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Plugin to show or hide portions of a Page or Post based on specific date/time characteristics. The Timed Content plugin allows users to specify that a portion of a Page or Post should appear/be visible or disappear/be invisible based on given time characteristics. Suppose, for example, you embed a video into a Post; once the viewer has enough information from the video, the request to take a specific action can be set to appear. You can also make portions of a Post or Page be visible at certain dates and times; you can even set up a schedule! The plugin adds the following: A "client-side" shortcode that allows the marking of content to appear or disappear after a given time interval; a "fade" effect is included. This functionality is intended to be used for special effects only, as content marked in this manner is still visible in the HTML source and, therefore, not a secure method of hiding content. Two "server-side" shortcodes that allow th

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231 websites use the WordPress Timed Content plugin