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A professional, high-performance e-commerce development plugin for WordPress. Shopp adds an infinitely flexible WordPress ecommerce plugin and secure shopping cart that runs thousands of successful online storefronts. Shopp was introduced in 2008 as a premium plugin by the team at Ingenesis Limited with 15-years of experience in the e-commerce industry. Today, Shopp is free and developed by a community of volunteers to provide a solid e-commerce toolkit with the best engineered framework for developers to build upon. Simplified, streamlined, sublime. Run sales, add new products, update inventory, ship orders. It’s all there, and it’s easy. Shopp consistently wins accolades for it’s WordPress-native administration tools giving it the most natural management experience you’ll find in a WordPress e-commerce solution. Get in, do your thing and get on with your real life. E-commerce software shouldn’t tell you how to manag

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268 websites use the WordPress Shopp plugin