JQuery Html5 File Upload
24 websites This plugin adds a file upload functionality to the front-end screen. It allows multiple file upload asynchronously along with upload status bar. October 3rd 2014 - "Sorry for the delay in responding to your support queries. Going forward, the plugin will be actively maintained" "Activate Plugin And Place [jquery_file_upload] In Your Post", so simple... right? :) Note: Now You Can View the Uploaded Files At Your Admin Console This plugin adds a file upload functionality to the front-end screen. It allows multiple file upload asynchronously along with upload status bar. It also lists the uploaded files as a gallery and allows us to delete the uploaded files. This is well suited for users who want to submit files to the admin, but can be altered in any required form. It make use of the HTML5 capability of the browser and fallback gracefully for browsers not supporting HTML5. The main advantage of this plugin is that it does not use flash and that it doesn't need any third party plugin. The uploaded
Sticky Popup
472 websites Sticky Popup is a simple and easy wordpress plugin used to add popup on fixed position like bottom, left or right side with CSS3 effects. Sticky Popup is a simple, easy and fully-customizable wordpress plugin used to add popup on fixed position like footer left, footer right, left side or right side with CSS3 effects. You can display any content like contact form, feedback form, advertising, content, social buttons. Add your content with shortocdes in visual text editor in same way as you edit your wordpress post/page. Engage your users with this sticky popup plugin.
188 websites Add preloader to your website easily, responsive and retina, full customize, compatible with all major browsers. Preloader Add preloader to your website easily, responsive and retina, full customize, compatible with all major browsers. The Features Fully Responsive. Retina Ready. Full Customize. 9 Options to display preloader in full website or in posts only or in pages only, etc. jQuery & CSS3. Compatible with Google Chrome, FireFox, Opera, Safari, IE9, IE10, IE11 and with mobile devices like iPad, iPhone, Android, etc. Easy to use. Live Demo Rate The Plugin Please rate Preloader plugin
Perfect Pullquotes
264 websites Add beautifully styled left-aligned, right-aligned, or full-width pullquotes to your WordPress posts. Add beautifully styled left-aligned, right-aligned, or full-width pullquotes. Includes a custom 'Pullquote' menu button for the TinyMCE Editor as well as a custom shortcode. View the always-current info post on The plugin enables a WordPress shortcode that allows you to add a pullquote within your content. The shortcode can be added manually or by selecting text in the text editor and then selecting an option (left, right, or full) from the Pullquote dropdown button. The default shortcode tag is shown here [pullquote align="left" class="" cite="" link="" color=""]This is the pullquote text.[/pullquote] Options The shortcode includes six options, (align, color, and class) as outli
Loading Page with Loading Screen
147 websites Loading Page with Loading Screen plugin performs a pre-loading of images on your website and displays a loading progress screen with percentage of com Loading Page with Loading Screen features: → Displays a screen showing loading percentage of a given page → Displays the page's content with an animation after complete the loading process → Increase the WordPress performance → Allows to select the colors of the loading progress screen, → As background colors and images → Allows to display or remove the text showing the loading percentage → Pre-loads the page images Loading Page with Loading Screen plugin performs a pre-loading of image on your website and displays a loading progress screen with percentage of completion. Once everything is loaded, the screen disappears. More about the Main Features: Displays a screen showing loading percentage of a given page. In heavy pages the "Loading Page with Loading Screen" plugin allows to know when the page
Guitar Chords and Tabs
3 websites Adds guitar chords and tabs into posts / pages from the editor. Guitar Chords and Tabs displays guitar chords and tabs on your WordPress blog, based on simple text notation entered into a WordPress shortcode. French page of this plugin : This plugin is based on the open-source jTab JavaScript library by Paul Gallagher ( This plugin is based on "jTab Guitar Tab Shortcode" from MatthewMarichiba. Meanwhile you can visit his page at New Editor Options Use the new [ guitar ] listbox in the post/page editor ! 4 Choices :
Breaking News Ticker
128 websites A free, flat, stylish, modern, easy to use and flexible wordpress jQuery news ticker. Breaking News Ticker is a free, flat, stylish, modern, easy to use and flexible wordpress jQuery news ticker. If you have a magazine or blogging site then then it's a highly recommend plugin for your website/blog. Features of this plugin: Widget Ready. PHP Code and Shortcodes support. Advanced Plugin Options Panel. Custom Shortcode Generator. Use Multiple Widget. Responsive and mobile friendly. Advanced Thumbnail Editing. Contrals Navigation. Support all browsers: Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari etc. How to Use: PHP code: <?php do_action('show_bnt'); ?> Shortcode: [breaking_news_ticker] In the widgets panel,Breaking News widget drag and drop onto the sidebar.
