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WP-Featured Content Slider is a must have Plugin to smoothly show unlimited Posts/Pages in a nice jQuery Slideshow. Fixed Bug that only allowed to show 5 posts * WP Featured Content Slider is a very powerful WordPress Slideshow. You can feature as many Posts and Pages as you want. You can define a picture for every single post/page which will then be automatically cropped to the right resolution (using WordPress build-in thumbnail function). WP-Featured Content Slider comes with a great option set. You can even define sliding effects such as "fade" or "slideRight" and many more. Furthermore you can adjust timeout and many Layout and Design Options (adjust image size, slider size and more). Inserting Posts/Pages to WP-Featured Content Slider is as easy as one can imagine. Simply choose "Feature in WP-Featured Content Slider" when editing a post/page. Titles, Link, Description Navigation possibility (prev, next) Image for every different Post/Page

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318 websites use the WordPress WP Featured Content Slider plugin