qTranslate Cleanup and WPML Import
22 websites Allows a complete uninstall and cleanup of qTranslate meta-tags or importing translations into WPML End of development: as of version 1.5, we're not continuing the development on this plugin. This doesn't mean that it's broken. The plugin works well for most of the people and helped thousands of people to migrate from a free multilingual plugin but without enough support and features to WPML, a more complete solution that also offers great support. This plugin can either cleanup the qTranslate meta-HTML tags from your site and leave just one 'clean' language, or migrate all languages to WPML's format. Very important: This plugin will modify the entire content of your database. You must backup your database before attempting to use it. For complete documentation, please refer to the qTranslate uninstall and WPML importer documentation
BuddyPress Multilingual
22 websites BuddyPress Multilingual allows BuddyPress sites to run fully multilingual using the WPML plugin. The plugin allows building multilingual BuddyPress sites. It works with single-site or multi-site BuddyPress installations. Both the main site and child blogs can run multilingual. Guest blogs can choose their language and create multilingual contents. Additionally, each guest can choose the admin language individually . This plugin requires WPML. It uses WPML's language API and hooks to BuddyPress to make it multilingual. Requirements: WPML 3.0.x or higher. You must enable 'languages per directories' or 'languages per domain'. Supports BuddyPress versions up to 2.x Features Enables multilingual BuddyPress components Filters all links to maintain right language selection Allows translation of profile fields Need Support?
2261 websites The older CMS Navigation plugin has been deprecated in favor of the WPML plugin.
Black Studio WPML Javascript Redirect
8 websites This plugin requires the WPML plugin to be installed and active. WPML comes with a native redirection feature based on browser language detection, but it doesn't work if you are using a caching plugin like W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache, because the language detection and redirection is made at PHP level, and when serving cached pages that code is not executed at all. This plugin is a workaround for this limitation, as it implements language redirection through javascript, so it can work even in presence of caching plugins. Note: This is a BETA release, but you can safely try it, since the plugin only adds a javascript behavior and it doesn't change the contents of your site in any way. If you encounter any issues please report them in the support forum. Links Plugin's web page Support forum Follow us on Twitter
WooCommerce Multilingual - run WooCommerce with WPML
912 websites Allows running fully multilingual e-commerce sites using WooCommerce and WPML. This 'glue' plugin makes it possible to run fully multilingual e-commerce sites using WooCommerce and WPML. It makes products and store pages translatable, lets visitors switch languages and order products in their language. Features Lets you translate different kinds of WooCommerce product types Central management for translating product categories, tags and custom attributes Automatically synchronizes product variations and images Keeps the same language through the checkout process Sends emails to clients and admins in their selected language Allows inventory tracking without breaking products into languages Enables running a single WooCommerce store with multiple currencies
Menu Image
1094 websites Adds a field to load the image in a menu item and displays the image inside the link in the menu before the text. Now WPML compliant. Adds a field to load the image in a menu item and displays the image inside the link in the menu before the text. Now you can upload the second image and set to the mouse over/out effect. And also change position of title or hide title if need. And... load images via media uploader! Now WPML compliant!
WF Cookie Consent
360 websites The `wunderfarm-way` to show how your website complies with the EU Cookie Law - very easy, 100% responsive and with multi-language support! WF Cookie Consent shows the user a clear message that the site uses cookies. This plugin supports multi-language installations with the polylang-plugin from Chouby or WPML-plugin from It has a wide array of settings for controlling the style and contents. WF Cookie Consent is the "wunderfarm-way" to show how your website complies with the EU Cookie Law.
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WPML flag in menu Extended
23 websites Shows translated flags (for every language except current viewing lang) in selected menu's Shows translated flags (for every language except current viewing lang) in any selected menu in the plugin settings LTR support In addition to the plugin from Ramon Fincken, this plugin let you select on which menu you want to add the language flags. You can even make an empty menu and make it dedicated for your language flags and put it as a custom menu in the sidebar. To make the flags appear on a translated menu, you go in the settings of the plugin and add the translated menu to the selection you made. This has to be done with every translated menu where you want the flags to appear. So, if you just have translated a menu. Go back to the options of the widget and you will see that this translated menu is added to the list. Select this menu too and save the options.
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3 websites Multilingual/internationalization plugin for WP. Fork of WPML
CMS Navigation
70 websites Out-of-the-box support for full CMS navigation in your WordPress site including drop down menus, breadcrumbs trail and sidebar navigation. Update Our new plugin, WPML, includes the functionality of CMS Navigation and is recommended for new designs. It features much cleaner and simpler HTML and customization via the admin screen. Additionally, we recommend you checkout our new CMS enabling plugins Types and Views. Types - The Custom Types and Custom Fields Plugin - manages custom content type, including post types, taxonomy and custom fields. Views - The Custom Content Display Plugin - displays custom content types in whatever way you choose. With Types and Fields, you can achieve the functionality of t