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Simple Twitter Tweets - Display your Tweets on your WordPress site using the new Twitter OAuth API v1.1. (even when you can't connect) Because th A Simple Twitter Tweets display widget, using Twitter OAth and API v1.1 and backup up so it always displays your Tweets. Why? Our clients, especially on shared hosting were having issues with the Twitter API not displaying their tweets, too many connections from the same source (host). We solved that issue, then lo and behold Twitter changed their API so displaying your own Tweets required OAuth authentication and finally we buckled and decided to roll our own so it would be simple for them, for us and for you. Twitter changed their API again. Removing version 1.0 of the API altogether and by forcing version 1.1 of the API and use of the OAuth authentication requirement. We wrote this plugin so everyone could have it at a click of a button. There are a few Twitter plugins out their, but we couldn't find one simple enough, or that worked

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935 websites use the WordPress Simple Twitter Tweets plugin