Post Display Counter
3 websites Show a counter above each post with number of displays and number of views Want to know how often a post is actually displayed on the actual screen? This plugin has a javascript that is triggered when the title of a post is displayed in the visible area of the window, either when the page is loaded or when the window is scrolled or resized. It will not be triggered when the post is on the page but stays outside the visual area. There are two independent counters. The 'displayed' counter counts all instances of the post, whether it is in overview pages, search pages or on its own page. The 'viewed' counter only counts the post on its own page. Note that 'viewed' this also is counted as 'displayed'. The ratio between the two values can be used as a metric for the attractiveness of the article title, the excerpt and/or featured images that are displayed in overviews. Both counters are triggered by javascript. This means that sear
Easy News Ticker
21 websites Easy news ticker is a tiny news ticker plugin that scroll the list infinitely vertically. Easy news ticker is very simple and tiny plugin that helps you to show your vertically scrolling post or pages. Using short code you will able to use the ticker in any post or page to display your post scrolling vertically. Its widget enables you to use it in yor widget area. If you want to show all post of one or multiple categories it is super easy!
WP Responsive Recent Post Slider
321 websites A quick, easy way to add and display Responsive WordPresss Recent Post Slider on your website with 4 designs using a shortcode. Responsive Recent WordPresss Post Slider is a WordPress posts content slider plugin with touch for mobile devices and responsive. WordPresss Recent Post Slider displays your recent posts using 4 designs with beautiful slider. View DEMO for additional information. View PRO DEMO and Features for additional information. A multipurpose responsive WordPresss posts slider plugin powered with four built-in design template, lots of easy customizable options. Display unlimited number of WordPresss posts slider in a single page or post with different sets of options like category, limit, navigation type. Here is the Recent Post Slider shortcode example Main
Kento Post View Counter
193 websites Post View Counter by City or Country or by Date. Real post view counter for wordpress post, page or custome post type Plugin details and support: Plugin Features Choose Unique or Non-unique Post View Counter(NEW). Display Geo Stats via short-code for top 20 city or country. Top 20 Country By Map. Top 20 City By Map. Referrer site hit count. Display Post View Counter to your Language. Top 10 City List by visitors. Top 10 Country list by visitors. Top 10 Referrer site list. Display via short-code only today's count or total count or both. Referrer site list where visitors come from. Filter post type to trace count. hide stats on content but st
Multiple Gallery on Post
25 websites Very simple gallery plugin embedded on post as metaboxes, be able to add multiple metaboxes in one post with ability to insert multiple images for eac Very simple gallery plugin embedded on post as metaboxes, be able to add multiple metaboxes in one post with ability to insert multiple images for each. Features: 1. Unlimited galleries in one post. 2. Gallery as a metabox for each galleries. 3. Unlimited images. 4. Be able to displayed by shortcode or automatically before or after post content.
Embedly Wall
4 websites Embedly-Wall lets you create posts as easily as you post on Facebook. Embedly-Wall lets you create posts as easily as you post on Facebook. It uses Embedly API to gather all the details about a link, and wordpress oembed function to retrieve the embeded media content. When you post an embed it creates a new post as a custom post type and lets you embed these posts, or narrative walls into your standard posts/pages.
Recent Posts FlexSlider
85 websites Simple setup responsive slider of recent posts selected by category or post type using FlexSlider by WooThemes. This slider uses the FlexSlider framework by WooThemes. Recent posts are displayed as a responsive slider. Posts can be selected by category or by post type if your theme uses custom post types. Options that can be set: Title Category Post Type Slide Duration Slide Pause Number of Slides Slider Height Image Size Slider Animation Style Post Title Post Excerpt & Length Toggle Post Link
Post Avatar
54 websites Choose an avatar from a pre-defined list to include in a post. Allow authors to select an image from a pre-defined list while in the Post Editor screen. This image will be displayed together with a post. Post Avatar is similar in concept to Livejournal userpics wherein authors choose images uploaded by the site owner. Developed with Dominik Menke. Features Easy selection of images from within the Post Editor screen. Scans images in sub-directories of the image option folder. Allows the following file types: .jpg, .jpeg, .gif and .png. Flexible with customizing avatar display. Display avatars using the default HTML/CSS tags. HTML/CSS tags can be edited from with the Settings screen. Use template tags and custom filters within themes for advanced customization. International language support for Belorussian, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hindi
Vote My Post
13 websites Provides up and downvote buttons to each of your posts. This plugin provides one upvote( like ) and one downvote( dislike ) button with counter, to each of your posts. The site admin has option to set the position ( before or after a post ) and orientation( left or right ) of these buttons. The site admin has the option to set the voting mode per post. Each post can either be "restricted", i.e. is votable by only a logged in registered user, or, "open", i.e. any visitor can cast her vote for the post. For the posts in "open" mode, the site admin can set a time interval for a user to cast consecutive votes for a particular post. The logged in user can optionally be allowed to cast multiple votes for a single post, or, to vote a post only once. If she is allowed ( by the option set by the site admin ) to cast multiple votes for a particular post, she is prevented for the pre-set time interval to cast a consecutive vote. The a
Easy Font Icons
6 websites Easy Font Icons will add a font icon to your post, page, or custom post type. Easy Font Icons lets you add a font icon to any post, page, or custom post type. It displays a custom meta box below the content editor where you choose the icon and link it to the post. You can choose to display the icon in two ways: - by adding a function to the loop in your theme file - appending the icon to the h1 tag of your post...
