OSD Social Media Sharing
175 websites OSD Social Media Sharing is extremely light weight and does not require external libraries to share your WordPress content on social media sites. OSD Social Media Sharing gives the ability to add sharing buttons anywhere on your site with a shortcode, or automatically generate them based on post type. This plugin is very similar to Jet Pack sharing without all of the bloat and external requests. Place sharing in sidebars / widget areas using the WordPress text widget and the OSD Social Media Sharing shortcode. Place the buttons in any content field with the shortcode as well. Simple administration can be found under the settings tab including Drag and Drop re-ordering of the buttons, and the ability to add your own sharing icons. Remove the icons on a per post basis using the check box in the right sidebar of the edit post screen. This plugin does not hook into the content filter for post type based display!! this means that the sharing buttons will only appear ONE time on your pages, not all over the place like some other plug
Floating Social Share bar WordPress plugin
18 websites Floating Social Share bar WordPress plugin let you add social media sharing buttons on your blog posts. Floating Social Share bar WordPress plugin is a responsive social sharing plugin for WordPress. It lets you add floating social media share buttons with counter on your desktop site. Though the plugin is responsive, but it will not show on smaller screen to overlap the reading area. The latest version now offers mobile social sharing buttons which will be placed after the blog post. This is the same plugins which I’m using on my blog and perfect to increase your social media sharing of the blog. Social media sharing buttons will be displayed also when your readers are scrolling down your content. This plugin is integrated with all popular social media sharing buttons along with Pocket and LinkedIn. Credits:
Lightweight Social Sharing Buttons
3 websites Adds social sharing buttons to single posts and pages. No external scripts or images. This plugin adds social sharing buttons to posts and pages for Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. It doesn't load any external scripts or images (the four buttons are stored in the /lightweight-social-sharing-buttons/images/ directory. The Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest buttons link to their respective sharing pages and send the permalink of the post via the URL. The Twitter-button sends the post title in addition to the permalink. In the plugin settings you can choose what buttons to display, set a description and choose the link target.
Helios Solutions Social Media Buttons
451 websites Add Social Media Buttons to your Site Embed the customised Social Media Buttons, like – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, Linkedin, Xing, Tumblr , Skype and Pinterest to your Website. Add Simple Social Buttons to your website and multiply your business with these Social Sharing buttons. This is the best WordPress plugin as it can be customised and placed to the: Left or right side of the page and with customisable top margins. Try to make the best though Social Sharing Buttons, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, Xing, Tumblr , Skype and Pinterest and display your content to millions with Simple Social Buttons. The big beautiful social media sharing buttons can now be disabled from viewing on the mobile responsive website, by barely a tick. For users not interested in viewing the Social Buttons, now has an option to tick a checkbox which disables the buttons to be viewed on mobile device
Share Buttons by AddThis
34101 websites Share buttons from AddThis help you get more traffic from sharing through social networks. The best share buttons on the web are now available for your WordPress site. Promote your content easily by sharing to over 200 of the most popular social networking and bookmarking sites (like Facebook Share, Facebook Like, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and more). Clean, customizable and simple share buttons are unobtrusive, quick to load and recognized all over the web.
287 websites Provides an easy way to selectively add actionable social sharing buttons to your posts content or below the post in a 'Call To Action' box. Socialize is an easy way to selectively add actionable social sharing buttons to your posts. You can add sharing buttons in two places: Inside the content (aligned left or right) In a box below the content The plugin was designed to make managing and adding actionable social sharing buttons easier and more efficient. Instead of adding new meta keys like other plugins require, there is an additional panel in your posts admin that allows you to select which sharing buttons you want to display. This is to encourage people to choose more relevant sharing buttons for their posts. By only displaying the more relevant and socially successful posts, you create a form of social proof that might encourage more shares, comments and subscriptions. You are also provided with a box at the bottom of your posts that asks readers to subscribe and c
WP Social Sharing
843 websites Adds very attractive responsive social sharing buttons of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Xing and Google+ to wordpress posts, pages or media. WP Social sharing adds very attractive responsive social share buttons of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Xing, Google+ and Pinterest to wordpress posts, page, media or any custom post type. This is very lightweight and simple social sharing plugin. This plugin provide option whether you want to include plugin CSS/JS or not. Most of the social sharing plugins uses images/api to display social share buttons, but this plugin created large social sharing buttons using CSS3. Also these social sharing buttons are responsive. For device width less than 480px these buttons converted into their respective icons. Plugin Features Social sharing support for Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Twitter, Xing and Pinterest. Auto display to Post, Page, Media and Custom Post type. Custom Social Button text. 100% responsive.
