129 websites Widget Plugin allows you to embed posts into your sidebar category, tags. Also you can show latest posts,old posts and posts by any order you want in
Weaver Show Posts
225 websites Weaver Show Posts - Show posts or custom posts within your Theme's pages or posts using a shortcode and a form-based interface. This plugin provides a very flexible way to show posts anywhere on a site using a shortcode. It works with any theme. Weaver Show Posts is by far the most flexible with an easy to use interface to select which posts to show. Note: this plugin was formerly named ATW Show Posts. There is no difference in functionality between the versions. Easy to select which posts to show There are several WordPress plugins that allow you to display selected posts via shortcode on your pages, other posts, or in widgets. This plugin provides a powerful interactive admin page that allows you to specify exactly which posts you want displayed. The specifications are called a "filter", and you can define as many filters as you need to display different posts via the shortcode. Includes support for custom post types and taxonomies. Style of Displayed Posts
CCR Featured Posts
19 websites Featured Posts Widget shows by selected categories CCR Featured Posts Plugin developed by CodexCoder. Don't need an extra configurations. Drag and drop CCR Featured Posts widget into your sidebar. Choose a category to show Featured Posts into your sidebar.
Network Posts Extended
10 websites List posts and/or pages from across entire network. The plugin is designed to share posts, pages, and custom post types from across entire network on any given page on main blog. You may list them in single or double column mode. Add custom css styling to your text, images, whole container and title. You can specify categories and tags. All posts will be shown in the latest date order no matter from what blog they were taken. You can specify how old (in days) the collected posts may be. Also you can specify how many posts should be displayed from each blog. You can set thumbnails image size and style or disable them. You can adjust CSS styles with this plugins built in CSS editor located in the sidebar under Tools>Network Shared Posts Extended Tool. You may also include or exclude pages or posts by page_id. For example if a post has a page_id=2 and you would like to exclude it you would just add exclude_post=2.
Column Posts
212 websites Display categories or posts in columns. Column Posts is a WordPress plugin that allows you to display your posts in columns. The columns can be classified by categories or posts. These are the features: The columns can be grouped by categories or posts. The column boxes can be displayed between 1 to 3 columns. The category title can be redefined. The categories can be selected manually or displayed all. The categories can be ordered by id, name and listed in the include category. The number of posts can be specified. The posts can be shown with excerpts, thumbnails or only post title. Sticky posts can be hidden. Only posts with thumbnails by category can be shown. The posts can be ordered by title or date. The size of the thumbnails is configurable. The appearance of the elements shown in the plugin can
TSP Featured Posts
42 websites Featured Posts allows you to add featured posts to your blog's website via widgets, pages and/or posts. The Software People's (TSP) Featured Posts plugin allows you to add featured posts to your blog's website via widget or on pages and posts using shortcodes. Featured Posts has five (5) layouts and can include thumbnails, post gallery and quotes. Shortcodes Add a Featured Posts to posts and pages by using a shortcode inside your text or evaluated from within your theme. You may override page/post Featured Posts options with shortcode attributes defined on the plugin's settings page. [tsp-featured-posts] - Will display posts with the default options defined in the plugin's settings page. [tsp-featured-posts title="Title of Posts" keep_formatting="N" style="color: red;" max_words=10 show_quotes="N" show_thumb="Y" show_event_data="N" show_author="Y" show_date"N" show_private="N" show_text_posts="N" numbe
Fosforito's Popular Posts
42 websites With this plugin you will be able to display your most popular posts based on comments or views in a widget. Fosforito's Popular Posts by Fosforito Media plugin allows you to display your most popular posts in a widget. This plugin doesn’t require any additional settings, though there are some available options that can be adjusted. All you need to do is activate the plugin and add Fosforito's Popular Posts to a sidebar. Note: This Plugin is not perfect! If you find any issues or if you think that something could be made better, don't hesitate to let us know about it! Submit a Feature or Support Request on our Forums Features Choose the number of posts to display in the widget. Adjust Excerpt Length. Show or hide Excerpts. Choose default Image for the post to be displayed in the widget, if no featured image is available. Sort posts in the widget by numbe
Featured Posts by BestWebSoft