WP Mibew
9 websites WP Mibew generates the javascript chat snippet for the open source chat software WP Mibew is a WordPress plugin that generates the Mibew chat JavaScript code on your site. The will NOT install the Mibew chat software for you. WP Mibew and Mibew are different software. After you have installed the Mibew chat e.g. /chat/ paste [wp-mibew] short code in the post/page and it will be replaced. Additionally, you can include HTML comments around [wp-mibew] they will be replaced too. If you want a quicker way to install Mibew chat check our Mibew Chat Installer ($) plugin Benefits / Features Mibew is a great open source chat software Get in touch with your customer You can specify the locale (language) you want the chat to be in
WordPress Checkout
5 websites Turn your post into products or add multiple products into your posts. Easy to use and customize e-commerce solution. Allows including products labels anywhere on your posts or pages, and use your content as description or details. Plugin Page | How To Use | Live Demo | Support Special Featur
WP Responsive header image slider
157 websites A quick, easy way to add an Responsive header image slider OR Responsive image slider inside wordpress page OR Template. Also mobile tuch image slider This plugin add a Responsive header image slider in your website. Also you can add Responsive image slider page and mobile tuch slider in to your wordpress website. View DEMO for additional information. Check PRO DEMO and Features to know more. The plugin adds a "Responsive header image slider" tab to your admin menu, which allows you to enter Image Title, Content, Link and image items just as you would regular posts. Also added 3 designs "Responsive image slider-> Slider Designs". Select the design that you like and use shortcode. Also given complete shortcode. To use this plugin just copy and past this code in to your header.php file or templ
FlexIDX Home Search
16 websites flexIDX/flexMLS customers only:Provides flexible Home Search widget for your sidebars as well as ability to generate custom search links and iframes t flexIDX Home Search plugin provides an easy solution to embed home search form into your sidebars, and page/post content. Generate custom search links and iframes withing WYSIWYG editor and embed them into your community related pages with a click of a mouse. IMPORTANT!!! You have to be a member of the FlexMLS as well as have their paid IDX service. See official flexMLS website. Implementation Examples Sidebar Home Search widget on Video Preview.
Trackable Social Share Icons
28 websites The Trackable Social Share Icons plugin enables blog readers to easily share posts via social media networks, including Facebook and Twitter. All shar Increase the reach of your blog with social network sharing, and track the number of share clicks in Google Analytics. Trackable Social Share Icons plugin is a simple, intuitive, and customizable plugin that places social media icons, such as Twitter and Facebook, at the bottom of WordPress posts and pages. Users can click on the icon to share the blog post over social networks without ever leaving the page. All clicks on the social icons are automatically tracked in your Google Analytics, under Event Tracking. Tracking data is not shared with us or any 3rd party – only someone with access to your Google Analytics will see it in any form. Key Features Integrates with Google Analytics Choose where and how icons display 12 sets to choose from, or upload your own Trackable Facebook "Like" button Add custom butt
Image Captcha
257 websites An easy to use wordpress Captcha plugin to prevent spam on your site. You can use Image Captcha to protect comments and the admin panel. Image Captcha plugin is a powerful captcha protection for WordPress login and comment forms. Image Captcha - it's free and easy to use tool that will protect you from spam in the comments and prevent hacking the admin panel. In order to post comments or login, users will have to enter the name of the object in the picture. This prevents spam from automated bots. You can also set a ban by ip-address after three wrong inputs. Features Captcha on login form Captcha on Comment form Ban by ip-address after three wrong inputs Translation Russian (ru_RU) Technical support If you notice any bugs in the plugins, you can notify us about it and we'll investigate and fix the issue then. Your request should contain URL of the website, issues description and WordPress admin panel credentials.