Easy Social Share Buttons
2871 websites Easily add social sharing buttons to your posts and images without slowing down your site with unnecessary javascript and image files. Add social sharing buttons to your posts without slowing your website down. Default sharing buttons provided by Facebook and other sites require that your users download many additional javascript, css, and image files. Every additional download increase your sites page loading time. A slow website can lose visitors and lower your Google page rank. This plugin's sharing buttons require no images or font icon files to download, no external javascript, and only an optional 4kb CSS file. Add buttons to share your posts for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and Email. Automatically display buttons in the header or footer of your posts, or use shortcodes for including them within your content or template files. Select between two styles: either minimal icon buttons, or share buttons with added share count. Show the number of times the post has been shar
Social Sharing by Danny
542 websites Adds very simple social sharing buttons for Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to the end of your posts. Social Sharing By Danny The simplest sharing links possible for Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Most social sharing plugins are too ugly, heavy, complicated or poorly coded for my liking. This plugin aims to be different. Simple, lightweight and flexible. No script dependencies From itself, the buttons are actually plain text links which require NO external scripts. It makes no sense to load over 50 kilobytes of scripts and styles for a functionality 95% of your users will not use. Simple yet pretty & user-friendly You can have the plugin load two very small files to add icons and a pop-up functionality to the sharing links. This way, users do not have to leave your website after clicking a sharing option. Loading of both files can be disabled so you can craft your own styles. Plugin Features
WP Share
4 websites Add social sharing buttons to your content in 5 minutes. You can choose from 3 different icon styles including the original ones. WP Share adds social sharing buttons to your site, the available services are Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, LinkedIn. You can choose to display the icons in several position including top, bottom and both positions. The buttons can be enabled or disabled on certain post types ( post, page or custom ) and taxonomies( tags, categories or custom ). There are three style options that include icon, icon and text, original buttons. The heading text is also customizable.
Mobile sharing toolbar (share via Facebook, Twitter, etc..)
81 websites Add a mobile friendly social share buttons to your mobile site so users can share your content on Facebook, Twitter, etc. About The "Mobile Sharing toolbar" plugin The "Mobile Social Sharing toolbar" plugin adds social share buttons to your mobile site so users can share your content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & Linkdin. The social share buttons are displayed exclusively on mobile devices and does not affect your desktop site. You can choose to display the social share buttons in two layouts: As a floating share icon on top of your mobile posts and pages, clicking this icon opens the social share buttons. Display the social share buttons directly on the end of each of your mobile posts & pages (just uncheck the "floating" option on the plugin settings). This plugin was created by Wiziapp which enables you to set an exclusive theme for your
17 websites Create social sharing buttons using the ridiculously responsive social sharing buttons script. RRSSB stands for ridiculously responsive social share buttons and is an adaptation of Kurt Noble's library for web. Install the plugin and use the exposed function or shortcode to display social sharing buttons on your site. rrssb(options); Function options can be a string (comma separated for multiple values) or an array of strings [rrssb options=""] Shortcode options can be a string (comma separated for multiple values)
Sassy Social Share
