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Open external links in a new window or tab, adding "nofollow", set link icon, styling, SEO friendly options and more. Easy install and go. Configure settings for all external links on your site. Features Open in new window or tab Add "nofollow" Choose from 20 icons Set other link options (like classes, title etc) Make it SEO friendly Compatible with WPMU (Multisite) Easy to use After activating the plugin all options are already set to make your external links SEO friendly. Optionally you can also set the target for opening in a new window or tab or styling options, like adding an icon. On the fly The plugin will change the output of the (external) links on the fly. So when you deactivate the plugin, all contents will remain the same as it was before installing the plugin. Sources Documentation

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633 websites use the WordPress WP External Links (nofollow new window seo) plugin