14 websites Let users vote on the posts at your blog. Vote-the-Post allows users to rate each post from one to five stars. Vote-the-Post will show the default rating (3 stars = average) unless one user has already voted, in which case the plugin will display their vote. The overall vote calculation includes the default value. The plugin is blogger-friendly. It creates values that are attached to the five star rating system which are fair and friendly.The five star system represents votes of "Below Average, "Needs Work", "Average", "Very Good" and "Excellent". By default, the plugin does not display the number of votes, making the plugin useful for both high traffic and low traffic sites/blogs.
WP Comment Vote
2 websites WP Comment Vote Add an ajax vote for your comment 详细介绍:
Comments Vote
181 websites This plugin enables website users to vote comments up or down. This plug-in enables users of the website to vote comments up or down. This running tally can be displayed on the comment, and administrators have the ability to activate the collapsing of comments with a designated negative rating. The comment will still be available for viewing by clicking on a "show comment" link, which expands to show the collapsed comment's contents.
Simple Vote Me
4 websites Integrate a simple voting plugin with smileys in your WordPress! This plugin allows you to set a votation for the post and pages. This votation has three options (good, neutral and bad). Features Auto insert in content (it can be disabled). Filter by post and page. Total counts and vote percentages. 3 Types of votes: Good, Neutral and Bad. See the votes on the admin panel. Widget to insert wherever you want. Widget to see the top rated post. Shortcode to insert whenever you want. Two styles: Horizontal and Vertical so you can put it wherever you want!. Capability to set custom images. You can set a title before the poll (if you want it). Select if you want to show the poll before or after the content (or both).
Voting - Upvote & Downvote
5 websites Super cool vote plugin for wordpress. Voting made easy to display thumbsup style vote under any posttype. easy to configure and use various themes. Plugin Features Different themes. Post-type selection. Responsive design. Light weight. Unlimited or single voting.
Vote My Post
13 websites Provides up and downvote buttons to each of your posts. This plugin provides one upvote( like ) and one downvote( dislike ) button with counter, to each of your posts. The site admin has option to set the position ( before or after a post ) and orientation( left or right ) of these buttons. The site admin has the option to set the voting mode per post. Each post can either be "restricted", i.e. is votable by only a logged in registered user, or, "open", i.e. any visitor can cast her vote for the post. For the posts in "open" mode, the site admin can set a time interval for a user to cast consecutive votes for a particular post. The logged in user can optionally be allowed to cast multiple votes for a single post, or, to vote a post only once. If she is allowed ( by the option set by the site admin ) to cast multiple votes for a particular post, she is prevented for the pre-set time interval to cast a consecutive vote. The a
Emo Vote
22 websites Encourage your users by letting them express their feelings by "emoting" rather than voting. Emo Vote let's you encourage your users by letting them express their feelings by "emoting" rather than voting. Emoting is a fairly simple activity, just press the button that describes your feeling towards the post you just read. Thanks to Mindpark and especially Joakim Jardenberg for sponsoring the development of this plugin. Without you this plugin wouldn't exist. A few features listed below: Choose your own labels for each button. Drag 'n drop the buttons in your own order. Choose a unqiue question for each post, using WordPress custom fields, see FAQ for details. The buttons are fully customizeable using CSS. "Emote" by RSS. Sidebar widget. Emo Vote uses the same localization technique as
WTI Like Post
602 websites A smooth ajax-based thumbs up/down functionality for wordpress posts/pages. PRO version is also available. WTI Like Post is a plugin for adding like (thumbs up) and unlike (thumbs down) functionality for posts/pages. On admin end alongwith handful of configuration settings, it will show a list of most liked posts/pages. If you have already liked a post/page and now you dislike it, then the old voting will be cancelled and vice-versa. You can reset the settings to default and the like/unlike counts for all/selected posts/pages as well. It comes with two widgets, one to display the most liked posts/pages for a given time range and another to show recently liked posts. PRO Features Ability to change your vote even if multiple voting is disabled. Action hook available for successful voting so that you can attach any functionality like sending thank you mail to user. There are 2 other hooks available for further customizing the message you see on page load and a
WP Voting
55 websites Site owner to add voting functionality to the blog posts. A plugin to site owner to add voting functionality to the blog posts. Using the power of the ajax, voter can have instant voting and update to top voted widget. It doesn't matter voter is logged in or not. Public voting is done by tracking their IP address. It isn't end here. Blog owner will have complete control over those voting feature as well as using custom vote button and vote text. Features Control voting feature via voting on/off (admin feature) Control allow or disallow post author to vote his own posts (admin feature) Control allow or disallow public voting (admin feature) Customise vote and voted text (admin feature) Customise vote and voted buttons images (admin feature) Customise alert message for non logged in users (admin feature) Voting logs for site administrator (admin feature) Sort
nomination and voting
2 websites nomination and voting This plugin allows user to nominate their favourites using their facebook account when the plugin is in nomination mode. And when in voting mode,users can vote using their facebook account. admin can see the nominee list, voter list in the admin panel. when the plugin is in nomination mode, the nomination panel will be shown on top of the page and when in voting mode, the shortcode "[wp_voting]" should be added in a page where the voting panel should be shown. i m working on the pro version which will be available soon.
