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Specify custom links for WordPress gallery images (instead of attachment or file only). Overview If you've ever had a WordPress gallery of staff, product, or other images and needed to link them to other pages but couldn't, this plugin is for you! This plugin adds a "Gallery Link URL" field when editing images. If the image is included in a gallery, the "Gallery Link URL" value will be used as the link on the image instead of the raw file or the attachment post. There are also several additional options (see "Usage" below). It's designed to work even if customizations have been made via the post_gallery filter; instead of replacing the entire post_gallery function, it calls the normal function and simply replaces the link hrefs in the generated output. By default, any Lightbox or other onClick events on custom links will be removed to allow them to function as regular links. Usage See the custom fields added in the scree

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3 054 websites use the WordPress WP Gallery Custom Links plugin