people click on your site. As the result you will discover where better to place banners, how to organize navigation, where to put advertisements like AdSense and more. The heatmap of clicks can show you what works - which links people did find and click on. After you activated plugin, go to main page of your blog. If you are authenticated as administrator, at the top you will see small arrow.
Multilanguage by BestWebSoft
67 websites This plugin allows you to create content on a WordPress site in different languages. Multilanguage allows you to create a multilingual WordPress website. Hence, you can create or edit posts, pages, or create categories and post tags as usual, and then define the language for each of them. The translation of a post, whether it was created in the default language or not, is optional. All translations must be done manually using Multilanguage plugin, because it does not integrate any automatic or professional translation service. NOTE: This plugin will only work with the themes and plugins, which were developed according to WordPress Codex standards. Also, it uses standard filters (the_title, the_content, get_terms, get_the_terms, get_term, wp_get_nav_menu_items).
WPBatch Scroll to Top
4 websites The Easiest Scroll to Top Plugin Ever.. Usually after we set up a basic theme, we miss a scroll to top icon with a functionality of scrollTop after a single click. This plugin will help you about this.. Just Install it and enjoy. Plugin Demo: WPBatch Just visit the Plugin Demo site and scroll Down
FAQ Accordion
88 websites With this plugin you will be able to make a FAQ for your website with a nice accordion effect. With this plugin you will be able to make a FAQ for your website with a nice accordion effect. You can completely style this plugin yourself. I did create SOME css, but it't totaly up to you. I realy would like some input from the people who use this plugin to further develop this plugin (or errors for that matter), please contact me on my website below or e-mail me. Update 1.1.1 *Was a little buggy, try now again. If I'm correct it should all work now. Update 1.1 * Added group support, so now you can create multiple FAQ's with different questions. * Replaced the dd/dt/dl tags with div's since dd/dt/dl is deprecated in HTML5. * Cleaned up the code a little bit, will be doing more cleaning in the future. * If you disable the plugin, database will be cleaned. Update 1.0.2 * Shortcode can now me called between two paragraphs TODO: * Check for empty
Muki Tag Cloud
25 websites Another wordpress tag cloud plugin based on jQCloud, which is creative, beauty and colorful. Another wordpress tag cloud plugin based on jQCloud plugin, which is creative, beauty and colorful. If has any suggestion of design thought, please visit and leave comments in MUKI space*, who is the authoer about plugin design, front end, and creative; About plugin program discuss, you can visit to MesakTW, who is the author about plugin development, and back end. 可以在側邊欄或是支援小工具的位置加入這個標籤雲外掛。他跟一般標籤雲最大的差別是不規則的排列形狀,而且顏色豐富多彩,非常的有質感。
Cookies Manager
2 websites Cookies Manager plugin allows you to set or get cookies used in a website. This plugin also allows users to set cookies as 'permanent'. The Cookies Manager plugin allows you to set or get cookies used in a website. This plugin also allows users to set cookies as 'permanent' cookies. Its fully responsive plugin and its based on twitter bootstrap framework. Demo Link : Cookies Manager WordPress Plugin
Treeview On Contents
3 websites Enable editing of the treeview on TinyMCE. Enable the jQuery treeview on the page of wordpress. It is easily editable on the TinyMCE. Automatically selects the enclosing shortcodes.(version 0.1.4 or later) This mode is the same as the Easy Block Selector plugin. Treeview On Contents Plugin Overview. This plugin used jQuery Treeview Plugin. jQuery Treeview plugin A setup of JQuery Treeview Plugin is possible as the option of a shortcode [tvoncmeta].
GC Testimonials with reCAPTCHA
10 websites GC Testimonials with reCAPTCHA adds spam blocking capability to the popular GC Testimonials plugin. GC Testimonials is an easy to use Testimonial Manager that allows you to easily gather and display testimonials on your WordPress site. For more information about how GC Testimonials plug works, please see the GC Testimonials plugin page. WHY THIS PLUGIN? GC Testimonials plugin lacks a way to stop spam testimonials from being submitted. This plugin changes nothing from the original plugin except for adding reCAPTCHA functionality. This plugin is based on GC Testimonials version 1.3.2 and has been tested on WordPress 3.9.
CCR Client Testimonials
9 websites CCR Testimonial is a Carousel type Testimonial build with Bootstrap 3.0 CCR Event WordPress Plugin developed by CodexCoder. CCR Client Testimonial is an user friendly plugin that allows you to easily gather and display testimonials on your WordPress site. Its easy to setup and You can insert this plugin in content via shortcode [ccr_client_testimonials]. You can use this in sidebar by useing shortcode [ccr_client_testimonials]. The outlook of ccr-client-testimonial is really nice. It is responsive and use bootsrtrap carousel. Here you can add client photo and his/her designation. Shortcode facility to show this plugin into any page or post. You can also add this CCR Client Testimonial in sidebar from widget section.