493 websites Slickest, Simplest and Optimized Share buttons. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, WhatsApp and over 100 more. This plugin enables your website users to share the content over Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit and over 100 more sharing and bookmarking services. This is the Simplest and Smoothest share plugin with optimized and great looking vector icons. Feature list Around 100 Sharing/Bookmarking services FREE Icon Customization options Url Shortening Service integration Standard and Floating layout for sharing icons Customizable Target Url for sharing Rearrange Order of sharing icons Specify Position of Sharing Bar with respect to content - Top and Bottom Enable/Disable sharing on default/custom post types Enable/Disable sharing on in
Simple Social Share
383 websites A simple social sharing plugin that adds a list of social media sharing buttons on your website. As the name says, Simple Social Share is a very simple to use social media sharing plugin for your WordPress blog. No registration, no ID's required. It's absolutely free. Just install and get going. Features Five different types of styles: small buttons with / without share count and the usual 32 x 32 icons with square / rounded-border / circular icons. A very easy to configure admin panel Select from the available list which social icons you want to display. Select where you want the buttons to appear: before content and/or after content. Show/Hide buttons on Archive's page and/or Post and/or Pages Shortcode for developers. If you want an efficient control of where the button appears you can place the shortcode '[simple-social-share]' anywhere you want to display the buttons. Optional tooltip and 360deg r
Ridiculously Responsive Social Sharing Buttons
34 websites Love them or hate them social sharing buttons appear to be with us for a while. It seemed like we were constantly making custom buttons for every single project, so we decided to create a super flexible system that would work in any container. RRSSB is built with SASS, so you can easily customize it by tweaking a few variables. SVGs allow for tiny file size and retina support. Add or remove icons as you see fit - the rest will fill in automagically in the container. Demo here: This plugin is adapted from the RRSSB Github project you can find here. There is now an Admin Menu that allows you to customize the look of your buttons. You can place the buttons under each of your posts or place the buttons anywhere with the shortcode [rrssb]!
Social Share Buttons by Supsystic
212 websites Social share buttons to increase social traffic and popularity. Social sharing to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks Simple social share solution with custom buttons design and placement. Choose any social network (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), button design and share bare location. Save your project and that's it. Simple, eye-catching with great customization and tons of features: Over 15 Social Networks Fully Responsive Add Sharing Buttons in Different Locations Professional Templates of the Social Media Icons & Share Buttons Choose pages to show social share buttons Simple share buttons configuration and design Customizable design and animation effects Shortcode support Example
WPSSO Social Sharing Buttons - Facebook G+ LinkedIn Pinterest Reddit Twitter + Many More
1 websites WPSSO extension to add Social Sharing Buttons with support for hashtags, short URLs, bbPress, BuddyPress, WooCommerce, and much more. Add traditional social sharing buttons from social websites to Posts / Pages, Custom Post Types, bbPress, BuddyPress, WooCommerce product pages, and many more. The sharing buttons can be included in the content, excerpt, widget, CSS floating sidebar, and on admin editing pages. WPSSO Social Sharing Buttons (WPSSO SSB) works in conjunction with the WordPress Social Sharing Optimization (WPSSO) plugin, extending its features with additional settings pages, tabs, and options to provide traditional social sharing buttons. WPSSO SSB sources JavaScript provided by each social website asynchronously and —
Crafty Social Buttons
1026 websites Adds social sharing and link buttons, including Ravelry, Etsy, Craftsy and Pinterest. This plugin adds a set of social buttons to your website, and includes craft-related social sites like Ravelry, Etsy, Craftsy and Pinterest as well as other major social networks, including WhatsApp. Support for sharing to WhatsApp is also provided on mobile devices. You can choose from nine different button styles to match your theme. You can have the share buttons automatically added to the top or bottom of each post, and can position the link buttons using either a widget, a shortcode or a template action hook. You can use the share button and link button functions either separately, or together: Share Button mode allows you to put a set of buttons at the top or bottom of each post. Each button will share that post with that particular service. I.e., clicking the facebook icon will open a window for the user to share your post on their Faceboo