WP Ultimate Post Grid
85 websites Easily create filterable responsive grids for your posts, pages or custom post types Use WP Ultimate Post Grid to create responsive grids for your posts, pages or any custom post type. Optionally add an isotope filter for any taxonomy associated with those posts. Go to our website for documentation and video lessons on all our features. An overview of the WP Ultimate Post Grid features: Use posts, pages or custom post types as the source Grids are responsive and will look good on any device Ability to set order by options Link to the actual post or featured image Define custom links for posts Define custom images for posts Add an isotope filter for any taxonomy Deeplinking
Kento Latest Tabs
30 websites Get list of latest post, comment and most popular post on sidebar via widget. jquery tabs to get list of latest, popular and recent comment with post thumbnail or gravatar image on sidebar widget. Live Preview: Plugin Features Thumbnail Image from featured image or post author. jQuery Tabs. Unlimited color. Unlimited hover color. Most Popular Post By Comments. Latest Post. Latest Comments. 100% full width to fit any screen size. Post author gravatar image on post list.
Post From Frontend
3 websites WordPress Post From Frontend Plugin is to allow user to create and manage posts, edit profiles info from front-end WordPress Post From Frontend Plugin is to allow user to create and manage posts, edit profiles info from front-end. Usage what all you have to do is add short-code [wpeden_post_from_frontend] in a page or post content after install and activate the plugin
Post Hit Counter
339 websites A counter to track how many times your posts are viewed. "Post Hit Counter" does what it says on the tin - it counts how many hits your posts receive. Hit counts are displayed in a new column in the post list table, in the submit box on the post edit screen and in the admin bar on the frontend. Plugin Features Easily visible hit counts in the dashboard and in the admin bar on the frontend Shortcode to display view count for current or specified post Widget to display your most viewed posts anywhere on your site Dashboard widget to show your most viewed posts at a glance No complicated analytics and statistics to wade through Option to select which post types must be counted Option to select which user roles should not trigger the hit counter This is not meant as a replacement for more advanced analytics plugins - it is a counter so yo
ZK Advanced Feature Post
13 websites AJAX feature post function for your wordpress. Especially you can get featured post for custom category only. AJAX function to manage your feature post. Widget to display your feature list (for custom category only). Function for developer that can insert feature list into anywhere you want. If you have any questions or suggestions, please comment : Plugin page.
Spotted Koi Post Font Selector
6 websites Let's you choose a font for your posts or pages from the admin edit page for your posts or pages. Will load the styles into the page dynamically This plugin allows you to choose a font when editing a post or page, that will effect that post or page on the front-end. You can customize which fonts you want available to choose from on the edit pages. You can also tell the plugin which elements to apply the styles to, so you are not limited to just the content of the post or page.
