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Set custom avatars for users with no Gravatar. The avatar will be the first (or any other) letter of user's name on a colorful background. WP First Letter Avatar sets custom avatars for users without Gravatar. The avatar will be a first letter of the user's name. You can also configure the plugin to use any other letter to set custom avatar. WP First Letter Avatar includes a set of beautiful, colorful letter avatars in many sizes. Optimal size will be chosen by the plugin in order to display high quality avatar and not download, for example, big 512px avatars when only 48px is needed... PSD template for avatar is also included. You can also create your own avatar set by creating new directory next to 'default' folder and following the naming convention from 'default'. By default, custom avatar will be set only to users without Gravatars, but you can change that in settings and not use Gravatar at all. WP First Letter Avat

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133 websites use the WordPress WP First Letter Avatar plugin