Sharing Buttons
19 websites Implement the sharing buttons of the major social networks, including the Whats App on your website or blog. Github | Twitter | Donate Implement the sharing buttons of the major social networks, including the Whats App on your website or blog. The buttons are inserted automatically or can be called via shortcode or PHP method. If you like the plugin, feel free to rate it (on the right side of this page) or donate via PayPal. I am very pleased to dedicate myse
Epic Bootstrap Buttons
37 websites The Epic Bootstrap Buttons WordPress plugin allows you to add bootstrap buttons to any theme and use the awesome buttons easily. Epic Bootstrap Buttons WordPress Plugin Add Bootstrap Buttons to any theme Custom buttons using ColorPicker Easy to use jQuery button creator Shortcodes created only the fly as you style your buttons Simple copy and paste Bootstrap buttons anywhere The Epic Bootstrap Buttons WordPress plugin allows you to add bootstrap buttons to any theme and use the awesome buttons easily. No more messing around with adding in CSS buttons to your theme or using button generators. The buttons created from this plugin use the Bootstrap core components and add on extra functionality. Custom Colors for your buttons The plugin has color pickers for your buttons - you can control the exact colors of your buttons and have any color you like. You\'re not limited to one or two custom classes. Be as creative (or g
Social Essentials - Social Stats and Sharing Buttons
73 websites Social Essentials provides you with: A simple way to add social sharing buttons to your posts and pages. A simple way to add a call-to action to your buttons, to increase social engagement. Stats that show you how much your content is being shared, in detail. The following social networks are supported for both stats and buttons: Twitter Facebook (like/share button) Google+ StumbleUpon Pinterest We've chosen to include these, because they are the most powerful in terms of driving traffic to your site. It's better to focus on the top networks than to add buttons for hundreds of social sites that no one uses. This plugin now features improved Pinterest buttons! The plugin works around the inherent limitations of the Pinterest sharing button and offers the visitor a choice of which image on your page they want to pin. Alternatively, you can also have full control and manually select the image URL and description text for the Pinterest share. Check out the detailed instruction video on the official plugin page.
DC Simple Share Buttons
100 websites A set of very simple social sharing buttons that loads pretty fast (no javascript, no images). As the name implies, this social sharing plugin is simple and loads pretty fast. The buttons do not rely on external resources to load, it's written in PHP, HTML and CSS. There's an option to show the buttons on posts and pages. You can also put the buttons anywhere in your template using this template tag: <?php dc_social_share_tag(); ?> You can also display using this shortcode in single posts and pages: [dc-social] Please note that these buttons do not show share counts. The essence of the whole thing is to keep it very simplified. The only button that requires a little snippet of JS to work is the Pinterest button but this does not slow down your site in anyway. A demo of the plugin can be seen here:
Digg Digg
10087 websites Your all in one share buttons plugin. Add a floating bar with share buttons to your blog. Just like Mashable! With Digg Digg by Buffer, you have an all in one social sharing plugin for your blog. Display all social sharing buttons nicely on your blog and make it look amazing, just like Mashable. Features Display all popular social sharing buttons with count, such as Twitter, Buffer, Facebook Share, Facebook Like, Digg, LinkedIn, Google +1, Reddit, dZone, TweetMeme, Topsy, Yahoo Buzz, StumbleUpon,, Sphinn, Designbump, WebBlend, BlogEngage, Serpd, Pinterest, Pocket and Tumblr. Facebook Like (Iframe or XFBML), support thumbnail generation, multiple languages, show faces and send button. Great customization options. Choose a floating bar like here: or sharing buttons at the top or bottom of the post. Lazy loading to increase website performance.
