RP Post Nav
10 websites Show Next and Previous Post Links, Thumbnails or Excerpt at Posts, Pages, Media or Custom Post Types. RP Post Nav plug-in gives you facility to: Navigate within Post Category/Taxonomy or Date Wise Navigation. Option to set Post Navigation Bar at Bottom, Top or both Top & Bottom. Apply CSS Style to Previous and Next Post Display. Customizing Label Text instead of default Next/Previous Labels. Customizing Image for Next/Previous Post Background. Select Custom Post Types and Taxonomies for related post. Manually Place RP Post Nav Shortcode. For Help visit:
TR Post Slider Widget
52 websites Smooth slider - post, featured image and post with Thumbnail. This plugin offers three post slider widget with viewing options. TR Post Slider Widget is an effective tool for adding post sliders to your website. There are 3 different widgets - post widget, featured image widget and post with thumbnail widget. This plugin sets individual category post by using category slug. There are 7 transition effects.
Post From Site
34 websites Write a post without leaving your site! Add an interface on your site to write a post (or page, or anything), without having to go into the admin section. Also allows for 'anonymous' posting (not logged in users, still asks for name/email) with a recaptcha. This makes Post From Site a perfect plugin for your user reviews, a suggestion box, or even a very basic forum site. After install, you can display a form on your site via a widget, shortcode, or PHP code in your theme. See this page for further documentation.
Related Post
214 websites Display Related Post under post by tags and category. Related Post allows you to display related post under post or other post type via short-code. How it is work ? Related Post will display post list from same categories or tags match for post. Related Post by Plugin Features Responsive admin settings. Use via short-code. Use on archive(loop) or content. can use on single post. N.B. We are working on this plugin making some fancy star rating.
WP Post Navigation
607 websites Show Next and Previous Post Links at Posts. WP Post Navigation Plugin gives you facility to show Previous and Next Post Links at the Top or Bottom of a Post. You can set to navigate within category or date wise navigation. You've the option to set Post Navigation Bar at Bottom, Top or both Top & Bottom. You can apply CSS style to Previous and Next Post Links. You can set custom text instead of Next and Previous Post Titles. You can set custom Image for Next and Previous Post Links. Manually Place Post Navigation in single.php, just Copy & paste following code anywhere in single.php page under get_header(); WP_Custom_Post_Navigation():''; ?> For Help visit:
Author Post Ratings
220 websites Allows a post author to assign a simple 1-5 star rating to a post, page, or custom post type, which will then be displayed on the post. There are plenty of plugins available which allow site visitors to rate posts, but I didn't find any that gave the post author that functionality, so I wrote this plugin. Author Post Ratings adds a meta box to the post edit screen, allowing you to chose a 1-5 star rating for the post, or to leave it unrated. The plugin will automatically add the post rating (using stars, and an optional label) to the top or bottom of the post. If you wish, you can disable that functionality altogether and use a shortcode to insert the post rating anywhere in the post you choose. The plugin supports ratings for posts, pages, and custom post types, all of which can be individually enabled or disabled in the plugin settings. It is also fully internationalized, with Spanish language translation files included.
WP Post to PDF
9 websites WP Post to PDF allows visitor to download post in PDF format for easy future reference. WP Post to PDF plugin allows visitor to download post in PDF format. WP Post to PDF has number of options to configure. You can allow only registered user to download post in PDF format. You can set different fonts and font size for header, footer and content area. Auto generate new PDF whenever you update your content. Deliver cached PDF if available to decrease server memory usage. No additional addon or changes required on server. For detailed documentation visit
Category Sticky Post
8 websites Mark a post to be placed at the top of a specified category archive. It's sticky posts specifically for categories. Category Sticky Post allows you to mark a post to be displayed - or stuck - to the top of each archive page for the specified category. Category Sticky Post... Allows you to select which category in which to stick a post Will display the post on the top of the first page of the archive just like built-in sticky posts Will only allow you to stick a single post per category Displays whether or not a post is stuck in a category on the Post Edit dashboard Provides light styling that should look good in most themes Is available on each post editor page Is fully localized and ready for translation For more information or to follow the project, check out the project page.
