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Log all activity of users and get notified when user login to admin area. Do your site have many users for various admin side activity? Do you stuck with issue to track user activity on your website admin side? do you want to secure your site by tracking log of all user activity ? do you want to get notified when particular user logged in ? Just relax, Now with the help of "User Activity Log" Plugin you can track all users activity on your website. As of this moment, the plugin logs data when anyone do following activity: WordPress - Core Updates Posts - Created, Updated, Deleted Pages - Created, Updated, Deleted Custom Post Type Posts- Created, Updated, Deleted Tags - Created, Edited, Deleted Categories - Created, Edited, Deleted Taxonomies terms - Created, Edited, Deleted Comments - Created, Approved, Unproved, Trashed, Untrashed, Spammed, Unspammed, Deleted Med

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293 websites use the WordPress User Activity Log plugin