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A simple, versatile plugin that allows you to display your Instagram feed, profile, and popular Instagram posts using shortcodes and widgets. Simple Instagram just got Simpler New in version 2.0 - authorize your account in a single step. Now it's quicker and easier than ever to get your Instagram feed up and running on your site! Getting your feed up and running just takes one step - authorize your account and you're ready to go! Getting an Instagram feed on your site has never been easier. Note: If you are upgrading from a previous version, you'll need to re-authorize your Instagram account on the Settings page. Once you do, all of your shortcodes and widgets will continue to work as before. Finally, a simple, versatile Instagram plugin for your blog. Simple Instagram allows you to display your Instagram profile information, image/video feed, or Popular posts from Instagram. It includes both shortcodes to use within your posts and widgets to include in your sidebar. To h

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306 websites use the WordPress Simple Instagram plugin