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Creates a image slider using js created by Gilbert Pellegrom. WordPress plugin develop by Rafael Cirolini This plugin creates a Slideshow/Slider with post thumbnails in your posts configured for a particular category of your wordpress. It is entirely written in jQuery (following the pattern of my other plugins). It can be integrated anywhere on your Blog/Website. The WP Nivo Slider shows your chosen Blog Posts from a specific Category. View the video: http://www.vimeo.com/11698666 USE To use the WP Nivo Slider, you must first enter the settings Plug-in Option -> WP Nivo Slider and choose which category you want that displays the posts. Next you need to insert a post in that category you chose previously. In the post that you entered you need to choose a post thumbnails. WP Nivo Slider changes its size to be the size image that you inserted, or the size of the slider will depend on the Largest ima

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293 websites use the WordPress WP Nivo Slider plugin