CW Author Info
6 websites Add a box with information about the author of each post after post, include a widget in which appear a list of all components of the blog Add a box with information about the author of each post after post written by that author. This box will display information in bio of each writer's blog, a link to every post written by this author, avatar, and a series of icons link to author profile on social networks are known as Facebooks, Twitter, Google+ and icon for contact by email. All these data the author of this post are collected from the profile of each author which have incorporated the necessary fields to fill. Author Info also has a widget in which appear a list of all components of the blog who have permission to write to the blog. This widget also displays the avatar of the author, his name with a link to a list of all posts written by him, the same icons to link to your profile on social networks and the number of written post. The box appears with the author's information after each post is configurab
Amazon Product in a Post Plugin
1126 websites Add formatted Amazon Products to any page or post by using Amazon ASIN. Great for monetizing your site. Uses Amazon Product Advertising Keys (FREE) Amazon's Product Advertising API Terms of Use requires you have an AWS Access Key ID and Secret Access Key of your own to use. See Plugin FAQs for links to sign up. Amazon Product In a Post Plugin is used to to quickly add a formatted Amazon Product/Item to a post or page by using just the Amazon product ASIN. ** NEW Features in 3.6.2 ** * In verison 3.6.2, there is a more robust caching system and there is no longer a limit of 10 ASINs per shortcode or porduct page. There is now an option to use 'add to cart URL' so you can take advantage of the 90 day cookie. * In addition, when adding a new 'Amazon Post', you can add multiple ASINs and 'split' them into separate posts/pages with one submission (no need to add separate products). * Keep in mind that the more products you add, the more overhead there is for requests, but the new chacing system tries t
WordPress Guest Post Plugin
8 websites Easily add and approve guest posts to your WordPress blog with the official WordPress Guest Post plugin. The WordPress Guest Post plugin is a simple plugin that allows you to accept, edit, & publish guest posts to your blog without writers having to login to your WordPress Admin area. Easily obtain guest posts without user registration. Users can add their posts right from a form hosted on a page on your blog. No logging in your WordPress admin. Effortlessly manage and edit post submissions Customizable post submission notification on site and via email Check out more information at: Important Links [] ( [Lisa Angelettie Blog] (ht
Latest Posts With Thumbnails and Ads
17 websites Just like the default Recent Posts widget except that posts are with thumbnails and you can show ads between them, show post date and comments count. This plugin will generate a widget for you website where you can show latest posts of your blog with thumbnails and choose to show ads between posts for every X post(you choose it ), you can select to show or hide post date, comments count and the total number of posts to be shown, when the widget is active on single post view the current post will be ignored from the list. All posts are sorted by latest post date. As well you have a text area where you can add you'r ads code, html and js is accepted so you can put your banner or any google ads code.
15 websites Locus allows you display any post, page or post type in widgetized areas of you site. List post from a specific category with options like date format, link text, order and more. Locus is a very simple plugin for display content in diferrent ways: Display a single post, page or any available post type. Display full content or the excerpt, or both! Category descriptions are visible by default, if any. Configure date format, link text or hide them all. Use styles for every block, (refer the stylesheet in locus/control/locus-style.css) Set display post orders, such random, by date, by author, comment count (popularity) etc Display thumbnails, if available Easy to use: you don't have to learn to use it Settings per widget, so you can have different widgets.
Advanced Custom Post Search
21 websites A useful plugin for creating search forms & results pages for custom post types & taxonomies. The Advanced Custom Post Search (ACPS) plugin can be easily integrated into any WordPress theme that uses widgets. Not only this but you can also integrate a search form into any post, page or WordPress template using our simple shortcodes. Featuring unlimited, fully-customisable forms from which you can quickly search (by taxonomy term[s]) and display your custom post type results. ACPS harnesses WordPress’ own tax queries to provide flexible results pages that address the lack of built-in taxonomy & custom post type search options. Additional to this, we have also integrated theme functionality for developers who feel comfortable with adding their own folders and files. For more information on how to do this, see the FAQ. Here are some of the main features: Unlimited form creation Select any of your custom post types (incl
ML Post Slider
14 websites ML Post Slider is a widget designed to display your slides in any widget area. DEMO You have to create special slider category which contains all slides which you want display in slideshow. Plugin use standard post editor to create slide. Widget have simple and short configuration. It use JQuery and Cycle plugin. This provides stable and professional working in any kind of web browser. More info in home page of plugin (click!).
TT Post Viewer
22 websites Plugin to display posts in different ways. I Appreciate if you please give reviews and any suggestions after using this plugin. If you like this plugin you can donate or contribute by clicking on this link TT Post Viewer is a plugin that lets you display Most recent posts, Most popular posts, Most commented posts, Related Posts, Featured Posts, Posts by author, Posts by category, Posts by date in widget area and also can be displayed in post area by using short codes. Posts can be displayed as List or with thumbnail. You can also select whether you want the excerpt to be displayed or not and you can also set the number of words to display. This plugin is checked on different popular themes and it works fine in most themes. In some themes you may need to tweak style sheet to make it look better. For some themes it doesn't inst
122 websites Vertical scroll recent post plugin scroll the recent post title in the widget, the post scroll from bottom to top vertically.
Custom Post Types Relationships (CPTR)
160 websites This plugin will let you create custom post relationships among posts, pages and custom post types. Most of the "related posts" plugins out there while they provide some kind of control on how to create related posts, they all rely on an algorithm and the results are automatic. With CPTR you get total control as you can manually select the posts that you want to relate.
Related Posts Widget
50 websites Adds a widget that shows posts related to the current post based on tags. Related Posts Widget shows a list of posts with similar tags to the current post. The widget is only shown on single post pages. The Related Post widget only shows & loads it's file in front end when is_single() returns true & post tag(s) is similar. Features Option to show post thumbnail & set dimension by width & height. Set how many posts to show. Option to show the post excerpt and how long the excerpt should be. Option to show the post date. Option to show the comment count. Multiple widgets. Contribute While using this plugin if you find any bug or any conflict, please submit an issue at Github (If possible with a pull request).
