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A Flickr WordPress plugin to display your photos either as a gallery, a galleria or a unbranded slideshow in posts, pages, and sidebar widgets. Displays Flickr photos as a gallery, a galleria, or an unbranded slideshow (i.e. not Flickr's own slideshow widget) Uses "slickr-flickr" shortcode to make it as easy as possible to show your Flickr photos on WordPress Works well in posts, pages and text widgets in the sidebar, at different sizes, with portrait and landscape photos Sorts photos by date, title or description With or without captions, photo descriptions and links back to Flickr With manual or autoplay slideshows Works with various LightBoxes such as Evolution LightBox, FancyBox, Highslide, LightBox Plus, Pretty Photo, Slimbox, ShadowBox, Shutterbox and ThickBox. See for tutorials on using the plugin See

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662 websites use the WordPress Slickr Flickr plugin