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The easy way to Add Widgets or Sidebars to Posts and Pages by shortcodes or template tags. ''NOTE'' Apologies but you may lose the widgets in your customised sidebars if upgrading from pre 0.0.8 version. The cause of this loss is required to enhance functionality and reduce further possible loss of config when changing/modifying themes. The choice to to do this was not easy but hopefully will make the plugin more stable going forward. The easy way to Add Widgets to Posts and/or Pages. Allows 'in-page' widget areas so widgets can be defined via shortcut straight into page/post content. There is one default widget area that can be used or you can add more from the settings menu. You can currently have an unlimited number of sidebars. Each sidebar can be called indepentenly by a shortcode and you can call more than one per post/page. Sidebars can be included in the post/page by using a shortcode like [widgets_on_pages id=x] where x is the nu

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1 514 websites use the WordPress Widgets on Pages plugin