Tabber Widget
163 websites The Tabber-Widget easily allows you to add multiple tabbed widgets in to one widget area. Use the Tabber widget to add up to 10 tabbed widget areas in to one existing widget. Tabber Widget works in all browsers, and comes packed with 4 templates that can be customized to the look of your site.
Accordion Archive Widget
86 websites An archive widget that reconstructs the stock widget into an accordion by year with month children. Accordion Archive Widget is exactly what the name implies. It recreates the stock archive widget, but this time around the widget is laid out as an accordion. It gives you the years of the archive, and then when the year is clicked it expands to show the months. Development can be tracked at
Colorful text widget
384 websites Colorful Text Widgets is a normal text widget that makes your widget a colorful one. Colorful Text Widgets is a normal text widget that makes your text widget a colorful one. You can change the color of Title, Background and Text using the color-pickers provided with in the widget itself. More style options will be added on further release. Check the colorful text widget demo here
Groupon Widget
9 websites Plugin URI: Groupon widget plugin for displaying Groupon deals This plugin allows you to syndicate Groupon's daily deals on your site. It also allows you to enter your Groupon referral code in order to get Groupon bucks for any of your visitors that you send to Groupon. Plugin comes with an admin interface that you can use to fully customize the look and feel of the widget, then you can just drag the widget into a widgetized sidebar, or place the call to the widget in your theme directly (if you are not using dynamic sidebars)
Better GitHub Widget
35 websites Better GitHub Widget allows you to display your GitHub projects on your site. A beautiful widget for your site Better GitHub Widget is the best looking widget to display your GitHub projects, it simply blends with your theme. Client side magic All of the magic of this widget happens on the user's browser, so it does not stress your server.
Yelp Widget Pro
99 websites Yelp Widget Pro makes it easy for you to add business listings to your website or blog via an easy-to-use and intuitive widget. Yelp Widget Pro allows you to easily display Yelp profiles for any business on your website or blog using an intuitive and easily configurable widget. Yelp Widget Pro users are able to display business names, ratings, review counts and profile images in any WordPress sidebar. Customize the widget to display one or many listings from Yelp based on location. This widget supports for Yelp v2.0's Search and Business API methods. Yelp Widget Pro allows for multiple widgets within the same or separate sidebars. No coding knowledge required. Yelp Widget Pro is actively supported and developed. The open source version is available for free to the WordPress community. For additional options and priority support please consider upgrading to Yelp Widget Premium. If you like this plugin please
TR Post Slider Widget
41 websites Smooth slider - post, featured image and post with Thumbnail. This plugin offers three post slider widget with viewing options. TR Post Slider Widget is an effective tool for adding post sliders to your website. There are 3 different widgets - post widget, featured image widget and post with thumbnail widget. This plugin sets individual category post by using category slug. There are 7 transition effects.
Beautifulck Widget CK
8 websites Beautifulck Widget CK enhance your widgets with a nice design with ease. Beautifulck Widget CK adds a 'Beautiful Me !' option on your widgets. You can click on it and let the magic do the job. You can select a theme for your widget title (banner, corner, glossy...), the font color and size and an icon for it. You can set the background color with gradient, border radius, border color, shadow and more on the widget. The options are made to let you control the way to show your widget with nice colors and the place of your title. The admin interface is ajax based and show you a direct preview of your styles selection and how will render your widget.
