Ajaxify WordPress
4 websites Tiny Light Weight ajax Plugin that Allows You to Ajaxify your WordPress theme Quickly and Easily. Apply ajax to load your wordpress pages Without refresh. Just Put your Main content Id ( Main div) Choose your link class to ajaxify (For example .menu a) Choose your Gif loader and your theme will be converted to ajax.
Ajax Archive Calendar
52 websites Ajax Archive Calendar . Ajax Archive Calendar is not only Calendar is also Archive. It is making by customize WordPress default calendar. I hope every body enjoy this plugin .
JC Ajax Comments
11 websites Ajax in wordpress comments, this plugin makes the error message is displayed in a popup and updates the comments. Ajax functionality to comments, this plugin makes the error message is displayed in a popup window and updates the comments. Plugin Website
Shortcode Ajax
2 websites Easiest solution to add some ajax to shortcodes. This plugin adds new shortcode: [shortcode_ajax][/shortcode_ajax] Originally written for WP-Table Reloaded plugin to add ability reload some tables dynamically. It should work with other plugins too!
Ajax Scroll
6 websites Turns standard 'next' and 'previous' post links into animated AJAX scrolling. AJAX Scroll links an AJAX-enabled page scroller to the standard next and previous post links. Clicking on a next or previous link will cause the current page to fade and slide out; the following page will slide and fade in.
YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter
143 websites YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter offers you the perfect way to filter all products of your WooCommerce shop. Filter by the specific product you are looking for A powerful WooCommerce plugin: WooCommerce product filter widget, WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter lets you apply the filters you need to display the correct WooCommerce variations of the products you are looking for. Choose among color, label, list and dropdown and your WooCommerce filtering search will display those specific products that suit perfectly your needs. An extremely helpful WooCommerce plugin to help customers find what they really want. All this can be done in a quick and very intuitive way that will certainly help your WooCommerce store improve in quality and usability. Working demos for YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter are available here: LIVE DEMO 1 -
2 websites This BuddyPress component adds chat functionality to Buddypress. This plugin will extend Buddypress to have an Ajax Chat client that works with Buddypress groups, as well as all WordPress users. As of version 1.2.6 Buddypress Ajax Chat works with both Wordpress MU and WordPress Single User. No more ads!!! Please drop a line in the Buddypress Ajax Chat Support Group Forum if you have any questions or want to have a certain feature added. I'd be happy to do so:) 1.4.4 * Added ability to disable shoutbox in groups with main override setting in admin's config.
No Cache AJAX Widgets
8 websites Add AJAX powered widgets to your site. Serve fresh and dynamic content from any widget areas. Resolves common caching related issues. You want your site to be fast, so you added caching… but now you have a new challenge that you have content that shouldn’t be caching such as ads, feeds, rotating ads, videos, shopping carts and more.. With No Cache AJAX Widgets, you simply drag and drop the new AJAX powered widgets to any widget area/s, add your content and you are done. No more messing with your theme files, functions.php, fragmented caching, mfunc and others or excluding an entire page from caching. No Cache AJAX Widgets has been tested with all major caching plugins including: W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache and Rocket Cache. It doesn’t get easier than this. Why Use No Cache AJAX Widgets: Works right out of the box, no configuration required, upload, activate, and place your widgets. Solves dynamic content issues related to caching.
AJAX Random Posts
45 websites Displays a list of random posts using AJAX. Works with cache plugins, and highly customizable. This plugins display a highly customizable list of random posts. There are some plugins that serve a similar purpose already, with one drawback: If they're used along with cache plugins (like WP-Super Cache), the list is cached also, and remains the same over thousands of views, thus not so "random." AJAX Random Posts, as its name says, uses AJAX to retrieve the posts and overcome the problem: now each page refresh comes with a different list!
Multiple Ajax Calendar
11 websites Multiple AJAX Calendar is a plugin that will display an AJAX enabled WordPress Calendar Widget with the ability to add more than one in a page. It now Multiple AJAX Calendar is a plugin that will display an AJAX enabled WordPress calendar Widget. This enhances the functionality of the standard wordpress calendar by: Allows navigating through months without reloading the page. Allows Multiple Instances of the calendar Displays the posts of each day on a tooltip
ThreeWP Ajax Search
13 websites Enables ajax searches for content. The default settings work automatically with Twentyten and derivatives. Enables ajax searches for content. The default settings work automatically with Twentyten and derivatives. It uses WordPress' built-in search. Works well with Relevanssi because ajax search doesn't actually do any parsing itself. Ajax search works right out of the box be can be customized using options, CSS and jQuery customizations. See the screenshots.
