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Tweet This offers easily embedded, stylish tweetable content boxes in your posts and pages. Get your visitors sharing on Twitter today! All the pros agree. Sharing your content on Twitter is an immensely powerful, and essential, marketing tool for modern websites and blogs. But do you know what is 100 times more effective than you sharing your stuff? Your readers sharing it! Not only does word of mouth vastly increase your market reach, but your authority and the power of your message explodes exponentially. Getting Readers Active But there's a problem. The standard "share" methods are impersonal and difficult for your readers. Those share buttons at the bottom of your page? They don't send anything inspiring! Just a lifeless message and ugly link. What you need is Tweet This! Tweet This is the perfect tool for encouraging your readers to share. You get to write a short message. This message gets embedded into your post or page in an attractive manner. When a reader cl

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392 websites use the WordPress Tweet This plugin