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Drop widgets in page or post content area. Widgetized pages. Build your custom page layout in no time. No coding, easy and fun! Widgetized pages in WordPress are very powerful tool. Have you ever wanted to drag and drop a widget in a page content area, but the only widgetized sections of your theme are usually sidebars and footers? You can now easily widgetize a page and drop widgets in page or post content area or any template file. Adding widgets on pages is a very flexible way to build your own unique page layout. This is very easy and fun to do and requires no coding knowledge at all. Use the new OTW Grid Manager Light component to build your custom layout in no time. It is all done in a nice and easy interface. Add some rows and columns in the rows. Insert the sidebars in the columns. You can use as many widget areas (sidebars) in as many pages/posts as you need. Creating sidebars(widget areas) is unlimited. The plugin has very easy and intuitive administration area designe

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948 websites use the WordPress Widgetize Pages Light plugin