Advanced AJAX Product Filters
174 websites WooCommerce AJAX Product Filters - advanced AJAX product filters plugin for WooCommerce. WooCommerce AJAX Product Filters - advanced AJAX product filters plugin for WooCommerce. Add unlimited filters with one widget. Features: AJAX Filters, Pagination and Sorting! Unlimited Filters Multiple User Interface Elements SEO Friendly Urls ( with HTML5 PushState ) Filter Visibility By Product Category And Globals. Accessible through shortcode Filter box height limit with scroll themes Working great with custom widget area Drag and Drop Filter Building And More... Additional Features in Paid Plugin: Filter by Attribute, Tag, Custom Taxonomy, Color, Sub-categories and Availability( in stock | out of stock | any ) Customize filters look through admin Option to re-count products amount in values when some value selected Tag
Simple Ajax Shoutbox
30 websites Simple AJAX shoutbox, add shoutbox on your sidebar. This plugin will add a shoutbox on your sidebar. Using AJAX technology so visitor doesnt have to refresh page to view their messages. It automatically reload every few seconds so you can see other visitor messages live. It has simple design, so it will blend to your current theme whatever it is. No extra graphics, color, text. Just a simple box. Support smilies, smilies tags are instantly converted to graphics smilies.
Inline Ajax Comments
8 websites Displays a single line textarea for entering comments, users can press "enter/return", and comments are loaded and submitted via AJAX. This plugin places a comment form similar to Facebook, only displaying a single line textarea, which submits when the user presses "enter/return" on their keyboard. Features Single line textarea Auto expanding textarea AJAX submitted comments AJAX loaded comments Admin settings for additional styling
Inline Ajax Page
2 websites INAP uses AJAX to replace excerpts with the full posts, paginate posts, load comments and submit comments. Comes with a extremely powerful Admin Panel This plugin has had over 30,000 views and 10,000 Downloads since March 16, 2007. Thank You all for your support! However, INAP has been retired and has been replaced by AJAXed WordPress. INAP is no longer supported.
Simple Ajax Insert Comments Lite
6 websites AJAX comment system. Insert and displays Comments easily and quickly using Ajax style of social networks. Simple Ajax Insert Comments Lite is a small but powerful plugin for wordpress that allows you insert and get comments in a fast and easy. Simple Ajax Insert Comments Lite uses Ajax, jQuery and PHP to insert comments for what you don't need to reload the page. Main Features Insert comments using Ajax and jQuery in WordPress without reloading the page. Loads and displays comments with Ajax without reloading the page. Comment pagination, number of comments per page, number of comments to load. Buttons to insert images, videos and links easily Limit of characters per comment. Option to allow comment to registered users only, or also to non-registered. Simple Ajax Insert Comments is fully Responsi
EZ Ajax Search
11 websites ez Ajax Search allows your visitors to search your WordPress site in real time without having to reload the page. Get instant results of selected post ez Ajax Search allows your visitors to search your WordPress site in real time without having to reload the page. Get instant results of selected post types such as pages, posts and even WooCommerce products. The plugin is simple to use and comes with an intuitive user interface that lets you create an ajax search feature within minutes! Live Demo Frontend Features Create a search box for your WordPress site with ease Instant search results without page reloading (AJAX) Two in-built themes + style customizer Choose the content to search from like pages, posts, products, portfolio etc. WooCommerce ready (search products) Translation ready (e.g. WPML) All settings are documented and easy to understand. The plugin also co
Ajax Dropdowns
62 websites Display a group of posts that can be switched using dropdowns. Add content from multiple post types on one page with a dropdown to switch between them. Dropdowns are displayed on the frontend of your site and can query posts via Ajax, inline, or redirection. Features Create unlimited dropdowns Display on any post or page using the included shortcode Drag and drop posts to reorder them within a dropdown Decrease page load by dynamically querying posts via Ajax Use inline dropdowns to quickly switch between posts Redirection method also available Get Involved Developers can contribute via the Ajax Dropdowns GitHub Repository. Translators can contribute new languages to Ajax Dropdowns and our other WordPress plugins through
Ajax BootModal Login
112 websites Ajax BootModal Login is a WordPress plugin that is powered by bootstrap and ajax for better login, registration or lost password. Live Preview: Click Here Ajax BootModal Login is a WordPress plugin that is powered by bootstrap and ajax for better login, registration or lost password and display the user profile with beautiful shape. It is an easy to use WordPress plugin and can be configured quickly. Features Bootstrap support. Simple configuration panel. Full ajax login, registration and lost password forms. Captcha support in all forms. User profile support. And so on... How To Use This Plugin?!? Just install the plugin and use [Alimir_BootModal_Login] shortcode or drag Ajax BootModal Login widget in widget area. Translators English Persian Chinese
Alchemist Ajax Upload
3 websites Alchemist Ajax Upload is a wordpress plugin which allows you to upload image in front end. This allows user to upload image at front-end. Add shortcode [AAIU] any where in post, page or in your custom form. For theme insert the code ' echo do_shortcode('[AAIU theme="true"]');' in your theme. AAIU settings allows you to: set maximum file size set image extension types set maximum number of image
Ajax Search
5 websites Ajax Search is a simple instant posts search widget. Ajax Search is a simple instant posts search widget. In the results shows only published posts.
