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Polldaddy Polls & Ratings
12 websites Create and manage Polldaddy polls and ratings from within WordPress. The Polldaddy Polls and Ratings plugin allows you to create and manage polls and ratings from within your WordPress dashboard. You can create polls, choose from 20 different styles for your polls, and view all results for your polls as they come in. All Polldaddy polls are fully customizable, you can set a close date for your poll, create multiple choice polls, choose whether to display the results or keep them private. You can also create your own custom style for your poll. You can even embed the polls you create on other websites. You can collect unlimited votes and create unlimited polls. The new ratings menu allows you to embed ratings into your posts, pages or comments. The rating editor allows you to fully customize your rating. You can also avail of the 'Top Rated' widget that will allow you to place the widget in your sidebar. This widget will show you the top rated posts, pa
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TotalPoll Lite
14 websites Simple, Powerful and Brandable Polls, for WordPress. Amazing features and huge possibilities. TotalPoll is a WordPress plugin that let you create and integrate polls easily, TotalPoll is made to be easy and powerful, Although it’s very simple to use, It provides big number of options and features to have full control over the polls. Visit the official website Pro version demo General Simple and easy to use interface. Responsive. SEO Friendly. RTL Support Polls archive. Export/Import polls Compatible with W3 Total Cache, Quick Cache and WP Super Cache. Integration Add your poll easily to your sidebar by using TotalPoll widget. Implement your poll everywhere by using TotalPoll shortcode. Direct link.
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13799 websites Adds an AJAX poll system to your WordPress blog. You can also easily add a poll into your WordPress's blog post/page. WP-Polls is extremely customizable via templates and css styles and there are tons of options for you to choose to ensure that WP-Polls runs the way you wanted. It now supports multiple selection of answers. Build Status Development Translations Credits Plugin icon by Freepik from Flaticon
Popup Surveys & Polls (
8 websites Popup surveys lets you poll visitors with questions about your site. Use this feedback to build a better blog or business. Don't guess what your visitors want, ask them directly - right on your website. Popup surveys allows you to ask visitors directly on your website about your blog, your business, your products, or ANYTHING else, by creating popup surveys or polls that your visitors will see on ANY page of your website. You can use this feedback to build better landing pages, improve your products, or increase the effectivness of your website. This is a full featured plugin where you can build 3 kinds of surveys: Multiple choice surveys (with an unlimited number of choices) Net promoter score Text response All of the results are stored on your OWN website, and no information is shared with any external server. Other features: Create an unlimited amount of surveys Run multiple surveys at the same time (o
Bon Toolkit
130 websites The Bon Toolkit extends functionality to Bonfirelab's Themes. It provides custom post types build, widgets, and some shortcodes. Portfolio If your theme supports portfolio, the Toolkit adds a Portfolio custom post type. Once enabled, you will see a Portfolio Post type in the menu item, which you can use to create your portfolio. Quiz If your theme supports quiz post type, the Toolkit adds quiz support. Once enabled, you will be provided with a simple quiz tools. Poll If your theme supports poll post type, the Toolkit adds poll support. Once enabled, you will be provided with a simple polling features. Toolkit Widgets The Toolkit adds Twitter, Flickr, Dribbble, Video (Support Self Hosted and Third Party Hosted) and more than 20 Retina Ready social media icons to your theme. Toolkit Shortcodes The Toolkit also adds Google Maps, Tabs, Accordions, Buttons, Aler
Simple Vote Me
4 websites Integrate a simple voting plugin with smileys in your WordPress! This plugin allows you to set a votation for the post and pages. This votation has three options (good, neutral and bad). Features Auto insert in content (it can be disabled). Filter by post and page. Total counts and vote percentages. 3 Types of votes: Good, Neutral and Bad. See the votes on the admin panel. Widget to insert wherever you want. Widget to see the top rated post. Shortcode to insert whenever you want. Two styles: Horizontal and Vertical so you can put it wherever you want!. Capability to set custom images. You can set a title before the poll (if you want it). Select if you want to show the poll before or after the content (or both).