TA Post Format
4 websites TA post format plugin is a plugin to add functionality of WordPress post format. TA post format plugin is a plugin to add functionality of WordPress post format. It will add meta box form that will make your post format more functional.
Auto Post Images (API)
63 websites Automatically insert images to posts without having to edit the post. Supports renaming images for search engine optimization (SEO). Note: The plugin Automatically adds images to posts without having to edit the post. You can choose to have images selected at random or using the POST ID or POST SLUG. To insert images into posts you no longer have to insert them one by one using the editor. All you have to do is name them appropriately and upload them to a folder & the plugin will automatically insert them into the corresponding post. Want to add more images to the post? All you have to do is put more images into the folder and they will show up on the post without having to edit the post. Need to remove a image from a post? Then just delete the image and it will no longer appear in the post. No more hassle of editing the post. Images tagged with the POSTID are displayed on that post. If the thumbnail option is enabled the plugin will use thumbnails in the post to link to the full size ima
Favorite Post
33 websites This is a simple yet another favorite post plugin. This is a simple yet another favorite post plugin for WordPress. Features Gives a button to favorite a post. Works only for logged in users. Has a favorite post widget Custom post type support Usage Insert <?php if ( function_exists( 'wfp_button' ) ) wfp_button(); ?> this code in your post page to show a favorite post link. $favorites = WeDevs_Favorite_Posts::init()->get_favorites(); - get favorite posts. Supports 3 parameters, post_type, limit, offset. The default post_type is all, for getting all post types. Show favorite posts in a widget. Use the shortcode [favorite-post-btn] for inserting the favorite post link. You can also pass a post id as a
Countdown to Next Post
9 websites This plugin will display a countdown timer that counts down towards your next scheduled post. This plugin will display a countdown timer that counts down towards your next scheduled post. The countdown to your next post can be added as a widget, manually to your sidebar, or into any post or page. This plugin is perfect for people who write posts in advance and schedule them to be posted at a later time. This plugin will automatically search the wordpress database for the next scheduled post and display a countdown so your readers know exactly when it will be posted.
Featured Post
1 websites Featured Post Plugin for WordPress. Plugin for featured wordpress posts. This is a cool plugin that makes it easier to mark posts as featured posts (not using specific categories) and simple markup to show theme from your theme file. Add <?php query_posts($query_string."&featured=yes"); ?> before the post loop starts and manage the featured posts from the post edit list. Now added widget for listing featured post in sidebar widgets with custom number of post. Supports Custom Post Type Visit us on GitHub to support and donate
Post Content Shortcodes
589 websites Adds shortcodes to display the content of a post or a list of posts. This plugin adds two shortcodes that allow you to display either the content of a post or a list of posts within the content area of a post. This plugin should be fully compatible with all post types, as it simply uses the get_post() and get_posts() WordPress functions. Post Content The first shortcode is the [post-content] shortcode. Using that shortcode will allow you to display the content of one post within another post. This shortcode requires a single attribute with a key of "id". To use this shortcode to display the content of a post or page with an ID of 25, you would use this shortcode like [post-content id=25]. This shortcode also accepts the following optional arguments: post_name => null - The slug of the post that you want to pull. This can be used in place of the i
Post Grid
547 websites Awesome post grid for query post from any post type and display on grid. Query post from your custom post types and create awesome grid. Use any where by short-codes and easy customize via short-code generator page, you can display or hide grid meta items like post authors, post date, post categories, post tags and etc. Post Grid by See the Live demo!» Buy Premium! » Plugin Features Fully responsive and mobile ready. Unlimited grid anywhere. Query any post type. Query from multiple post type. Skin & Layout based. Pagination support.