AffiGet Mini for Amazon
6 websites Browse Amazon. "Like" products. Make money. (Or just create reviews for your blog with a single click.) AffiGet Mini is an advanced plugin to remotely add Amazon products to your blog with a single click. AffiGet provides a semi-automatic way to build profitable review sites and to monetize your blog! Here's how this works: While browsing Amazon, you find a product that might be of interest to your readers. You click a button, and AffiGet automatically adds a detailed product review to your self-hosted WordPress site. Your visitors go to Amazon via a link on your site, and you get 4-10% commissions from all their qualifying purchases. AffiGet utilizes the official Amazon Product Advertising API; therefore, all product details are always correct and up-to-date. To make money for featuring/promoting some Amazon products on your site, y
Responsive Gallery
81 websites Responsive Gallery Allow You Add Unlimited Images To Photo Gallery Integrated With Light Box Preview Using Fade Animation Effect Responsive Gallery is based on bootstrap framework. You can Add unlimited images on your blog site. Responsive Gallery is provide Stroke animation, light box image preview and two gallery layout with various fonts. It's also provide isotope effect to adjust your image size according to screen resolution. Using [WRGF id=xx] shortcode, you can publish image or photo gallery into any Page or Post in your WordPress sites. You can use multiple gallery shortcode on multiple pages and posts to display various images galleries. Features Responsive Gallery. Multiple Gallery Option (new) Multiple Gallery Shortcode (new) Simple & Very Easy Admin Gallery Dashboard. Stroke Animation Effect. Two Design Layout. Three Types of Hover Color Scheme. Show image label on hover
BePro Listings Gallery Slider
9 websites Replace your stock wordpress gallery with our Slider. Also show your gallery on any page or post with our shortcode. Requires BePro Listings. This is a Free addon for BePro Listings. It is used to replace the stock wordpress gallery for pages generated by BePro Listings. It uses the bxSlider jQuery plugin so you can expect a responsive (mobile friendly) experience. BePro Listings Galleries | Support Forum | Documentation & Add Ons WHAT YOU GET This addon has a premium version with many more features. However, in this version we provide the following features 1. Admin area for managing options 2. Slider option in admin 3. 3 new listing templates (bpg1, bpg2, and bpg3) Collectively, this
Easy Team Manager
124 websites Easy Team Manager helps you to create team members with their short descriptions, social profiles with smooth hover effects. Easy Team Manager helps you to create team members with their short descriptions, social profiles link with smooth hover effects. You can add and manage their image, social profile's links, short description along with their name and position in your company. Embed in any post/page using short-code [easy-team-manager team_name="Team Name"] Features Easy to use Fully responsive Simple and light weight Smooth CSS hover effects 16 Different Social Icons Clean and Nice user interface Create more than one team with different members and different settings Can be add title, social links and descriptions and has option to show or hide social links. Demo Click here to see Easy Team Manager in l
Fluid Video Embeds
14 websites Make your "auto embedded" YouTube and Vimeo videos full width (100%) while maintaining their original aspect ratio This plugin modifies the built-in Vimeo and YouTube oEmbed auto-embeds so they are full-width, and flexible while maintaining their original aspect ratio. As of version 1.2.2 it contains English, Portuguese (BR), and Spanish translations. See a live demo here: Fluid Video Embeds Demo Requirements: PHP5+, WordPress 3.3+ Usage: Install the plugin, activate it, then your YouTube and Vimeo embeds should start to ignore the setting in Settings > Media > Maximum embed size You don't need to use embed code or a shortcode, you can simply paste the YouTube or Vimeo URL into your post and it should work. You can also use the [fve] shortcode: [fve][/fve]
Syndicate Press
81 websites Syndicate Press lets you include RSS, RDF or Atom feeds directly in your WordPress posts, pages, widgets or theme. Syndicate Press lets you include RSS, RDF or Atom feeds directly in your WordPress Posts, Pages, Widgets or anywhere in your theme. Syndicate Press features an easy to use admin page and includes great features such as feed caching, filters and numerous display options. Unlike a number of other news syndication plugins for WordPress, Syndicate Press does not force arbitrary formatting or CSS styling on the feed contents. This allows the feed items to be displayed in your site like they are a fully integrated part of your content. Syndicate Press is actively maintained and regularly updated with new features and enhancements. The Syndicate Press development team at has focused on ease of use, performance, stability and functionality to bring you a great plugin that will help kee