NextGEN Gallery Voting
145 websites Adds the ability for users to vote and rate your NextGEN Images. Simple options give you the ability to limit who can vote on what. Features Individually enable or disabled per image Choose if registered and logged in users can vote Allow a user to vote as often as they want, or just once per image Show or hide the results from your users Choose from 3 ratings types: 1-5 Stars, 1-10 Drop Down, or Like/Dislike NGG Voting was inspired by a request from Troy Schlegel of Schlegel Photography. Please read the FAQ for more info on how it works. If you want even more features and functionality, be sure to check out the Premium add-on. Please read the FAQ, as you are required to add a tag to gallery templates for certain functionality to work!
Post Ratings
401 websites Simple, developer-friendly, straightforward post rating plugin. Relies on post meta to store avg. rating / vote count. What does this plugin do: Allow your site users to rate posts (of any kind) Display the average post rating, vote count or weighted (bayesian) rating within your posts Display a widget with the top rated posts in your sidebar Allow you to create your own rating formula Why another rating plugin? Because the existing ones are either outdated, bloated with useless functionality, or just too buggy :)
Colored Vote Polls
151 websites Add polls with multiple choice of answers to your site. Display the results in colors from red to green, or any color you like. Perfect to show your p Create polls with as many questions with choices of answers has you like. Each answer can have a color associated to it. Make answers mandatory or not. Add polls to post and pages with shortcode. Easy to setup and use. Features View screenshots. An image is worth a 1000 words! Polls have a title and a description Each poll has N number of questions Each poll has N number of possible answers Each answer is associated with a color Display the results in original order of answers, most voted or most positive/negative Make any question mandatory or not to answer Control votes by either IP/cookie/user Simple and easy to use Non intrusive styles. With CSS knowledge, you can easily restyle to your liking
WP Easy Poll
9 websites This is an easy to setup polling/ voting plugin for users. Create Polls from admin panel and display in widgets. Use this plugin as a voting solution for your wordpress site. The plugin is very easy to setup and use. Just create polls and add the poll widget in the sidebar. Registered users as well as visitors of your site can submit votes. One user can submit vote only once per poll. Visitor's votes are tracked by their IP addresses. This is a simple user polling plugin. Create polls from admin panel. Unlimited polls can be created from admin panel. Add polls to the widget areas of your site. Multiple poll widgets can be added in your site. Users can submit vote from frontend and view voting results. Admin can view poll reports from admin panel. WP Easy Poll PRO In the PRO version Users will be able to create Polls from frontend of your site. * Polls created by users will not be visible in the si
4 websites Evaluate adds many options for user interaction to your site, such as Like, Up/Down Vote, 5-Star ratings and polls. Features: One Way (Like), Two Way (Up/Down Vote), Star (range out of 5) and Polls with multiple answers are supported Better rating/popularity sorting for metrics (Lower Bound of Wilson Score for Two-Way and Bayesian for 5-Star ratings) Multiple style options for one-way and two-way metrics Same metric for multiple content makes tracking metrics easier. AJAX voting and fetching support NodeJS & support (with CTLT_Stream plugin) Hooks into pre_get_posts to change sort order / criteria given URL parameters Please check out FAQ for usage details!
Comment Popularity
26 websites Comment Popularity adds the ability for visitors to vote on comments. With this plugin, members of your site will be able to vote comments up or down. Think Reddit comments. After activating the plugin, there will be up/down arrows next to each comment and the total weight of the comment. Comments are sorted by weight in a descending order. Each commenter is allocated karma each time that one of their comments are upvoted. Admin users can give users the "expert" label which will attribute more weight to their comments. You'll find an option under discussion for the default expert karma and it can also be changed on the user's profile. Follow development of this plugin on Github Requires PHP 5.3.2 or newer.
bbPress Votes
30 websites Allows logged users to vote up or down to topics and replies inside bbPress, just like you can on StackOverflow for example. Allows logged users to vote up or down to topics and replies inside bbPress, just like you can on StackOverflow for example. Ajaxed Compatible with BuddyPress Hooks and filters to extend the plugin Votes log with users icons Allow to filter a query to sort posts by votes, see FAQ. Templates functions to use in your themes (see the file bbpvotes-template.php); eg. bbpvotes_get_author_score() to get an author's score (karma) Demo See it in action here. Contributors Contributors are listed here Notes For feature request and bug reports,
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Democracy Poll
51 websites AJAX democratic polls for your site. Visitors can vote more than one answer & adds their own answers. Works with cache plugins (WP Total Cache). This plugin adds a clever and convenient system to create various Polls with different features, such as: Single voting Multiple voting Poll with ability to add new answers by visitors Poll with the specified date of the end You can block vote function for unregistered users You can choose different design of a poll and so on. See changelog Democracy Poll works with cache plugins: WP Total Cache, WP Super Cache, WordFence, Quick Cache etc. I focus on "easy-admin" features & fast performance. So you will have: Quick Edit button for Admin, right above a poll Plugin menu in toolbar Inline css & js incuding Css & js connection only where it's needed and so on. See changelog More Info This plugin is a reborn of onc
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