DJD Site Post
158 websites Write and edit a post at the front end without leaving your site. Supports guest posts. Add a (responsive) form to your site to write a post without having to go into the admin section. It allows for 'anonymous' or 'guest' posting (not logged in users). This makes DJD Site Post a perfect plugin for user generated content. After installation and activation you can display a form on your site via shortcode. DJD Site Post is translation ready. Languages already included: English and German. Now the plugin has a widget to include the form in a sidebar. Upcoming Features: Edit or delete existing posts from front end. Some "skins" (css) Captcha for guest posts
Related Post Shortcode
14 websites A simple WP plugin that add a TinyMCE button and popin to easily add a related post section in a post. Related Post Shortcode is a simple plugin that add a TinyMCE button and popin to easily add a related post section in a post. It's a simple way to promote a post / page in another post content section (using a shortcode) How does it work ? Just click on the new button created on the post content editor Choose a post (there's a filter that can help you doing that) or let the plugin choose a random post in the same category The shortcode is generated, for example : [related-post id="12"] Done. Works on every themes Available in French and English.
ADs Inside Post
57 websites A Simple Plugin That Let You Add Adsense Ads Within Post Content. Add ads anywhere via a short code. Even Now You Can Add Responsive Adsense Ads.. Even Now You Can Add Responsive Adsense Ads.. A Simple Plugin That Let You Add Adsense Ads Within Post Content. Add ads anywhere you need just you need to add abshort code and there is lot more options. You can add styles to your Ads and you can select the alignment. Using this plugin you can not only add Ads to the post, This plugin give you ability to add any Javascript or HTML code within post. See Documentation
Post Series
34 websites Add one or multiple posts to a post series, and Post Series will automatically show simple post list by all posts in the series. Post series plugin adds functionality to make series of posts. It also displays a list of those posts at the beginning of all posts in this series. Features Add post to a one or multiple post series. Display list of the posts in the series at the beginning of the post. Extra functionality will follow.
TT Guest Post Submit
70 websites Submit your post as guest user. Add featured image and other media to the post. Easy to use but very usefull. I Appreciate if you please give reviews and any suggestions after using this plugin. If you like this plugin you can donate or contribute by clicking on this link TT Guest Post Submit is a plugin that enables you to submit posts with the featuted image as a guest or visitor. Author doesn't have to log in or register to the site. This plugin is very handy for the blog sites where different authors are encouraged to submit posts. Features included in this plugin are: Plugin option page - User can customize settings. Email notification to admin eamil or any other email after successfull post submission. Customized Post Submission message. Field Selection ability. Anyone can post from anywhere in the site Category selection A
Blog Post Stats
5 websites This is a plugin that provide thumbs-up and thumbs-down count for post of your site. The Blog Post Stats for WordPress plugin allows you to track like and dislike count to particular blog post in form of thumbs-up and thumbs-down count. Along with these it also provide particular post statistic as word count, links ,images, views and visitor count. Full list of features: Show count of like and dislike to particular post thus help you to update your post accordingly. This plugin provide Content stats as word count, hyperlinks and number of images used in a post. Along with these it provide traffic Summary as views to post and visitor count with unique ip. This plugin comes with shortcode to place thumbs-up/thumbs-down count and post stats template inside post content. Blog Post Stats is powered by Click here to get Premium WordPress Themes.