20 websites Displays featured posts randomly on any website page. Note: This is a public beta version, which contains basic product options. You are welcome to suggest new features and usability improvements. I would like to submit a new feature. Featured Posts by BestWebSoft plugin allows you to add and manage featured posts on your website. With this timesaver plugin, marking posts as featured posts, as well as displaying them on your blog pages will be a lot easier. Featured Posts by BestWebSoft Video instruction on Installation Featured Posts by
Latest Posts
156 websites Latest posts widget to display recent posts from category. Latest Posts Pro is a very powerful widget plugin for WordPress which displays your most recent or latest posts, category based with thumbnails, date & unlimited color on different style. This is perfect for simple blogs & online magazines. Widgets come with highly-customizable control panels. Easy to use and support multi-widget even in the same sidebar. Live Demo Upgrade to Latest Posts Pro Features: 100% Responsive & Mobile Ready Super Easy Installation Minimalist & Lightweight Easily Customizable All Major Browsers Supported Coded with Pure HTML & CSS Need more options/feature
Author Recommended Posts
135 websites Pick specific posts to promote and recommend to your audience. Simple Author Recommended Posts Plugin Author Recommended Posts lets you easily search and choose specific posts, pages and custom post types you want to associate to a post or page. You can add, reorder, remove selected posts for display via the simple drag and drop interface. Features Simple clean styles for basic layout/structure Show/hide output title & featured images Display your recommended posts vertically or side-by-side Filter which content is searchable and which post types to automatically output on Requirements: WordPress 3.3+, PHP5 and higher This plugin is free to use and is not actively supported by the author, but will be monitored for serious bugs that may need correcting.
5 websites EG-Series helps you to organize your posts in a new way, allowing the creation of groups (series) of posts. Can be useful to promote some posts. WordPress gives us a lot of ways of classification: categories, tags, date ... All of these methods are efficient, and cover most of our needs. But they are applied to all posts, and don't allow differenciating or highlighting some specific posts. Sometime, it may be helpful to group items into folders or into series, in order to promote these posts, or simply because they belong to a logical sequence, such as tutorials with several stages. The EG-Series plugin gives a set of easy and ergonomic functions to manage series of posts. This plugin allows to include posts into series, to create, delete or rename series. It also includes widgets and shortcodes to display list of series, or the list of posts belonging to the series of the current post. EG-Series use only standard tools of WordPress, and doesn
wp show category posts
7 websites wp show category posts show's posts from any category wp show category shows any category posts in widget , page or post, have shortcode [wpscp]
Ajax Post Carousel
54 websites Widget that displays posts as a carousel, using jQuery. It preloads a few posts and Ajax is used to load more posts as the carousel advances. With Ajax Post Carousel you can display posts as a carousel using jQuery for animations. The widget only preloads a few posts and Ajax is used to load more posts as the carousel advances (this is very useful when you have hundreds of posts). The featured thumbnail of each post is used for the carousel, so at least WordPress 2.9 is required. The widget can be totally customized using CSS. Only the basic styles are defined so the carousel works properly. Features Posts can be selected from a category, a custom taxonomy or a post type. Configurable number of posts shown in the carousel and number of preloaded posts (visible posts + posts loaded in the background) Posts can be loaded in random order or using the default order (From most recent to oldest) Carousel can be an endless loop Title and excerpt can
Recent Posts Slider
611 websites Recent posts slider displays your blog's recent posts using slider. Plugin Demo: RPS Lite Demo Recent Posts slider displays your blog's recent posts either with excerpt or thumbnail image of first image of the post using slider. You can customize the slider in many ways (width, height, post per slide, no of posts to display & more). Plugin Demo: RPS Pro Demo Upgrade to RPS Pro to get the features listed below Responsive More Customization options for pagination position & arrow Four different templates to showcase your recent posts with slider Easy color pickers to change background & text color Multiple slider on a same page of with
Posts for Page
395 websites Include posts in a Page, by category, a selection of tags or by author with auto summary (read more) option. Supports pagination. Include posts in a Page, by category, a selection of tags or by author with an auto summary (read more) option. Supports pagination when number of posts per page is specified. For example if you want a Page (in the main header navigation) to show a list of all posts in a category or set of tags and summarise the posts then this plugin will do it. Add a simple shortcode to the page (in HTML view) and the page is generated from the matching posts.
