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Uji Popup - Create your custom popup. Uji Popup is a WordPress popup plugin which allown you to convert visitors on your site/blog into taking an action whether its advertise, subscribing into your newsletter, offering a discount or cupon. The popup messages are displayed as soon as the visitors opens the page. Shows dynamically when a visitor goes to close your website. Features: NEW: Exit-Intent technology has been one of the most successful Internet marketing techniques Popups are shown when the page is loaded Use image ads or text ads (Flash, HTML, Images, Videos, Audio, Embed Code etc.) Timer(countdown) can be enabled/disabled Close/Skip button can be enabled/disabled Impression: count number of displays Wait timer. Enter how long the popup should wait until will be shown. Page control allows you to set on all pages/homepage or jus

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115 websites use the WordPress Uji Popup plugin