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Simple and flexible knowledgebase plugin for WordPress Create an attractive and professional knowledgebase. It's easy to use, easy to customise, and works with any theme. Key Features Simple and easy to use Fully RESPONSIVE Customise your catalogue presentation easily (choose theme colour, sidebar layouts, number of articles to show etc) Super fast search, with predictive text - handy! A selection of sidebar widgets (search, categories, tags, posts) Integrated breacrumb (on/off) Display comments on knowledgebase articles (on/off) Drag & Drop for custom ordering of articles and categories Works across all major browsers and devices - IE8+, Safari, Firefox, Chrome Editable slug (default is /knowledgebase ) Important On activation, the plugin will create a page called "Knowledgebase" and on that page there wil

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154 websites use the WordPress WP Knowledgebase plugin