Qbloc by Qwanz
5 websites Create verified polls and petitions that enable users to send results to US Elected Officials, Govermt. Agencies, Corporations and 20,000 Journalists Qbloc by Qwanz is a free plug in that allows you to easily create polls and petitions which can be embedded on your site or blog. Qbloc provides you with demographic insights about your readers, (age, gender, location), expands the reach of your content, and brings you new traffic, all while enabling users to get heard by decision makers and making your site a "go to" place where visitors can go daily, knowing their opinions counts. Qbloc benefits WordPress sites and their users by: Providing validated poll results through a mandatory but quick registration process (username, password, email) or by using Facebook Connect. Giving your readers a voice and empowering them to make a difference, by letting them automatically submit your poll results to the decision makers of their choice, including U.S. elected officials, government agencies
Conva Comment System (Beta)
4 websites Conva creates engaging conversations around your content. Conva’s mission is simple: connect others and help them better understand one another. Through Conva, more of your audience will interact on site than ever before. Many people are on your site at one time, and they should be communicating. Conva is designed for audiences to have quick, focused, and well thought out interactions surrounding your content. It has an ease of use that allows all of your audience to participate. Keep your audience on the same page: Conva sets the context for a discussion by polling the audience. Once they answer the poll they are prompted to present their reasoning for their poll answer. This creates a focused platform where the audience interacts in real-time , making the interaction more authentic, and holding the participants accountable for what they say. Mobile in Mind: Goodbye commenting and hello chat! By replacing the
461 websites Adds a sidebar widget for use with Andrew Sutherland's Democracy Poll widget.
CP Polls
8 websites Create classic polls and advanced polls with dependant questions. CP Polls features: Classic one-click radio-button polls Advanced polls with dependant questions Export results to Excel / CSV Printable list of votes Visual drag and drop form builder Anti-spam captcha Field validation Graphic reports Printable reports Email notifications Automatic email reports ... and more features (see below) With CP Polls you can publish a poll into a page/post and optionally display statistics of the results. You can receive email notifications every time a vote is added or opt to receive Excel reports periodically. The Polls can have dependant questions, this means that some questions are displayed depending of the selection made on other questions. More about the Main Features:
WP Survey And Quiz Tool
342 websites A highly customisable Quiz, Survey and Poll plugin to which allows for unlimited questions and sections. Allows users to create quizzes, surveys or polls hosted on their WordPress install. There will be bugs and faults - hopefully not too many. Bug reports are crucial to improving the plugin. Please report all bugs and issues you find to the GitHub issue tracking page. If you are not able to report the issue there then please use the forum. For full changelog and development history, see the GitHub repo. All documentation can be found on the GitHub Wiki.
24 websites This plugin allows to add interactive polls to your WordPress web site. You can use shortcodes to place desired questions in a post or in any widget. This is a plugin that allows to add interactive and dynamic AJAX polls to your WordPress web site. You can use generated shortcodes to place desired questions in a post or in any widget. There are no any limitations and you can create as much polls or questions as you want. In addition, it's possible to set lifetime of the answer. It means that users will not be able to answer several times and you will see better picture of users' opinions.
4 websites Evaluate adds many options for user interaction to your site, such as Like, Up/Down Vote, 5-Star ratings and polls. Features: One Way (Like), Two Way (Up/Down Vote), Star (range out of 5) and Polls with multiple answers are supported Better rating/popularity sorting for metrics (Lower Bound of Wilson Score for Two-Way and Bayesian for 5-Star ratings) Multiple style options for one-way and two-way metrics Same metric for multiple content makes tracking metrics easier. AJAX voting and fetching support NodeJS & support (with CTLT_Stream plugin) Hooks into pre_get_posts to change sort order / criteria given URL parameters Please check out FAQ for usage details!
