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WP Mibew generates the javascript chat snippet for the mibew.org open source chat software WP Mibew is a WordPress plugin that generates the Mibew chat JavaScript code on your site. The will NOT install the Mibew chat software for you. WP Mibew and Mibew are different software. After you have installed the Mibew chat e.g. /chat/ paste [wp-mibew] short code in the post/page and it will be replaced. Additionally, you can include HTML comments around [wp-mibew] they will be replaced too. If you want a quicker way to install Mibew chat check our Mibew Chat Installer ($) plugin http://club.orbisius.com/products/wordpress-plugins/orbisius-mibew-chat-installer/ Benefits / Features Mibew is a great open source chat software Get in touch with your customer You can specify the locale (language) you want the chat to be in

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9 websites use the WordPress WP Mibew plugin