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This is a wrapper to Shariff. It enables shares with Twitter, Facebook ... on posts, pages and themes with no harm for visitors privacy. The "original" share buttons send data of your visitors to the social network sites, even if they do not click on a share button. The German computer magazin CT has developed "Shariff" (/ˈʃɛɹɪf/) that fullfills the strict data protection laws in Germany. This plugin is a wrapper to this software. It allows you to use it within your posts with the shorttag [shariff] and provides all design options of the original code. For more informations about the Shariff software check out the GitHub project and read about the project itself c’t information page (in German). You can use this plugin on posts, pages, the main page, product sites and as a widget.

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216 websites use the WordPress Shariff Wrapper plugin