Advanced AJAX Page Loader
339 websites AJAX Page Loader will load posts, pages, etc. without reloading entire page. Description: AJAX Page Loader will load posts, pages, etc. without reloading entire page. It will also update the URL bar with the url the user would have been going to without AJAX, this means the user can copy the url or bookmark it and return to the page they were visiting! This plugin will also add the page to there history for even more usability! If this has helped you and saved you time please consider a donation via PayPal to: [email protected] Many thanks to Luke Howell, author of the original plugin which motivated me to re-write it and extend it to what it is today.
SearchWP Live Ajax Search
289 websites Template powered live search for any WordPress theme. Does not require SearchWP, but will utilize it if available. Does not require SearchWP, but will utilize it if available. Full documentation is available at Contributions welcome on GitHub! SearchWP Live Ajax Search enables AJAX powered live search for your search forms. Designed to be a developer's best friend, SearchWP Live Ajax Search aims to stay out of your way but at the same time allowing you to customize everything about it. It's set up to work with any WordPress theme and uses a template loader to display results. The te
AJAX Comments WPMUified
5 websites add ajax-comment functionality to wordpress mu (site-wide) This is a rework of an original plugin called AJAX Comments by contributors DjZoNe, Mike Smullin. Support Major changes: developed as WordPress MU site-wide plugin (/mu-plugins) hooks into the wordpress-comment-processing workflow therefore now cannot interfere with any other plugins therefore also slimmer as ever before therefore also hooks in with any exisiting flood protection easy adopting for various themes (as long as the ol / li -standard is kept) choose if you want to hide the form after a comment has been saved magic fairytale theme auto-detection replaced alerts with sexy web2.0ish scriptaculoused div separated files bring enlightening overview code comes
Ajax Contact Form
74 websites This plugin sends mail using ajax and gather email list, have options page, custom css and form design usability. This plugin will help you to send mail using ajax from your wordpress site. You can design your own contact form from the admin. There will be a email list waiting for your review. There are several options for the contact that you can update later. You just need to put shortcode [ajaxcf] in any page/post. There is also custom css area in the admin. Features ajax with contact form form design usability ultimate email list options page shortcode simple to use and update custom css
Login With Ajax
1087 websites Add smooth ajax login/registration effects and choose where users get redirected upon log in/out. Supports SSL, MultiSite, and BuddyPress. Login With Ajax is for sites that need user logins or registrations and would like to avoid the normal wordpress login pages, this plugin adds the capability of placing a login widget in the sidebar with smooth AJAX login effects. Some of the features: AJAX-powered, no screen refreshes! Login Registration Remember/Reset Password Custom Login/Logout redirections Redirect users to custom URLs on Login and Logout Redirect users with different roles to custom URLs WPML - Language-specific redirects SSL-compatible Fallback mechanism, will still work on javascript-disabled browsers Compatible with WordPress, MultiSite and BuddyPress Customizable, upgrade-safe widgets shortcode and template tags available Widget specific option to
2 websites Allows AJAX requests from other sites to integrate content from your site using the CORS standard. AJAX requests to this site from another (those containing an Origin header) will be allowed for any domains listed in the plugin's Settings page.
