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Thumbs Rating does what you'd expect. It allows you to add a thumbs up/down to your content (posts, pages, custom post types...). I needed a simple and light plugin to add Thumbs Rating, I couldn't find any so I built my own. This plugin allows you to add a thumb up/down rating to your content. You can set it up to show anywhere you want, check out the Installation instructions. The output is very basic, no images, no fonts, no fancy CSS. Customize the ouput overriding the CSS classes in your style.css file. Features No output printed by default, check the Installation instructions. Stores the votes values for each content. Uses HTML5 LocalStorage to prevent the users from voting twice. Easy to customize the output using CSS. Show the most voted (positive/negative) items using shortcodes. Show the buttons using shortcodes. Languages Catalan: ca Chinese (Ch

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211 websites use the WordPress Thumbs Rating plugin