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Stream Video Player for WordPress its one stop solution for high quality video publishing for web or iOS. Stream Video Player for WordPress is by far the best and most complete video-audio player plug-in for WordPress with XML Playlist support and subtitles, Easy to use with a tag generator in the editor, support for viewing on iOS and Android, support for YouTube and Pseudo-Streaming so you can randomly seek any place of your videos without having to load the entire video before. Features iOS, Android, WPTouch, MobilePress, YouTube and feeds compatible. HTML5 video tag for mobile devices 100% Responsive and Retina Ready! Embed code generator for any video. Captions (subtitles) capable. XML Playlist. Social sharing and video URL sharing. Random access to any position on the video thanks to the pseudo streaming technique Skins capable thanks to JW Media Player it can load SWF and XML-PNG custom

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327 websites use the WordPress Stream Video Player plugin