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Secure & Monetize your site with Solve Media's CAPTCHA replacement. Secure & Monetize your site with Solve Media's free CAPTCHA replacement. CAPTCHA is a simple and popular method of securing forms from abuse. Solve Media has created a patent-pending technology that turns CAPTCHA into branded TYPE-INs™, allowing you to earn money while you secure your site. Every time a visitor to your site solves a CAPTCHA TYPE-IN™ ad, we share the revenue with you. Solve Media CAPTCHA TYPE-IN™ ads are easy to read and easy to complete. Our systems constantly monitor for various forms of abuse, insuring that an optimal amount of revenue and security is provided. For visually impaired users, the Solve Media CAPTCHA widget offers an audio CAPTCHA puzzle. Use the Solve Media CAPTCHA widget on a registration form, comments form, or any Contact-Form-7 v2.0 or newer. The Solve Media CAPTCHA widget is compatible with other anti-spam solutions lik

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77 websites use the WordPress Solve Media CAPTCHA plugin