Visitor Country WordPress Plugin

Theme Name: visitor-country

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This plugin adds support for displaying (using shortcodes) or enquiring (using PHP or JS) the visitor's country. See it working here. It uses MaxMind's GeoIP data file, which is around 1.4 MB in size and is included with the plugin. The file is free, updated every month, and has the claimed accuracy of 99.5%; GitHub Repository is here. The plugin retrieves: The visitor's IP The visitor's country name The visitor's country code (2 letter ISO 3166) The shortcodes are: [VisitorCountry-IP] [VisitorCountry-Code] [VisitorCountry-Name] The javascript variables are: VisitorCountry.ip VisitorCountry.code And the PHP functions: global $VisitorCountry; if ( isset($VisitorCountry) ) { echo $VisitorCountry->GetIP(); echo $VisitorCountry->GetCode(); echo $VisitorCountry->GetName(); } Please leave suggestions, comments and bug report at the plugin's website. Also, please let it be known if the plugin works on versions older than 3.2 - I simply didn't have a way to check. This product includes GeoLite data created by MaxMind, available from


92 websites use the WordPress Visitor Country plugin