Ultimate Widgets Light
52 websites Ultimate Widgets is a plugin which includes several widgets with a style unique covering many different things you may need to add to your website. Customize your sidebar with our awesome widgets, very easy to use, essential, unique & beautiful PLUGIN DEMO. Widgets have long been a feature of WordPress with a number of default widgets being bundled, they are a great way to give the user control over placing additional elements on the page in the areas provided by the theme author. A lot of themes will include some custom widgets for different things bundled in the code which is great until you come to change themes, if you change themes you will lose the widgets provided by your old theme and any content you placed in them. One way around this is to use a plugin to handle your custom widgets so you can keep them with any theme. Press Commentary “Ultimate Widgets is a great utility plugin for all genres of websites, and you
Subscribe2 Widget Pro
19 websites Subscribe2 Widget Pro enhances the capabilities of Subscribe2 via an advanced subscription widget with many additional options. Subscribe2 Widget Premium Subscribe2 Widget Premium is a significant upgrade to Subscribe2 Widget Pro that adds features and functionality not found within the default widget. Features include faster AJAX form submission, customizable labels, validation messages and input values, an advanced shortcode and much more. Also included is 1-year of priority support and auto updates. View the Online Demo Upgrade to Subscribe2 Widget Pro Premium
BNS Add Widget
171 websites Add a widget area to the footer of any theme. Add a widget area to the footer of any theme by way of the wp_footer action hook. Works just like the widget areas commonly created with code in the functions.php template file.
iTunes Lookup Widget
35 websites Embeds an iTunes Widget to display any kind of store items (software, albums, artists etc). Embeds an interactive iTunes display as a sidebar widget with optional use of affiliate links. Multilingual Frontend (just update labels in admin settings page and/or widget as required) Shortcode enabled. (use link within widget in widget admin to get the shortcode for the settings selected)
Easy Weather Widget
33 websites Easy Weather Widget provides you with an easy to use widget which outputs weather information. Easy Weather Widget provides you with an easy to use widget which outputs weather information. When creating the widget just enter in your U.S. zip code and save, it will display the current weather on your site.
Links With Icons Widget
91 websites A widget to display links with icons alongside. Links With Icons Widget adds a new custom widget which displays links with icons alongside. The links are dynamically added to each widget in the widget admin. This plugin does not use the links manager and does not create any custom post type to store the links. All data is self contained in each widget as widget option data. Images are added and managed using the media library and uploader. Usage: In the WordPress admin, go to Appearance...Widgets Drag the "Links With Icons" widget to a sidebar Select the number of links the widget will display and save the widget. The widget will reload with the proper number of fields for the number of links needed. Fill out the data (URL, Title and Image) and save the widget. Viola! The widget now appears with your pretty icons. Important Notes: The wi
Sportsteam Widget
8 websites A widget that shows the next match of a team. SportsTeam Widget is a widget that shows the next match of a game. It uses a Custom Post Type for sportsteams, together with a Taxonomy/Term for the class/level where the team plays.
Rotating Image Widget
25 websites Create a jQuery-driven rotating image sidebar widget. Gives you the option of adding a Javascript-powered fading image gallery as a sidebar widget. The widget pulls its images from previous posts and automatically re-sizes them for display in the appropriate area.
Body Mass Widget
15 websites Adds a widget that shows a BMI calculater with customizable labels. This Widget is a BMI Calculator form using JavaScript and PHP. It's css is very simple, so you can change it to match your theme. You can do this by editing the calculate_bodymass.css file in 'plugins/body-mass-widget/css'. And it is totally free! Features Option to change all the labels. Option to change border color. Contribute While using this plugin if you find any bug, please submit an issue at Github (If possible with a pull request).
R3DF Meetup Widget
9 websites A simple widget for displaying a link to a group. A simple widget for use with a group. The plugin adds a widget that shows a link to your Meetup group. Simply enter your Meetup group name and it's URL and save. You can display the widget with or without a title. Support Support for this plugin is limited to fixing confirmed bugs and improving the plugin with enhancements that can be reasonably accommodated.