Popular Posts by Webline
78 websites Popular Posts will display the posts according to the filters applied from widget settings. Popular Posts will list all the posts as per the filters applied from the admin side. Key Features It display posts by applying the filters available like Sort By Comments or Sort By Post Views Count. It also has filter for date which shows posts as per the Time Span(In Days) selected. Posts can also be displayed as per the Category selection. Control for showing Comments. Control for showing Post Views Count. Control for showing Post Date. Control for showing Featured Image with required Width and Height. Control for showing Excerpt with required Excerpt Length.
TheThe Posts and Comments Widgets
19 websites A wordpress plugin that creates widgets to allows you output all types of posts and comments anywere you like in a style you prefer. The TheThe Posts and Comments Widgets WordPress plugin by TheTheFly allows users to output any loop of any type and format of posts and comments in any sidebar (widget area) of their WP site. No PHP knowledge is required! Once the plugin installed, it makes two new widgets available: "TheThe Posts" and "TheThe Comments" that allow you to totaly control the output of your posts and comments: select post types, categories, tags, custom taxonomies, authors, dates, custom fields, and much much more! It also supports post thumbnails and commenter’s avatars, sticky posts, upcoming posts, custom output style, and many other useful options. "TheThe Posts and Comments Widgets" is really a m
Popular Posts by BestWebSoft
91 websites This plugin will help you display the most popular blog posts in the widget. Note: This is a public beta version, which contains basic product options. You are welcome to suggest new features and usability improvements. Submit a new feature Popular Posts by BestWebSoft plugin allows you to display the most popular posts in the widget. This plugin doesn’t require any additional settings, though there are some available options that can be adjusted. All you need to do is activate the plugin and add Popular Posts Widget to the sidebar. Popular Posts by BestWebSoft Video instruction on Installation
8 websites A simple 'related posts' plugin that lets you select related posts manually. A simple 'related posts' plugin that lets you select related posts manually. Supports any post types in WordPress, including custom ones. Features: Add related posts to your blog posts, pages etc. Choose from posts, pages or custom post types. Re-order related posts via drag and drop. Lightweight in code and database-requests. Includes Widget that shows the related posts. List of posts can also be added to the content of your post. Custom markup possible, build your own caroussel or anything you fancy. Support for multilanguage plugins, like WPML and Qtranslate-X. Duplicate plugin Related (Doubled Up) is included to build a second list. The plugin was written to have the option to add related posts to each blog post using a simple but functional plugin. You can select the relat
BCD Upcoming Posts
7 websites Displays a list of upcoming posts in a widget. Creates a widget that can be used to display upcoming posts. Features Control number of posts to be displayed Display posts in ascending, descending or random order Display post titles as a link or plain text Display drafts along with scheduled posts Display drafts instead of scheduled posts Provides a shortcode for displaying Shortcode(s): [bcdupcoming] : Displays a list of all upcoming posts. Has the same options available to it as the widget. For detailed usage instructions please visit [](
Authors Posts Widget
33 websites Authors posts widget with blogger style. Author: Fahad Mahmood Project URI: License: GPL 3. See License below for copyright jots and tittles. Detailed description. Important! Visit my blog and suggest good features which you wana see in this plugin.
GSY Ajax Recent Posts
2 websites Provides a widget for your site’s most recent posts with ajax. This plugin adds a widget which is like the built-in 'Recent Posts'. The main and only difference is that the built-in one doesn't update posts dynamicly. The widget this plugin provides, works as simple as to check if there are newly published posts in certain interval of time, and add them dynamicly.
