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Generates thumbnails, encodes HTML5-compliant videos, and embeds locally hosted videos. Requires FFMPEG or LIBAV for encoding. A plugin to make embedding videos, generating thumbnails, and encoding HTML5-compatible files a little bit easier. This is probably the last completely free major release. Some advanced features will be converted to premium add-ons in the future. More info in the support forum. This plugin adds several fields to any video uploaded to the WordPress Media Library. Just choose a few options, make thumbnails, click "Insert into Post" and you'll get a shortcode in the post editor that will embed a flexible, responsive HTML5 video player with Flash fallback for unsupported browsers. You have the option to use a few different video players: Video.js The WordPress default player using MediaElement.js, which was introduced in WordPress version 3.6

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1 298 websites use the WordPress Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator plugin