WordPress Simple Paypal Shopping Cart
1270 websites Very easy to use Simple WordPress Paypal Shopping Cart Plugin. Great for selling products online in one click from your WordPress site. WordPress Simple Paypal Shopping Cart allows you to add an 'Add to Cart' button for your product on any posts or pages. This simple shopping cart plugin lets you sell products and services directly from your own wordpress site and turns your WP blog into an ecommerce site. It also allows you to add/display the shopping cart on any post or page or sidebar easily. The shopping cart shows the user what they currently have in the cart and allows them to change quantity or remove the items. You will be able to create products by using shortcodes dynamically. The shopping cart output will be responsive if you are using it with a responsive theme. It can be easily integrated with the NextGen Photo Gallery plugin
Starbox - the Author Box for Humans
45 websites Starbox is the Author Box for Humans. Professional Themes to choose from, HTML5, Social Media Profiles, Google Authorship How Do I Get Support For This Plugin? If you want more Social Icons and Premium Support, that also comes with High Priority, go to: We added new features in the PRO version like: keep the user custom image in all the site Starbox is the Author Box for Humans While search engines and other software that read your site care about files like robots.txt, you need Human readers to actually engage with your content and fall in love with it. Humans look at beauty more than anything else (as you most probably already know, men and women alike). That's why you'll get an Author Box that's gorgeous to look at and it makes your readers click all the way through to
12 websites PlusCaptcha - The Easiest Captcha to Setup and Execute, with Auto-Setup Feature! Trusted by thousands of blog, e-commerce, and government sites! The first dynamic captcha provider. Art to your visitors, but a simple tool for you! An evolutionary landmark in the protection from bots and people without good intentions. Simple to install, simple to use. Security takes a turn for the best! Features Mega Update!: * New Easy-to-Read Dashboard! * Meet and Discover other Bloggers (and promote your blog!) * Cleanest Interface * Cleanest Captcha Simple to setup. NO MORE math problems, strange word combinations, colors, etc! Automatic PlusCaptcha account generation (NEW!). Size, color, difficulty personalization. No instructions needed to setup and operate (NEW!). Low bounce percentage. Weekly upgrades. Popular Browsers Support
Enhanced Admin Bar with Codex Search
231 websites This plugin adds convenient search fields to provide easy access to the codex, wpbeginner, WordPress support forums and common wp-admin areas via the This simple plugin enhances the default WordPress admin bar by adding a new menus that includes search fields for searching the Codex,, WordPress support forums, plugins repository, themes repository etc. Links and search fields to common areas in wp-admin (posts, pages, users, custom post types, plugins, media, settings) are included in the drop down menu when you are not in the WordPress admin area. If that's not enough link goodness for you, the plugin now has the option for a custom WordPress menu in the WordPress Admin Bar. (Props to @wpsnipp - If you go to wp-admin/nav-menus.php you'll see a theme location, "Admin Bar Custom Navigation Menu" where you can attach a custom menu. Other plugin features: if you
123 websites Counts the number of users, categories, posts, comments, pages, links, tags, link-categories, words in posts, words in comments and words in pages. fully settings page configurable with GUI or manually easy to integrate (ships with multi/sidebar- and dashboard-widget functionality) possible to integrate in "Right Now" box or to display as widget on the dashboard high performing with caching technology and customizable memory usage optional Ajax refresh with jQuery fully compatible with https/SSL/TLS-sites stats-update by e-mail API for developers fully multisite network compatible clean uninstall Please find the version for WordPress 3.8 and higher here 3.3 to
Grid Gallery with Custom Links
151 websites Displays gallery in a grid. You can add custom links to all images and captions. Grid Gallery with Custom Links displays gallery images in a grid. Live Previews With the Grid Gallery, you can easily add elegant navigation option to any theme. Easy to customize. Compatible with all browsers and mobile devices. Easy to add to any page or post - just insert a shortcode. You can add custom links and captions to each of the images. Requires Media Library Custom Fields plugin to be installed. If you have a WordPress gallery of images and need to link them to
