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A useful shortcode and widget collection for Weaver Xtreme This is the main theme suppot for the Weaver X Theme. This plugin provides a collection of useful shortcodes and widgets designed to complement the Weaver X theme. These shortcodes have been selected and developed based on requests and feedback from thousands of users of the Weaver X, Weaver II, and Aspen themes. While these shortcodes are optimized for the Weaver X theme, they will also work with full functionality for most WordPress themes, and can be used if you switch themes. Includes complete documentation help file. Instructions for using the shortcodes and widgets are in the help file. Use it for non-Weaver Xtreme themes. Shortcodes included [tab_group] - Display content in a tabbed box. [youtube ] - Show your YouTube videos responsively, and with the capability to use any of the YouTube custom

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278 websites use the WordPress Weaver Xtreme Theme Support plugin