WP Post Series
39 websites Setup a series of posts using a new taxonomy. Posts within a series will show an info box above the content with links to other posts in the series. WP Post Series is a lightweight plugin for making a series of posts and showing information about the series on the post page. The information box is prepended to the post content, and it can work with any theme (given a bit of CSS styling) - no setup required. Features Add post series using the familiar WordPress UI and give each one a description. Assign post series to your posts. Filter posts in the backend by series. Shows the series above the post content. Developer friendly code — Custom taxonomies & template files. Contributing and reporting bugs You can contribute code and localizations to this plugin via GitHub: Support Use the f
W4 Post List
13 websites W4 Post List lets you create a list of posts, terms, users or a combined one. Decorate output using shortcodes. It's just easy and fun. Display Posts (any custom post type), Terms (any custom taxonomy), Users (any role) on Content or Widget Areas by placing a shortcode. Select what to show and design how to show it. Using the plugin is really easy. You will find Tinymce button on post/page editor to quickly inset a list. Also, there's a separate page for creating or editing list. List Types Posts Terms Users Terms & Posts Users & Posts Creating a list is just few steps. There are different sets option for different List Type, following options are available for List Type - posts. Posts post type post mime type post status post search keyword include post by ids exclude post by ids exclude current post posts per page - while using pagina
Vi Random Post Widget
44 websites Display Your Post With Highly Customising Options Using Widget and Shortcode Vi Random Posts Widget plugin allows us to create a custom random or category posts list as a widget. It gives you a list of random posts via shortcode or widget with thumbnail, excerpt and post date, also you can display it from your custom post type or from a post category. =Features= WordPress 4.1 Support. Allow you to add a URL in widget title Display thumbnails and customizable size. Display excerpt of customizable length. Display from all, specific or multiple category. Display your post date with customomizable format. Display your post author. Display post comment counts Display your custom Post types. User can add a custom css class in widget. Add custom html or text before and/or after posts lists. Rate Us / Feedback Please take the time to let us and others know about your experiences by leaving a review, so that we ca
MG Post Contributors
11 websites MG Post Contributors helps Admin users to set multiple authors for single post. Simply selecting authors check boxes at Post Editor. It show list of u Use this plugin to set multiple contributors for single post. Simply selecting contributors check boxes at Post Editor. It show list of users with checkboxes and show them at POST. Getting started 1) Click 'Activate' 2) Go to POST->Add New OR Select existing one i.e. POST->All Posts and select Post 3) Choose 'Contributors' and click 'Publish'. To check result just click View Post. You can set how contributors shown after post contents by: "Setting->MG Post Contributor" and select options how do you want to show contributors on blog. Development for this plugin can be found on GitHub: See Demo Click following link to see how it sh
AccessPress Anonymous Post
735 websites Frontend/Guest post | Both logged in and not logged in users can post | Admin can list the posts and take native WP post actions | Highly customizable Anonymous posting(guest posting / front end posting / posting without login) - is made easy with AccessPress Anonymous Post. AccessPress Anonymous Post - is a responsive HTML5 form to allow your website users (guests/visitors/not logged in users) to submit a Standard WordPress Post in an easy and customized way, including featured image. If you're looking for Free WordPress guest post plugin, User Post Plugin, Anonymous post plugin, Front end post plugin, Guest Author plugin, Frontend form post feature, Guest blogging plugin, User submitted post then AccessPress Anonymous Post is the right one! Free Features: Submit post from frontend as a not logged in user or as a logged in user. Enter Tags for the post Plugin option
Post List Generator
90 websites This plugin displays the post list using shortcode. The post list is loaded with ajax. Post List Generatorは、記事(投稿、固定ページ)の一覧を表示するプラグインです。このページのような記事一覧ページを作成できます。 記事一覧の日付、タイトルは自動的に表示されます。また、タイトルをクリックすると該当のページが開きます。 特徴 記事一覧に表示するコンテンツに投稿、固定ページ、投稿+固定ページを設定できます 表示順序を公開日順・更新日順・タイトル順から選択できます Ajaxを使って記事一覧を表示することで、一覧性と高速な表示を両立しています 一度に表示する記事の件数を15件、30件、50件から選択できます カテゴリを指定し
4 websites Display Post Per Category with thumbnail Widget. A widget that display a post from each category with attached thumbnail. Widget Options Easly customizable Stylesheet. Can be fit with responsive designs.