Constant Contact WordPress Widget
278 websites Easily add Constant Contact signup forms to your website (sidebar or content) and configure how they look. The Constant Contact Widget adds Constant Contact signup forms to your sidebar without touching code. Includes options for Title, Button Text, Tag Wrapper, Form ID Code, Intro Paragraph, and much more. Shortcode newsletter form support Embed a form in your website using shortcakes: [constantcontact id="3"] will embed form #3 in your page or post content. It's that simple! Widget options: The widget has tons of configuration options: title - Widget title preface - Text shown inside the widget form button - The text of the submit button style - Choose from three different Constant Contact styles, or unstyled safe_subscribe - Choose from three colors of the SafeSubscribe logo - Constant Contact only
AJAX Contact
923 websites Easily add AJAX contact forms to any page, post or widget area with an unlimited number of custom fields. Easy to manage and style! Easily and quickly create AJAX contact forms that you can then embed in posts, pages and widget areas. Supports honeypot anti-bot validation and Google ReCAPTCHA to protect against spam. Customise the email body on a per-form basis, all submissions are logged as well as emailed. Form headings, labels, fields and error messages are easy to style using CSS. Form validation and submission degrades gracefully when JavaScript is disabled on the client system. Main Features SSL Support Unlimited number of fields jQuery AJAX Validation/Submission Degrades gracefully with JavaScript off Powerful JavaScript enhanced form editor interface Form submission logging Customise form email notification body Allows multiple forms/form instances per page Intuiti
Ultimate TinyMCE
271 websites Description: Beef up the WordPress TinyMCE content editor with a plethora of advanced options. Note: The end of Ultimate Tinymce This plugin will not work properly on WordPress versions 3.9 and above Instead, please switch to using WP Edit WordPress has released version 3.9. Ultimate Tinymce will NO LONGER function properly after the update. Please switch to using "WP Edit" instead; AFTER your site is updated to WordPress 3.9. In WP Edit, there is an option under the "Database" tab, which will attempt to import any settings from Ultimate Tinymce. WP Edit is the successor of Ultimate Tinymce... a complete project update. Only use Ultimate Tinymce for WordPress versions 3.5.1 through 3.8.3 Ultimate Tinymce will still continue to function properly in versions of WordPress between 3.5.1 and 3.8.3. However,
Srizon Facebook Album
343 websites This plugin grabs Facebook albums or whole galleries from your Facebook Profile or Some Facebook Page and display them on your site as albums and gall This plugin grabs Facebook albums or whole galleries from your Facebook Profile or Some Facebook Page and display them on your site as albums and galleries. You can add as many albums and galleries as you want. It will generate the shortcodes automatically which you can copy/paste into your post or page Demo Free Version's Limitation This Free version shows only 25 images per album and 25 (or less) album covers per gallery. Also image caption (or description) is not fetched from facebook to show below the lightbox or as a caption Pro Version Pro version shows All the images from each album and all the album covers from each gallery. Image descriptions are also fetched for showing as image capti
InstaNOW Lite - Instagram Feed for WordPress
37 websites User-friendly Plugin for displaying clean, customizable, and responsive user or hashtag Instagram feeds on your WordPress Blog with a lot of features User-friendly Plugin for displaying clean, customizable, and responsive user or hashtag Instagram feeds on your website. Increase engagement between you and your Instagram followers. Increase your number of followers by displaying your Instagram content directly on your site.Save time and increase efficiency by only posting your photos to Instagram and automatically displaying them on your website. Features Fully Responsive Easy to setup Supports Instagram User Accounts Supports Instagram Hashtags RTL Support Add Instagram Feed to any Sidebar via Widgets. Add Instagram Feed to any Post or page via Shortcodes. 3 Account avatar shapes. Grid and Slider Media layouts. Option to hide the account info area and show the media only. Option to set the position of account in
Social Share Buttons for WordPress
939 websites The Share buttons, it is plugin for social networks. The plugin supports 9 social networking. The Share buttons, it is plugin for social networks. The plugin supports 9 social networking. There are Vkontakte,,, LiveJournal, Yandex russian social buttons and there are Facebook, Twitter, Google-Buzz, Google-Plus english social buttons. Settings include show/hide buttons, sort buttons, position buttons and e.t.c. This plugin is written using AJAX and Jquery. The plugin supports 2 languages: English and Russian [FAQ] -RUS ( -ENG ( To disable the main output social share buttons and use only shortcode '[share-buttons]' in Post/Page, open share-buttons.php and comment line 103 'add_filter('the_c