AJAX Read More
98 websites Automatically transform your <!--more--> links into links that immediately display the rest of your entry (AJAX). When your blog is loaded, all links of this class .more-link (standard wordpress css class for "Read more..." links) are modified to no longer send the user to that post's single page display when clicked. Instead, the WordPress database is queried for that specific post, and all content after the <!--more--> tag (i.e. only what you need) is returned. The new content is then immediately displayed to the user with light animation (You can disable animation in plugin options), inline with the opening content. AJAX-read-more uses the jQuery framework already included with WordPress installations. This plugin used GET ajax action (not POST, like other plugins), wordpress "template_redirect" action. It's compatible with cache plugins (like Hyper Cache Extended). AJAX-read-mo
Ajax Load More - Infinite Scroll
2391 websites A powerful solution to add infinite scroll functionality to your website Ajax Load More is the ultimate solution for infinite scrolling and lazy loading posts, custom post types, single posts, pages and comments with Ajax powered queries. Build complex WordPress queries using the Ajax Load More custom shortcode builder then add the shortcode to your pages via the content editor or directly into your template files. Get More Information Features Shortcode Builder - Easily create your own Ajax Load More shortcode by adjusting the various WordPress query parameters in our easy-to-use shortcode builder.(see Shortcode Parameters). Query Parameters - Ajax Load More allows you to query WordPress by many different content types. Query by Post Type, Post Format, Date, Category, Tags, Custom Tax
Ajax Comments-Reply
84 websites This plugin have two features mainly. One you can send comments in AJAX. Second you can reply others' comments. Features: very easy to use, just download it, upload it, activate it, done. send comments in Ajax reply others' comments AJAX preview comments show limited number of comments per page. Gravatar is integrally supported. delete/spamed/edit comment when administrator are reading posts Administrator can send notification if he want when reply a comment. and more See for a demo. Notice: This plugin might be conflict with some other plugins with the same features like "QUOTER", "THRESHOLD" and "AJAX COMMENT". Please deactivate the others if you want to use this one. The 1.0 version is by
AJAX Comments
37 websites Post comments quickly without leaving or refreshing the page. More than that, it checks if all fields filled correctly, and also makes sure to avoid comment duplication, and has flood protection capabilities as well. Probably one of the best ways you could spice up your WordPress Blog with AJAX; readers love it! Must see for yourself. This plugin works well in all major Web browsers, and uses discrete AJAX. That means if JavaScript disabled, it's using the original comment posting method. Ajax Comments known to work well, with Authimage plugin, but I rather suggest Akismet, as it is free for personal use. Features: * comment form validation happens server-side without refreshing or leaving the page * Fade In/Out Effects make readers happy * works with AuthImage captcha word verification plug-in to prevent comment spam * still works traditionally if browsers don't support JavaScript
GSY Ajax Recent Posts
2 websites Provides a widget for your site’s most recent posts with ajax. This plugin adds a widget which is like the built-in 'Recent Posts'. The main and only difference is that the built-in one doesn't update posts dynamicly. The widget this plugin provides, works as simple as to check if there are newly published posts in certain interval of time, and add them dynamicly.
Simple Ajax Chat
22 websites Simple Ajax Chat displays a fully customizable Ajax-powered chat box anywhere on your site. Simple Ajax Chat makes it easy for your visitors to chat with each other on your website. There already are a number of decent chat plugins, but I wanted one that is simple yet fully customizable with all the features AND outputs clean HTML markup. Features Strong anti-spam filters Plug-n-play functionality Designed to be the simplest possible persistent chat No configuration required, just include shortcode or template tag Display on any post or page with the shortcode Display anywhere in your theme template with the template tag Includes default CSS styles and enables custom CSS from the settings JavaScript/Ajax goodness loads new chats without refreshing the page Also works when JavaScript is not available on the user's browser Clean markup makes it easy
AJAX Comment Loading
7 websites Loads comments with a secondary AJAX request, including comment paging. Speeds initial loading of the page. When your posts get a lot of comments, performance can be a concern. The generation of the comment HTML and the delivery of all that HTML can slow down your page loads. This plugin has pages load without comments, and then uses a secondary AJAX request to pull down the comments. Navigating through the pages of comments is also handled via AJAX. On my test install with 100 comments per page, the onload event fires 2x faster. The HTML is generated by the server 6x faster. The HTML downloads 3x faster. The uncompressed size of the HTML is reduced by a factor of 17. Initial development of this plugin was commissioned by Google — many thanks!
Silk AJAX Comments
20 websites The default wordpress comments system is awful when it comes to handling errors, this fixes this issue with some simple AJAX. Instead of taking you to a different page (wp-comments-post.php) which does not redirect this script just ads some quick text above your form to let your users know if there was an error or if the comment was posted successfully (if successful it then clears the form). There are a few plugins that do a simliar thing to this already but unfortunately most of the current AJAX commenting solutions I found in the plugin directory havent been updated in years or just didn't work, so following on from many "how to AJAX'ify your wordpress comments" blog posts I thought i'd make a simple plugin instead (which means no coding knowledge required). The script chooses the #commentform div/form as this is default. Ill update this plugin when needed but I do not offer any warranty or support for it.
AJAX Login Widget++
214 websites A clean AJAX-based login, registration and lost password retrieval widget. Plugin Homepage Features Integrate login functionality into your site (rather than having it on a separate page). User can login, register, and retrieve a lost password without ever leaving the page they are on. AJAX-based. XHTML 1.1 and CSS 3 compliant. Current Ideas for the Next Version Beautify for IE7 Minify JS and put it in the footer Better support for styling via CSS Option to include a customizeable title above the widget Provide an additional non-table-based template Internalization support Add login form to page/post with [insert-login] tag Options Show gravatar after use