Mashshare - Social Media Icons SEO Share Buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Subscribe
1787 websites Social Media Icons & Share Buttons, a highly customizable social sharing and & Media SEO ecosystem Facebook, Twitter and more ... Mashshare - The Social Media Ecosystem (Twitter counts supported) This free Social Media Icons Plugin is a professional and highly customizable ecosystem for social media sharing and optimizing of your valuable content. Stop slow loading times of your website with other sharing buttons and prevent ranking loose. Other social buttons are often using external scripts which are increasing loading time of your entire website. Mashshare is using NO external script dependencies. All code is loaded directly from your website and Mashshare ensures yours and your visitors privacy! See a demonstration video by
Social Media Feather - lightweight social media sharing and follow buttons
1777 websites Super lightweight, simple, nice, modern looking and effective social media sharing and following buttons and icons on your site quick and easy WordPress Social Media Feather is a super lightweight free social media WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly and painlessly add social sharing and following features to all your posts, pages and custom post types. The plugin supports adding of social buttons for sharing or following (that is, social buttons that link to your social network profiles pages). The social media buttons can be easily and automatically be added to all your posts, pages or any other custom post types. Check out this introductory tutorial on how to install and get started with Social Media for WordPress by a helpful user of Social Media Feather!
WPSSO Ridiculously Responsive Social Sharing Buttons - with Support for Admin Edit Pages
21 websites WPSSO extension to add Ridiculously Responsive (SVG) Social Sharing Buttons in your content, excerpts, CSS sidebar, widget, shortcode, etc. Add awesome and Ridiculously Responsive Social Sharing Buttons to posts / pages, custom post types, bbPress, BuddyPress, WooCommerce product pages, and many more. The sharing buttons can be included in your content, excerpts, in a floating CSS sidebar, in a widget, from shortcodes, and on admin editing pages. The Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) used by WPSSO RRSSB resize automatically to their container size, so they always look great from any device (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.), including high resolution retina displays. WPSSO Ridiculously Responsive Social Sharing Buttons (WPSSO RRSSB) works in conjunction with the
Responsive Social Sharing Icons
36 websites A very attractive social sharing plugin to share on popular social networks such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Email A very attractive social sharing plugin named "Responsive Social Sharing Icons" which gives you a functionality to users to share via their accounts on popular social networks such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Email Features Can set multiple social sharing icons on Post / Pages. Can Enable / Disable Social sharing button on Post / Page / Blog. Can set Embedded type that is to Auto Embedded code or to put a shortcode where you wish to show Social Sharing icons. As Social Sharing are fully Responsive , can be used with any screen size. Click Here for Demo: Responsive Social Sharing Icons
Fast & Easy Social Sharing
51 websites A simple and fast social media sharing plugin. The share buttons are loaded as fonts thus load fast and can scale as large as you want them to be. A simple and fast social media sharing plugin. The share buttons are loaded as fonts thus load fast and can scale as large as you want them to be. No JavaScript is loaded from any of the social networks. Only two requests are being made, one for the fonts and another for the stylesheet, that's it. For the time being, the icons are displayed only on posts, not pages or your homepage. Future version will have a feature to enable for pages. Social Media Icons Supported: Facebook Twitter StumbleUpon Pinterest Google Plus LinkedIn Feautres Change text of Share This. Change size of text for Share This. Change size of share buttons. Insert Twitter handle on tweet button. Total share count provided by
Social Share Boost
264 websites Get even more sharing tools at *new: * More Buttons * More Widgets * More customizable Boost Your Social Sharing by automatically adding various social share tools above or below the posts, page and excerpts. This plug-in also provides the functionality to show the social tools using a simple shortcode or a widget. Expected to support more sharing options and more customizable widget in coming versions. Now Also Supports Widget Shortcode Icon width (icon width needs to vary if locale changes) Disabling on selected pages/posts Social Profile Icons Current Buttons Facebook Like Facebook Share Twitter Tweet Google Plus +1 PinInterest Pin Stumble Tumblr LinkedIn Xing ScoopIt Get even more sharing tools at