Flip Widget
3 websites Defines a widget with front and back content that will flip over on a mouseover event. A widget that flips over on a mouseover event
Advanced Twitter Followers Widget
75 websites Advanced Twitter Followers is free twitter followers display widget. Using this widget you can show twitter followers on your wordpress website. Thanks for installing our developed free wordpress widget. Advanced Twitter Followers Widget is as much like facebook like box. As Facebook Like box show the thumbnails of peoples who do like the facebook page. As like much Advanced Twitter Followers Widget will show the followers thumbnail on your wordpress website. This widget is tested on most of wordpress version and error checking make sure there's have no error found during using the plugin. Note: Using this widget is very easy but you must have to create api for twitter to display the twitter followers on your wordpress website. Don't worry we have very nice documentation for everything you need to up the widget on your wordpress website. Features of Advanced Twitter Followers Widget * Absolutely Free. * Show twitter followes on your wordpress website * Highly Customizable - as we
Multi Image Widget
16 websites Multi image widget is used to upload the multiple image. This plugin is used for upload the image. It has two unique feature in one. 1: Linear View * You can upload multiple image and display in linear form. 2: Slider View * You can upload the multiple image and display in slider. It will provide the widget and you can use it in widget module. For more information,you can visit the plugin Page Note: Anyone can write the CSS for my plugin,I will added it.
Instagram Widget by WPZOOM
284 websites Fully customisable and responsive Instagram timeline widget for WordPress. Instagram Widget by WPZOOM gives you a WordPress Widget that you can place anywhere you want and be able to fully customize it's design using CSS. Get Involved Looking to contribute code to this plugin? Go ahead and fork the repository over at GitHub.
Author Profile Widget
43 websites Author Profile Widget add authors list widget and profile widget. Author Profile Widget add authors list widget and profile widget. Authors List Widget Displaying authors list. Profile Widget Displaying author profile of the post. You can input the template of the format by widget setting. Shortcodes You can also use shortcodes. Author profile shortcode [apw-profile] or [apw-profile]your template[/apw-profile] Author list shortcode [apw-list size="45" orderby="login" order="ASC" excludes=""]
MailChimp Subscribe Widget
7 websites This plugin creates a "subscribe to list" widget Provides a widget that allows people to subscribe to a MailChimp list of your choice. Features Almost no configuration needed: just your MailChimp API key and a mailing list Widget is fully self contained, so it's easy to have separate widgets for each language Easy to style Good for internationalization Create a widget for every language and selectively show them with widget logic plugin
CafePress Widget
238 websites The CafePress Widget allows users to pull products from their CafePress store and advertise them on their WordPress site. The CafePress Widget ( was created to answer the call of many shopkeepers: I want a fun way to advertise my gear. We've finally created the perfect tool for shopkeepers and affiliates alike to promote their merchandise and generate sales. You can use it to display your favorite goodies for fun as well! Features: Free and extremely easy to install and use User and search engine friendly Incorporates all products into a fluid stream
Widget Pack
86 websites Widget Pack is a WordPress plugin that enables essential, yet powerful features for your website. Widget Pack consists of several widget modules that will enable you to do the things you wish were WordPress standard features. The idea behind building such a plugin is that we believe following codex and best practices is the only way of developing WordPress themes and plugins. We encourage all end-users, as well as developers, to extend any additional functionality of WordPress themes by using Widget Pack. This ensures painless and safe switching themes without loosing any widget content or its function. TS Call to Action Widget Call to action widget gives you an option of inserting a call to action box in any widgetized area of your WordPress theme. Elements of the call to action widget are: Title Call to action text Button link Button text Button second line text Button posi
FriendFeed Activity Widget
19 websites The FriendFeed Activity Widget is a WordPress widget pulls your FriendFeed stream and shares it with visitors to your blog. The FriendFeed Activity Widget is a simple WordPress widget that pulls your FriendFeed stream, pretties it up a bit and shares it with visitors to your blog. It's essentially a lifestream plugin that requires just a few steps to set up. Please read the installation instructions carefully and ensure that you extract the widget to the correct folder path.
BuddyBar Widget
34 websites The BuddyBar Widget places all the links on BuddyPress’s BuddyBar in a sidebar widget. The BuddyBar Widget places all the links on BuddyPress’s BuddyBar in a sidebar widget, so you can hide the BuddyBar without losing all the funcitonality. Features When a user is not logged in, the widget shows a login form (with a link to the registration page at the bottom) When a user is logged in, it shows all the links a user would need to manage their account The BuddyBar links are based on what BuddyPress components are activated. Multiple Instances are possible.
