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WP Content Slideshow is the perfect Slideshow for WordPress. It displays up to 5 Posts or Pages with Tile, Description and Image for every Post. Added Post/Page Order/Sort Support! * WP Content Slideshow shows up to 5 Posts or Pages in a very nice and powerful Javascript Slideshow. On the left side of the Slideshow it displays a Image for every Post. On the right side, there are all the Titles (and a small description under the Title) of the Posts/Pages. The Slideshow highlights the active Post and repeats automatically after getting to the 5th Post. You have a powerful Administration Area to adjust the whole Layout of the Slideshow. Inserting new Posts/Pages now is as easy as can be. Just choose "Feature in WP-Content Slideshow" when editing a post or a page. Titles and small description Navigation possibility (when hitting a Title the Image appears) Image for every different Post (No need for timthumb anymore!) Supporting Pages now! Order/Sort Post/Pages

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73 websites use the WordPress WP Content Slideshow plugin