Widget Post Slider
35 websites Widget Post Slider to display posts image in a slider from category. Widget Post Slider by If you want to add a widget to show posts images with caption in a carousel/slider Widget Post Slider is for you. This plugin brings all the post images with the title from blog posts. You can show limited slider too. It It's light weight and simple install activate plugin. It's user option is so simple to use. It loads very fast. It's fully responsive that adapts to any device like tablet and mobile. You don't need to add any extra jQuery or css, just install and active Live Demo | Support Plugin Features Slider on Widget Unlimited post slider Limiting slider with option Fully Responsive
EP Post Widget
13 websites Add a "latest posts" or "latest [your_category] news" post widget to you sidebar or other widget area with ease. Not a million different settings, but still customizable! Want it to suit your site better? Just edit the style.css file in the plugins folder to your liking.
Real Post Slider Lite
24 websites Post slider for your posts. Post slider for your posts. It allows you to have a slider for your posts either from a specific category or specific posts.The slider also uses featured images added to posts as images inside the slides, which are not connected to post content, so you are free to use whichever image you want for the post thumbnail! Features: Slides either specific posts or from a category Uses the post's featured image for the slide image, totally separated from the post content Image size and number of characters to show can be set from the backend Choose the number of visible posts per slide For documentation go here: DOCS Check out the demo here: DEMO and the video presentation h
Post Carousel Slider
13 websites Posts Carousel Slider is a WordPress posts content slider plugin. Posts slider displays your blog's recent posts using beautiful slider. To use Posts Carousel Slider is a WordPress posts content slider plugin. Posts slider displays your blog's recent posts using beautiful slider. To use this slider use this short code [post_carousel_slider] in page and post where you want to show that .
WTI Like Post
602 websites A smooth ajax-based thumbs up/down functionality for wordpress posts/pages. PRO version is also available. WTI Like Post is a plugin for adding like (thumbs up) and unlike (thumbs down) functionality for posts/pages. On admin end alongwith handful of configuration settings, it will show a list of most liked posts/pages. If you have already liked a post/page and now you dislike it, then the old voting will be cancelled and vice-versa. You can reset the settings to default and the like/unlike counts for all/selected posts/pages as well. It comes with two widgets, one to display the most liked posts/pages for a given time range and another to show recently liked posts. PRO Features Ability to change your vote even if multiple voting is disabled. Action hook available for successful voting so that you can attach any functionality like sending thank you mail to user. There are 2 other hooks available for further customizing the message you see on page load and a
Google News Widget
17 websites This plugin show a configurable widget for each post with news from Google News about post tags and post categories. Any article will be opened as new This plugin show a configurable widget for each post with news from Google News about post tags and post categories. Any article will be opened as new tab or window. This plugin tries to engage users inside your blog more time and give to users additional useful information. More than 5 languages and 14 country editions.
Kama Thumbnail
49 websites Create any thumbnails on fly and cache result. Auto-create of post thumbs based on: WP post thumbnail or first img in post content/attachment. Super convenient way to create post thumbnails on the fly without server overload. The best alternative to scripts like "thumbnail.php". Usage The plugin for developers firstly, because it don't do anything after install. In order to the plugin begin to work, you need use one of plugin function in your theme or plugin. Example: <?php echo kama_thumb_img('w=150 &h=150'); ?> Using the code in the loop you will get ready thumbnail IMG tag. Plugin takes post thumbnail image or find first image in post content, resize it and create cache. Also creates custom field for the post with URL to original image. In simple words it cache all routine and in next page loads just take cache result. You can make thumbs from custom URL, like this: <?php echo kama_thumb_img('w=150 &h=150
Super Advanced Posts
9 websites * Add Ajax in widgets Filter Taxonomy and Terms. * More easily and dynamic Post by Filter. Adds a widget that can display recent posts and other posts Super Advanced Posts Plugin is a light Plugin advanced version of the WordPress Posts widget allowing increased customization to display recent posts and other posts from all categories and taxonomy or from custom post types. New Features: Add Ajax in widgets Filter Taxonomy and Terms More easily and dynamic Post by Filter Features: Display post thumbnails, with customizable size. Display post excerpt and more. Provides option to: show the post excerpt and how long the excerpt should be. show read more link override the post order to order by; date, title, random, etc. post form all categories select custom post type Multiple widgets.
MK Post and Page Excerpts Widgets
7 websites Creates widgets that display excerpts from posts or pages in the sidebar. MK Post and Page Excerpts Widgets : Creates widgets that display excerpts from posts or pages in the sidebar. You may use 'more' links, show featured image, set excerpt length of the post or page. For more details: Click here Created By: Manoj Rana Email : [email protected]