A Featured Page Widget
63 websites Feature a page and display its excerpt and post thumbnail. This plugin creates a widget that features a specific page, showing its excerpt. You can also choose a post thumbnail among the registered ones in your theme. Contributing A Featured Page Widget is available on GitHub. If you want to contribute, please fork it and send a pull request! Languages Portuguese (Brazil)
Collapsible Widget Area
150 websites Creates a tabbed or accordion-style widget that can hold other widgets. This plugin allows you to combine multiple widgets into a single tabbed/accordion-style interface in your theme. Usage To use this plugin, simply drag widgets into the "Collapsible Widget Area" widget area in Appearance -> Widgets within your admin area. Once you've done that, reload the Appearance -> Widgets page and drag the Collapsible Widget into the sidebar in which you want it to appear. Do not drag a "Collapsible Widget" into any of the existing "Collapsible Widget Area" sidebars. Options Within the Collapsible Widget itself, you can specify whether you want to use a Tab interface or an Accordion interface. Under Settings -> Collapsible Widget Options, you can choose the jQueryUI theme you want to apply to the collapsible widget container. All of the included jQueryUI themes are hosted on Google's CDN. If you
4 websites Display Post Per Category with thumbnail Widget. A widget that display a post from each category with attached thumbnail. Widget Options Easly customizable Stylesheet. Can be fit with responsive designs.
Featured Property
4 websites Displays a simple formatted Featured Property as a widget. Perfect way to feature properties that are for sale or rent. Featured Property Widget is a responsive widget that is designed to fit well on most themes. The widget will display a property image as well as several details about the property. Current details are: Type, Beds, Baths, Home Size, Lot Size and Description. The main image also can serve as a link to another page or external URL that houses additional details regarding the property. The widget uses its own stylesheet but can easily be overwritten with your own theme styles should you want to customize it.
WP News feed widget
23 websites A simple news feed widget with pagination WP News feed widget is a simple news feed widget, with pagination, to display the latest news on your website. It will display a list of your latest news titles, with the publication time (if today) or the publication date next to it. In the widget configuration, you can set the number of posts you want to include, the number of posts per page, chosse a style or disable the plugin's css if you want to apply your own. The widget is customizable through a lot of filters and actions hooks.
Vi Random Post Widget
38 websites Display Your Post With Highly Customising Options Using Widget and Shortcode Vi Random Posts Widget plugin allows us to create a custom random or category posts list as a widget. It gives you a list of random posts via shortcode or widget with thumbnail, excerpt and post date, also you can display it from your custom post type or from a post category. =Features= WordPress 4.1 Support. Allow you to add a URL in widget title Display thumbnails and customizable size. Display excerpt of customizable length. Display from all, specific or multiple category. Display your post date with customomizable format. Display your post author. Display post comment counts Display your custom Post types. User can add a custom css class in widget. Add custom html or text before and/or after posts lists. Rate Us / Feedback Please take the time to let us and others know about your experiences by leaving a review, so that we ca
BuddyPress Notification Widget
114 websites BuddyPress notification widget allow site admins to show BuddyPress user notification in widget. BuddyPress notification widget allow site admins to show BuddyPress user notification in widget. How it works:- Add BP Notification widget in widget area to show notifications for the currently logged in user. Help & Support Please leave a comment on our blog BuddyDev for any suggestions, support request.
DD Last Viewed
45 websites Just another DD widget. Shows the users recently viewed/visited posts,pages and or custom posttypes in a widget. This plugin contains the lastViewed-widget. This widget displays the last visited posts, pages or custom posttypes of your visitor. The widget can bu fully set: Choose the types Set the maximum Set thumbnail on/off Show Content(rich or plain) or Excerpt Set the excerpt length The plugin sets a cookie that keeps track of the visited IDs. The widget searches for the cookie. So to activate the widget, the visitor has to go first to a single page of the selected posttypes to display the widget.