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WP Twitter Feeds - A easy widget which lets you add your latest tweets in just a few clicks on your website. An easy Twitter feeds widget that provides facility to display twitter tweets on your website using the latest Twitter 1.1 API. A simple widget which lets you add your latest tweets in widget areas. Get started in just a few clicks and use the provided Widget to easily display your Tweets on your website. Now you don`t need to copy and paste the code from twitter with your settings anymore, just install the plugin and set the options. By option page, you can define the duration of fade effect, the number of tweet to see and other things. The "WP Twitter Feeds" Widget will never require your Twitter password, because it based on Open Authentication (OAuth) keys and secrets, that you will get by creating your application at Twitter. It gets all your required data from API. Incase you change your password, you won’t need to update your Widget in your Blog. Plug

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1 190 websites use the WordPress WP Twitter Feeds plugin