WP Survey Plus
10 websites Setup awesome surveys within few minutes! This plugin allows you to create surveys, collect responces and export result in csv powered by 100% ajax functionality which runs 200% faster. Features : create unlimitel surveys single or multiple answer assign different surveys to pages/posts open surveys in colorbox 100% ajax functionality works 200% faster 100% responsive design view reports on backend export survey details in csv with user emails responsive survey button to encorage visitors to take survey localizable Translations : English (default by Pradeep)
Surveys by Feedback Cat
6 websites Surveys by Feedback Cat Helps You Grow Your Business Or Blog By Making It Easy To Gather Feedback Using Onpage User Surveys. Surveys by Feedback Cat is the first WordPress plugin that lets you read people’s minds. Well, sort of. When you use our plugin you’ll be able to know what your users are really thinking. Unfortunately, though, “reading minds” here doesn’t mean doing anything out of the X-Men movies. We’re not talking mind reading in that sense. Instead, Surveys by Feedback Cat lets you create surveys and get direct user feedback. With this feedback, you will know what your users are thinking. You can then use their thoughts from the survey to grow your business more effectively. So, do you have 2 minutes? That’s how “long” it takes to set up Surveys by Feedback Cat. You’ll find complete installation instructions below. But don’t expect anything long or time-consuming. It really is easy to get up and running with Surveys by Feedback
Advanced Twitter Profile Widget
50 websites Adds a sidebar widget to display Twitter updates (using the Javascript). You can set number of messages, color and other features. Adds a sidebar widget to display Twitter updates (using the Javascript). You can set number of messages, color and other features. You can change colors of shell background and shell text; tweet background, tweet text and tweet link. You can set on/off a features like scrollbar, show hashtags, poll for new results, show timestamps/avatars and the behavior.
FL3R FeelBox
45 websites Adds an one-click real-time mood rating FeelBox to all of your posts. Oh, there is also a widget. FL3R FeelBox is a plugin that any blogger can use to track the emotional feedback (Fascinated, Happy, Sad, Angry, Bored or Afraid) of an individual blog post or article. The plugin can be configured to automatically appear below all of your posts, just above the comments, or manually placed anywhere you want, with a WordPress tag or PHP. FL3R FeelBox can shows statistics of your posts, sorted by user involvement based on the time period or the emotions. You can choose from various icons style and add your own title above the plugin: in example, classic style, Emoji One style, Korosensei style tribute from anime Assassination Classroom (暗殺教室 Ansatsu kyōshitsu) and manga style. If you want a new style you can suggest or send one. (。◕‿‿◕。) It includes a widget to show your readers the most emotional posts or sort it by a particular emotion, or by the past day, week,
Pics Mash
3 websites Pics Mash creates "Facemash" like hot or not image rating contests on your WordPress website. Facemash for WordPress plugin Want even more features? Go Pro the best face mash for wordpress plugin. Facemash image rating WordPress plugin “Pics Mash” Find out which media image on your WordPress website is the best Instantly recognisable by millions of people Featured in the hit movie The Social Network Engage your website visitors with your website images 10x more pageviews Uses the Elo rating system to rate images Find out which image is best Do you often wonder which images on your WordPress website give the biggest wow to your visitors? Through this plugin you can find out!! What is Facemash? is one of the first websites
MoodThingy Mood Rating Widget
21 websites Adds a one-click real-time mood rating widget to all of your posts. MoodThingy is a plugin that any blogger can use to track the emotional feedback (Fascinated, Amused, Sad, Angry, Bored or Excited) of an individual blog post or article. The plugin can be configured to automatically appear below all of your posts, or manually placed anywhere within a post using a handy WordPress tag. A dashboard of MoodThingy stats is also offered so you can see which articles excite, amuse, or bore your readers, sorted by a particular mood or number of votes in the past day, week, or month. A WordPress Widget is also included in the plug-in as a way to show readers the most popular blog posts or a particular mood, or in the past day, week, month or year. MoodThingy PRO has additional features: Customize the mood text without having to edit the plug-in code, as well as the amount of moods. (Maximum number of six) Customize the ot