SlideDeck 2 Lite Responsive Content Slider WordPress Plugin

Theme Name: SlideDeck 2 Lite Responsive Content Slider  

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Create responsive content sliders on your WordPress blogging platform. Manage SlideDeck content and insert them into templates and posts. Deprecation Notice SlideDeck 2 Lite Responsive Content Slier is deprecated. As of 10/05/2015 we will not longer be updating this plugin, but we suggest that you consider trying SlideDeck 3 Lite for WordPress instead. SlideDeck 3 Lite has replaced SlideDeck 2 and is now our primary SlideDeck focus. Thanks for your support! - The SlideDeck Team Responsive Content Slider by SlideDeck 2 Easily create responsive content sliders for your WordPress site without code. Use images & text, plus YouTube, Flickr, Pinterest & more SlideDeck

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226 websites use the WordPress SlideDeck 2 Lite Responsive Content Slider plugin