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Embeds a published, public Google Form in a WordPress post, page, or widget. Fetches a published Google Form using a WordPress custom post or shortcode, removes the Gooogle wrapper HTML and then renders it as an HTML form embedded in your blog post or page. When using Google Form post type, the wpgform shortcode accepts one parameter, id, which is the post id of the form. When using the deprecated gform shortcode, the only required parameter is form which is set to the URL to the Google Form URL. Recommended but optional, you can also provide a custom URL for a confirmation page if you don't care for the default Google text. The confirmation page will override the default Google Thank You page and offers better integration with your WordPress site. There are a number of other options, refer to the documentation for further details. For example, suppose you want to integrate the f

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1 056 websites use the WordPress Google Forms plugin