SB Popular Posts Tabbed Widget
57 websites A lightweight, responsive, uncluttered widget to display popular posts, recent posts, and categories with tabs. Shows a tabbed widget for most popular, most commented and latest blog posts.
Google+ Interactive Posts
19 websites Enable Google+ interactive posts on your website in a few simple steps. Interactive posts are one of the greatest features within Google+, but rarely utilised due to implementation complexity. The aim of this plugin is to help webmasters take the first steps towards implementation of interactive posts. For more information, examples, installation instructions and configuration visit:
AJAX Random Posts
45 websites Displays a list of random posts using AJAX. Works with cache plugins, and highly customizable. This plugins display a highly customizable list of random posts. There are some plugins that serve a similar purpose already, with one drawback: If they're used along with cache plugins (like WP-Super Cache), the list is cached also, and remains the same over thousands of views, thus not so "random." AJAX Random Posts, as its name says, uses AJAX to retrieve the posts and overcome the problem: now each page refresh comes with a different list!
Flexible Posts Widget
2 websites An advanced posts display widget with many options. Display posts in your sidebars any way you'd like! The default Recent Posts widget is exceptionally basic. I always find myself in need of a way to easily display a selection of posts from any combination post type or taxonomy. Hence, Flexible Posts Widget. Flexible Posts Widget (FPW) is more than just a simple alternative to the default Recent Posts widget. With many per-instance options it is highly customizable and allows advanced users to display the resulting posts virtually any way imaginable. Features & options Customizable widget title Get posts by post type(s) and/or taxonomy & term(s) or directly by a list of post IDs. Control the number of posts displayed and the number of posts to offset. Option to display the post feature image. Select the post feature image size to display from existing image sizes: thumbnail, medium, large, post-thumbnail or an
Related Posts Lite
32 websites An elegant and powerful related posts solution. By adding Related Posts to your content header and footer you can enhance the user experience a lot. Well designed related posts section will keep your visitors on your site for a long time. Stop worrying about related content. Related Posts Lite will provide you a powerful and beautiful related posts solution, which works with custom post types as well. Related Posts Lite uses a complex keyword based engine to look for related content. The powerful backend will help you to customize the layout and behaviour of the plugin quick and easy. Why related Posts Lite? Very easy setup, instantly works Smart thumbnail images with TimThumb image library Consumes less CPU power Database queries are highly optimized Caching lets you save even more resources Solid javascript and CSS Support
WordPress Related Posts
5935 websites WordPress Related Posts - the plugin for related posts with thumbnails. Caching included. Quickly increase your readers' engagement with your posts by adding Related Posts in the footer of your content. Automatically added Related Posts can increase your internal traffic up to 10%. Just install and activate. To attract attention and improve SEO, link out to Related Posts across the web from your compose screen. Search for posts and hand-pick them with ease. Recommendations are provided by Zemanta's world-class semantic service. Plugin supports different styles, thumbnails, is fully customizable and includes caching for improved performance. After installation, go to Settings -> Related Posts in your plugins list and Turn on Advanced Features! Click here to read more about this plugin. Share the Link Love
Really Simple Related Posts
3 websites A plugin that makes showing related posts really simple! Rather than have to drop short codes on every post, we let you determine how you want to han A plugin that makes showing related posts really simple! Rather than have to drop short codes on every post, we let you determine how you want to handle your related posts by category. You pick a category (e.g. my favourite posts), pick a related post type (e.g. By Tag) and any posts in that category will show related posts that share a tag. Simple! You have 3 related post types: By Category - Shows all posts from the same category. By Tag - Shows all posts that share a tag. By Category And Tag - Shows all posts from the same category and any posts that share a tag. You can also set individual posts to not show related posts so you have complete control on how the plugin is implemented.
