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WP Photoswipe adds Photoswipe effects to your galleries in 5 seconds, using the Photoswipe Javascript component. This plugin is no longer supported due to license issues. For more information on the official plugin refer to http://photoswipe.com/. The current version includes mobile detection via the MDetect library written by Anthony Hand and different mobile/desktop settings on the default script. The default settings of WP Photoswipe targets the $(".gallery-icon a") elements of your posts and pages and adds the Photoswipe component behavior. If the HTML of your galleries is not the default, you need to add your own trigger script. You can copy and edit wp-content/plugins/photoswipe/lib/psw.call.js. For more information on Photoswipe see http://www.photoswipe.com. For more information on the MDect library s

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33 websites use the WordPress WP Photoswipe plugin