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Create tab and accordion type widgets without writing a single line of code. Tabbed interfaces can save a lot of vertical space and make your website look less cluttered. Accordion type tabs are particularly useful if you want to have longer tab titles or more tabs that wouldn't otherwise fit into the given horizontal width. Features: Use other widgets for tab content and specify custom tab titles. Make tabs rotate in a set interval, which makes them more noticeable and prominent. Set a random start tab on each page load so that all tabbed content gets equal exposure. Make unlimited number of tabbed widgets that can be then used as regular widgets under ‘Design’ › ‘Widgets’. Why are Tabbed Widgets better than your theme's built-in tabs? With Tabbed Widgets you can use any widget inside the tabbed interface and you are no longer limited to what the theme designer ha

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132 websites use the WordPress Tabbed Widgets plugin