Mobile Friendly Audit Tool
3 websites This WordPress plugin allows you to embed a frontend widget that tests a given website for mobile friendliness using Google's PageSpeed Insights This WordPress plugin allows you to embed a frontend widget where the user can enter the full URL of the website to test for mobile friendliness, and the results are displayed below. This widget uses Google's PageSpeed Insights API. NOTE: Make sure you enter your Google Apps API key into the settings area. The shortcode presents a basic HTML form that captures a URL. When the Run Audit button is pressed, the form is hidden, and the loading UI displayed. When the PageSpeed API call returns, the information is displayed in templated sections beneath. Usage Simply embed the shortcode [mobile_audit_form] into any post content area, or HTML/Text widget. Options Debug output Use the debug="true" option to show debug output in the browsers JavaScr
Weaver Show Sliders
66 websites Weaver Show Sliders - Show posts, images, and galleries displayed in a responsive slider with many options. Now includes former Pro features! This isn't the typical plugin to create Sliders: Slide Shows, Carousels, Sliders with Posts. This is a Slider with options! It supports beautiful, responsive image sliders and slide shows. And that's not all - it also can display any regular post in a slider or slide show. You can even use Weaver Show Sliders as a Slide Show replacement for the standard WordPress [gallery] shortcode. But, best of all, Weaver Show Sliders has been designed to give you options! You have more control of what content is displayed in your sliders and slide shows, as well as how that content is displayed. This plugin uses the FlexSlider jQuery script for the actual slider animation. Slider Options Weaver Show Sliders has been designed to give you more control of what content is displayed in your sliders and slide shows, as well as how that content is displayed, than any oth
WordPress Colorbox Lightbox
646 websites View image, video (YouTube, Vimeo), page, inline HTML, custom content in lightbox. Add jQuery Colorbox lightbox effect to your WordPress site. WP Colorbox plugin is a simple lightbox tool for WordPress. It allows users to pop up content in lightbox using the popular jQuery ColorBox library. They can also view the larger version of a particular media file without leaving the page. Requirements Latest version of WordPress Feature Beautiful lightbox popup style Flexiblity of creating your own lightbox link Pop up custom/HTML content in lightbox Trigger lightbox from either a text/image link Comptaiblie with WordPress multisite Add lightbox to a YouTube or Vimeo video link Enable lightbox functionality on your site which supports all major browsers Use a simple shortcode anywhere on your site (Post, Page, Homepage etc.)to pop up a media file in lightbox Apply lightbox effect on images inserted into WordP
CP Multi View Event Calendar
23 websites Event calendar for WordPress websites that features multiple visualization modes. The CP Multi View Event Calendar is an event calendar for WordPress websites that features multiple visualization modes and multiple predefined styles. Features: Classic month view (like Google Calendar) Multi-month view (show a configurable number of months at once) Day view Week view Multiple configurations for the views, the same view can be used in a very different way Allows multiple views for the same event calendar on the same page Configurable start day of the week Can be setup to edit the events from the public website You can select which button show/display (ex: navigation buttons, refresh button, others...) The event calendar information can be displayed in many ways: Title on the event calendar + tooltip on mouse over or Title on the event calendar + t
WP EasyScroll Posts
9 websites Easy and fast load plugin to append next page of posts to your current page when a user scrolls to the bottom. Easy and fast load plugin to append next page of posts to your current page when a user scrolls to the bottom. "WP EasyScroll Posts" plugin has ability to load content via AJAX within the current page or content area as you scroll down. The new content can be loaded automatically each time you scroll to the end of the existing content. It works by reading the next (and previous) links of your existing server-side pagination and load these pages via AJAX when the users scrolls to the end of the page. Translators English(US) (en_Us) - Team Vivacity French (fr_FR) - Team Vivacity If you have created your own language pack, or have an update of an existing one, you can send