Epicwin Plugin
72 websites This plugin allows your blog visitors to subscribe to your blog via email and receive notifications whenever you create a new post. You can control ev This plugin allows your blog visitors to subscribe to your blog via email and receive notifications whenever you create a new post. You can control everything from the WordPress admin. Use the <?php get_epicwin_box(); ?> template tag to add a subscribe box anywhere on your WordPress site. Please remember to rate if you like or dislike the plugin, your feedback keeps me motivated and always improving the plugin. **** IMPORTANT ***** Since version 1.2 the plugin has switched the mail system from mail() to sendmail. Please update your plugin immediately if you are using a version older than 1.2. Always remember to back up your data before upgrading the plugin as the re-installation of the plugin will wipe out all subscribers from the database. Back up your subscribers by using the export options
Domain Name Search Plugin
6 websites This plugin allows you to search for domain names on your website and check their availability. This plugin provides designers, developers, hosting resellers and others a widget that their readers and visitors can use to check the availability of their desired domains. The plugin is easy to setup, and outputs a very customizable widget that will fit into the design of a variety of themes. The plugin is provided by Midphase, provider of really cheap hosting.
Radio Station
124 websites Radio Station is a plugin to run a radio station's website. It's functionality is based on Drupal 6's Station plugin. Radio Station is a plugin to run a radio station's website. It's functionality is based on Drupal 6's Station plugin, reworked for use in WordPress. The plugin includes the ability to associate users with "shows" (schedulable blocks of time that contain a description, and other meta information), and generate playlists associated with those shows. The plugin contains a widget to display the currently on-air DJ with a link to the DJ's show and current playlist. A schedule of all show can also be generated.
Plugin Reviews
4 websites Display reviews of any plugin on your site. A tiny plugin to help you showcase your reviews on your site. It offers two different layouts: grid and carousel. Simply provide your plugin's slug (on and the plugin will fetch the reviews, and display them. For instance, if you want to get the reviews for the plugin Awesome Support, the slug is awesome-support. By default, all reviews from are cached for 24 hours. Shortcode You need to use the following shortcode: [wr_reviews] The shortcode can be used anywhere on your site, and even on multiple pages/posts. All shortcode parameters are listed here. Demo
12 websites crystal clean testimonial plugin for your wordpress website. Testimonials is an easy-to-use plugin that allows to add testimonials to the sidebar as a widget or to embed them into a page or post using [testimonials] short code. "wp testimonials oiiio" plugins allow you a great admin panel from there you can control process bar color, font color, even speed ! This testimonial plugin's have really cool feature. after installing this testimonials plugin you will get a menu under settings that's called "wp testimonial", from there you can customize this plugin as your own requirement. Click here to see Plugin live Demo How to use : Add this [testimonials] code on your page or post or sidebar to show testimonials. process bar color : This testimonials plugin allow You to change process bar color. You can
Advanced Comment Validation
68 websites This plugin adds wordpress comments validation to the WordPress comment form. only need to activate the plugin than validation is working. This plugin is the most powerfull plugin which easily put the validation on your wordpress comment form. This plugin is compatibile with other plugin. In this plugin need to only activate the plugin. For more plugins, themes and WordPress support , Please visit
Ads in Right Bottom
7 websites This plugin could bring so many kind of ads to right bottom, with opacity effect. Good for user want to add advertising banner over content. This plugin will be power when intergate with Custom Ads Sidebar plugin.
FAQ plugin
12 websites FAQ plugin is a quick, easy way to add an FAQs page. FAQ plugin is a quick, easy way to add an FAQs page. Add questions and answers. Customizing Style. Multiple Instances Updating the order of questions TinyMCE Boutton
Hybrid Tabs
29 websites Adds a tabbed widget to the Hybrid theme that can be used in multiple widget areas. This plugin has been retired. I've replaced it with a much better plugin that can work with any theme. Check out Whistles, which allows you to create tabs, toggles, and accordions. Thank you to all the supporters of this plugin over the years. Forks If you'd like to fork this plugin or even take over the project altogether, let me know. I'm done with it.
Open in New Window Plugin
490 websites Opens external links in a new window, keeping your blog page in the browser so you don't lose surfers to another site. The Open in New Window Plugin Plugin uses JavaScript to target external links to a new browser window, leaving your blog page open. Since it uses javascript, it targets more links than using a plugin that filter pages and rewrite the link. The plugin will find many links generated in scripts or pasted into posts and comments. Due to the limitations of javascript it will not be able target links in iframes such as Adsense and some other affiliate links.