404 websites GetSocial adds an intelligent, lightweight, quick to setup floating social media sharing box on your blog posts. GetSocial adds a lightweight and intelligent floating social media sharing box on your blog posts. Features: Floating social share box compatible with leading web browsers Out-of-the-box functionality like Twitter Tweet Button Facebook Like and Share button Google +1 Button Buffer Button Pinterest Button LinkedIn Button Stumbleupon Submit button CentUp button Your Own Button Easily add any number of additional social media sharing buttons Re-order buttons with simple drag-and-drop Hide individual share counts if desired Resize GetSocial share bar width (useful for non-English blogs) Always visible and accessible even if the user scrolls down the page Auto-adjusts itself to all screen resolutio
Sharify Social Share Buttons
574 websites Sharify lets you add Social Share Buttons for Twitter, Facebok, Google+ and more to your WordPress website easily! Want support? Follow us on Twitter @sharifyplugin Introducing Sharify, a simple and fast plugin that lets you add beautiful sharing buttons to your WordPress website! LIVE DEMO - LEAVE A REVIEW Features Responsive Sharing Buttons for Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Reddit, Pocket, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Email, VKontake Ability to hide/display sharing buttons Ability to change color of sharing buttons Share counts for Twitter, Facebook Google Plus and LinkedIn! Cached share counts for less server lo
AddToAny Share Buttons
40134 websites Share buttons for WordPress including the AddToAny sharing button, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, WhatsApp, many more, and follow icons too. The AddToAny WordPress sharing plugin helps people share your posts and pages to any service, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit, and over 100 more sharing and social media sites & apps. AddToAny is the universal sharing platform, and AddToAny's plugin is the most popular share plugin for WordPress, making sites social media ready since 2006. Share Buttons & Follow Buttons Counters — fast & official share counts in the same style Floating share buttons — responsive & customizable, vertical & horizontal Vector share & follow buttons (SVG icons) Universal Share Button and Smart Menu Individual share links and custom share icons Choose from over 100 services 3rd p
767 websites Sharebar adds a dynamic and fully customizable vertical box to the left of a blog post that contains links/buttons to popular social networking sites. To get advanced Share options, go here! Sharebar adds a dynamic and fully customizable vertical box to the left of a blog post that contains links/buttons to popular social networking sites. For wide blogs, a vertical bar with popular sharing icons appears on the left of your post. If the page is resized below 1000px (default), the vertical bar disappears and a horizontal sharebar appears under the post title. Big Buttons are used in the vertical Sharebar to the left of the post, while the Small Buttons are used in the horizontal Sharebar that appears under the post title (by default) if the width of the page is less than 1000px (or whatever value you set). Social sharing buttons Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email Stumbleupon Reddit The Social Sharing Platform that Captures 100% of your sites Social Activity!
182 websites encourages social sharing, tracks dark social sharing of your content, provides comprehensive analytics and actionable reporting. is the leading sharing platform that has the capability to track 100% of the social activity of your site, including the elusive actions of dark social. Dark Social is the action of users copying text from your site and sharing with friends directly through IM, Text, Email and social networks. Want to know how much engagement you're getting from copy/paste actions? You should! It's the #1 way users are sharing content online and it's not even close. Be in the know. The plugin includes access to all major social channels including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Email, Reddit and more. offers an array of button styles and formations as well—choose from small, medium or large buttons, placed vertically or horizontally, with or without share counters, the options are nearly limitless. is also formatted for mobile, which can include mobile specific sharing
Hupso Share Buttons for Twitter, Facebook & Google+
4709 websites Help share your posts on popular social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Reddit, Bebo and others. Add simple social share buttons to your articles. Your visitors will be able to easily share your content on the most popular social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Linkedin, Tumblr, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, Bebo, Delicous, VKontakte and Email. These services are used by millions of people every day, so sharing your content there will increase traffic to your website. Main features / advantages Slick, minimalistic design. Very small and fast. The code for sharing button is very small (only a few KB), so share buttons will not slow down your website - even on devices with slow network connections. All major social networks are supported: Twitter, Facebook (Facebook Share / Facebook Like / Facebook Send), Google Plus, Linkedin, Tumblr, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, Bebo, Delicious, VKontakte,
Kento Social Share
13 websites Fancy Social share tool. allow your visitors share your webpage using fancy social sharing tools. Live demo: Plugin Features Top 11 social sharing site. Install and go.