F2 Tumblr Widget
55 websites This widget displays recent posts from a tumblr blog. The F2 Tumblr Widget displays recent posts from the provided tumblr blog. It allows the user to select how many posts to display, to restrict which posts are shown by type and tag, and to render the posts as either a list or a slideshow. Posts can be displayed in full, as title only, or with an excerpt. Photo, video and audio posts will have the media displayed when the display type is not 'title only'. The audio player in posts can now be automatically resized to match the selected media width - this is enabled by default, but can be deselected in the widget setup.
Category Posts Widget
8322 websites Adds a widget that shows the most recent posts from a single category. Category Posts Widget is a light widget designed to do one thing and do it well: display the most recent posts from a certain category. We are working on a pro version that is available in a few days. If you want, you can send us your e-mail address to: [email protected] Once our new website is accessible, we will inform you about the new features. There will be a multi-category option that supports custom post types and new WP tags. We want to design different styles that are easy to be selected, like vertical scrolling ticker. Then we plan a bundle offer with our other expanded Posts widgets, so you can upgrade your site quickly by widget bundle. The free version will still exist, maintained and supported with most of the new features. Features Option to change ordering of posts.
Wp-Thumbie - Related Posts with thumbnails for WordPress
245 websites Show user defined number of related / similar posts with thumbnail image Display a list of related posts along with thumbnail images of those posts for the current post. You can select the number of posts to be display on articles or on feed. You can choose to exclude posts from certain categories as well as exclude pages. Features Display Related Posts with thumbnail image automatically in content / feed, no need to edit template files Doesn't use any custom field to generate thumbnail images You can manually add code to your template where you want the Wp-thumbie to be displayed Exclude posts from categories Exclude display of thumbnail related posts on Pages Exclude pages in thumbnail related Posts list Related posts based on content and post title Set thumbnail image size (width & height) Turn on/off post excerpt (automattically ex
WP Load More Posts
17 websites WP Load More Posts is a simple and light-weight plugin for easily adding a Load More Posts button to your WordPress blog posts. WP Load More Posts is a simple and light-weight plugin for easily adding a Load More Posts button to your WordPress blog posts. It provides quick and easy options for integrating the Load More Posts button seamlessly into your site's existing design.
Recent Facebook Posts
724 websites Lists most recent Facebook posts from public Facebook pages. A faster, prettier and more customizable alternative to Facebooks Like Box. This plugin adds a widget, a shortcode [recent_facebook_posts] and a template function recent_facebook_posts() to your WordPress website which you can use to list your most recent Facebook posts. This plugin works with public pages and to a certain extent with personal profiles. Facebook Posts Widget Render a number of most recent Facebook page updates in any of your widget areas using the Recent Facebook Posts widget. Facebook Posts Shortcode Display a list of your most recent Facebook posts in your posts or pages using the [recent_facebook_posts] shortcode. Optionally, specify some arguments to customize the output. Features SEO friendly. Your Facebook posts are rendered as plain HTML which means they are indexable by search engines, no frames or JavaScript is used.
Easy Related Posts
380 websites Displays related posts in the end of each post or/and in sidebar through a widget Easy Related Posts is a WordPress plugin that displays posts related to the one a user is currently reading. Easy Related Posts can display related posts in main content area or in sidebars through a widget. Equipped with 3 eye catching fully responsive themes, supports basic modifications on them from admin panel. It also has a theme system that let you modify or write your own themes to match you personal needs. Through an intuitive algorithm it creates “relations” between posts and rates them based on posts categories and/or tags in a way so these ratings are as much as accurate they can be. Last but not least in any way, Easy Related Posts uses the best coding standards and practices with mind in security. If you like this plugin please support the developers. You can do so using the links inside plugin settings page or by purchasing the PRO version.
Featured Posts Widget
54 websites A WordPress plugin to create a Featured Posts widget A WordPress plugin to create a Featured Posts widget Features: * Customisable title * Select categories to choose posts from * Customisable thumbnails (none, above, below, left, right) * Customisable thumbnail sizes