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Allow SVG file uploads using the WordPress Media Library uploader plus direct styling of SVG elements using CSS. When using SVG images on your WordPress site, it can be hard to style elements within the SVG using CSS. Now you can, easily! Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) are becoming common place in modern web design, allowing you to embed images with small file sizes that are scalable to any visual size without loss of quality. This plugin not only provides SVG Support like the name says, it also allows you to easily embed your full SVG file's code using a simple IMG tag. By adding the class "style-svg" to your IMG elements, this plugin dynamically replaces any IMG elements containing the "style-svg" class with your complete SVG. The main purpose of this is to allow styling of SVG elements. Usually your styling options are restricted when using embed, object or img tags alone.

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1 013 websites use the WordPress SVG Support plugin