Custom Post Type UI
5 websites Admin UI for creating custom post types and custom taxonomies in WordPress This plugin provides an easy to use interface to create and administer custom post types and taxonomies in WordPress. This plugin is created for WordPress 3.x. Please note that this plugin will NOT handle display of registered post types or taxonomies in your current theme. It will simply register them for you. All official development on this plugin is on GitHub. Version bumps will still be published here on You can find the repo at Please file confirmed issues, bugs, and enhancement ideas there, when possible.
Follow My Blog Post
18 websites Visitor Can opt to Follow a Post with or without adding a comment. Email sent to Visitors contains Link Back to Post Visitors can UnFollow at Any time using a link from Email or from website. Followed Posts Displayed with Number of Unique Visitors Folowing the Post Administrative Settings for Page/Post Wise Followers with detailed log of emails sent, also with options to disable the follow for any follower. For backwards compatibility, if this section is missing, the full length of the short description will be used, and Markdown parsed.
Prev-Next Keyboard Navigation
6 websites Allows visitor to scoll through the posts on a page with the J/K keys. Prev-Next Keyboard Navigation adds javascript to allow moving through postings on index and archive pages using the J/K keys to skip to the next or previous post. A "post" is defined as any DIV with the class "post". Features Scrolls the current post to the top View next post with "J", previous post with "K" After the last post on a page, continues to the next page Planned features: Allow admins to define custom classnames to match for posts
Jcarousel Post Slider
175 websites [Jcarousel Post Slider] can display a list of posts as horizontal slider or vertical slider using jcarousel jquery plugin. [Jcarousel Post Slider] can display a list of posts as horizontal slider or vertical slider using jcarousel jquery plugin. The displayed image will be following priority order : Featured image The first image uploaded The first image in the post content You can give comment on: Some features of this plugin: Can limit number of post to display Can select categories that you want to display post from it Can orders post by date, title, number of comment, random Can set animation for slide, can choose skin or design skin
Post Next
9 websites Adds interactive sticky next post popup/optin. Adds interactive sticky next post popup/optin. Increase your blog post traffic by adding this powerful tool. Show them preview of next/Previous post. Select different layouts/designs to match with your theme. How Post Next attracts Visitors ? The Post Next plugin appends a popup/optin box at bottom corner of the page when user scrolls half height of current page which shows that visitor is interested in your content and wants to read more of your posts, So its beautiful design grabs user attention and guide them by showing a short preview of next or previous post.
Share Post
9 websites Reblog posts accross the network, Share a post link from a blog to another blog on the same WP multisite network and include the post content ! The plugin allows webmasters to suggest interesting posts on the network. Suggested posts will appear in a dashboard widget. Any page or posts can be shared by clicking on the share button in the toolbar. Un new window (press-this) will be opened to include the post to share. Additionally, inserting a short-link of a post in another one will display an extract of the original post. no more duplicate content, just sharing !
Old Post Notifier
25 websites With this plugin, an notification can be added to old posts. With Old Post Notifier, you can add a warning to your posts published before a while. Warning message and warning template can be changed optionally. Localization English - Dilek Turan Turkish - Ali Bahsisoglu French - Maxime Lescrainier Swedish - Daniel Guldfors Italian - Davide Borlizzi German - Volkan Alabaz If you want to translate Old Post Notifier to your language, you will contact me via ali[at]bahsisoglu[dot]com
Wp Post Views Counter
30 websites Used to post views for a single post type in wordpress it collects both unique and all returning visits for a single post as a post meta . WP Post Views Counter : wordpress Post Views Counter Used to track Post Visit Count ,It Counts both Unique and Returning Visits Using Cookies ,also Comes with a widget which will be rendered in single post. Installation Guide: 1.Upload the plugin to your blog and just activate it. 2.Goto your Settings->wp post views counter and then Edit its data as per requirement. Template Tags You can Use Template Tags also to render this Plugin Output. <?php wp_get_post_views_counter(); ?> To Print The Count With Text <?php wp_get_only_post_views_count(); ?> To Print Only Count More Details & Support Homepage : Latest Web design Tutorials Support Thread: