7 websites Juna IT Poll - You can use WordPress Juna IT Poll for explaining what your users think about your web-page or a new page and or about any question. - WordPress Poll WordPress Juna IT Poll -All Poll Version WordPress Poll Demo Version Standart Poll / Demo Version - 1 Standart Poll / Demo Version - 2 Standart Poll / Demo Version - 3 Standart Poll / Demo Version - 4 Standart Poll / Demo Version - 5 Juna IT - Poll Standart Demonstration
WP Poll
23 websites It allows user to poll in your website with many awesome feature. It allows user to poll in your website with many awesome feature. WP Poll by pluginbazar - Jaed Mosharraf Live Demo » Get WP Poll PRO » Back Admin Look » Username: demo Password: demo KEY Features 100% User Friendly and Customization Support without having any coding skill. 100% Unique Review. No SPAM. No one can review twice in single Question. 100% Browser Compatibility. 100% WordPress Build in jQuery. 100% Support to use Categorized Poll. Visitors can see All Polls with Awesome filters. Admin can set any Poll for all TIME.
YOP Poll
321 websites Use a full option polling solution to get the answers you need. YOP Poll is the perfect, easy to use poll plugin for your wordpress site. YOP Poll plugin allows you to easily integrate a survey in your blog post/page and to manage the polls from within your WordPress dashboard but if offers so much more than other similar products. Simply put, it doesn't lose sight of your needs and ensures that no detail is left unaccounted for. To name just a few improvements, you can create polls to include both single or multiple answers, work with a wide variety of options and settings to decide how you wish to sort your poll information, how to manage the results, what details to display and what to keep private, whether you want to view the total votes or the total voters, to set vote permissions or block voters etc. Scheduling your polls is no longer a problem. YOP Poll can simultaneously run multiple polls (no limit included) or you can schedule your polls to start one after another. Also, keeping track of your
WordPress Poll
775 websites Wordpress Poll is completely ajax powered polling system. This poll plugin supports both single and multiple selection of answers. This poll has the following features which uses both ajax and jquery. Administrator have options to display more than one poll in the widget area. Administrator can specify how many polls to be displayed in the archive page. Administrator can view the poll statistics by date wise. User logs can be seen in the admin section. Image polls available. Poll access can be locked by cookies, IP address or user id. Translation enabled. Note If you find any bugs, please report in the following link, so that it will be fixed as quick as possible. If you think any feature adding to this plugin can improve its features, please recommend it in the following link. You can add any poll into your post or page by using the shortcode. For information how to do it, please go to Frequently
3 websites FlashPoll++ is a Flash based poll builder with a lot of customization options. FlashPoll++ is a Flash based poll builder with a lot of customization options. It allows you to display multiple polls, one after another, also view a full voting log from admin panel. You can customize the size, fonts, colors and more! Check out the demo here:
Poll, Quiz & List by OpinionStage
1330 websites Add a powerful & easy-to-use poll, quiz & list service. Create beautiful polls, quizzes & lists that boost time on site and drive traffic The Opinion Stage poll, quiz & list plug-in allows you to easily add a poll, quiz or list to your website or Facebook page. Poll Examples: For poll examples, checkout the Poll Showcase. Quiz Example: For a quiz example, checkout this Quiz. List Example: For a List example, checkout this List. Why Opinion Stage? Discover opinions Boost enagement - quiz & poll participation increases time-on-site, page views & shares Drive traffic from quiz & poll shares in social networks
Democracy Poll
51 websites AJAX democratic polls for your site. Visitors can vote more than one answer & adds their own answers. Works with cache plugins (WP Total Cache). This plugin adds a clever and convenient system to create various Polls with different features, such as: Single voting Multiple voting Poll with ability to add new answers by visitors Poll with the specified date of the end You can block vote function for unregistered users You can choose different design of a poll and so on. See changelog Democracy Poll works with cache plugins: WP Total Cache, WP Super Cache, WordFence, Quick Cache etc. I focus on "easy-admin" features & fast performance. So you will have: Quick Edit button for Admin, right above a poll Plugin menu in toolbar Inline css & js incuding Css & js connection only where it's needed and so on. See changelog More Info This plugin is a reborn of onc
124 websites WordPress Polls plugin is an wonderful tool for creating polls and survey forms for your visitors. You can use our polls on widgets, posts and pages. It's not easy to create WordPress Polls for website without coding knowledge. That's we done our best to help WordPress users and developers to create WordPress Polls easily and quickly.Our WordPress Polls plugin is the best way to create Polls and survey forms for your website. WordPress Polls plugin have a lot of features that you will like. Here are some of features of our WordPress Polls plugin. Features of WordPress Polls plugin Fully Responsive WordPress Polls Easy install and use WordPress Polls plugin works perfectly with all versions of WordPress Ability to use WordPress Polls on pages and posts Ability to use shortcode button for adding Polls on your pages and posts Ability to use WordPress Polls on sidebars
Simply Poll
70 websites Simply, it adds polling functionality to your WordPress site Creating polls is now easy! With this plugin you can easily create a poll, add it to a page or post and users can instantly vote. Allows the creation of unlimited polls with up to 10 answers each. Theming is also possible by altering the files in view/client (though hope to improve theming greatly in future updates).
WP Easy Poll
9 websites This is an easy to setup polling/ voting plugin for users. Create Polls from admin panel and display in widgets. Use this plugin as a voting solution for your wordpress site. The plugin is very easy to setup and use. Just create polls and add the poll widget in the sidebar. Registered users as well as visitors of your site can submit votes. One user can submit vote only once per poll. Visitor's votes are tracked by their IP addresses. This is a simple user polling plugin. Create polls from admin panel. Unlimited polls can be created from admin panel. Add polls to the widget areas of your site. Multiple poll widgets can be added in your site. Users can submit vote from frontend and view voting results. Admin can view poll reports from admin panel. WP Easy Poll PRO In the PRO version Users will be able to create Polls from frontend of your site. * Polls created by users will not be visible in the si
WordPress Survey & Poll
32 websites WordPress Survey and Poll offers unique solution to get your visitors' feedbacks directly on your WordPress website. Demo | Pro Version - Modal Survey | WordPress & Jquery Plugins The surveys are deeply customizable, RGB color picker helps to create the design of the survey just as you imagined. The polls can automatically open as a modal window or it is possible to display it with clicking on a link or embed the survey to any page or post with shortcodes. Users' feedbacks are really important to make you WordPress website enjoyable for your visitors. WordPress Survey and Poll Plugin provides a wide variety of options to get any informations and display it with an impressive, animated graph. All polls are anonymous, doesn't need to log in to fi
8 websites The DynaPoll plugin enables you to embed your DynaPoll polls into your WordPress site. Create a poll at If you would like to host one of your polls or, indeed, any poll from DynaPoll on your site then this is the plugin for you! You can setup a DynaPoll poll on It's extremely easy to install and even easier to use this plugin.You can check out the following video which demonstrates the use of the plugin. Full instructions found at:
Poll one wp plugin
31 websites Poll one wp plugin is simple Ajax based pool plug-in for WordPress. using this plug-in we can customize the pool in the website widget. Check official website for live demo Live Demo More info Comments/Suggestion About author Poll one wp plug-in is simple Ajax based poll plug-in for WordPress. using this plug-in we can customize the pool in the website widget. In the admin we have option to create
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Colored Vote Polls
151 websites Add polls with multiple choice of answers to your site. Display the results in colors from red to green, or any color you like. Perfect to show your p Create polls with as many questions with choices of answers has you like. Each answer can have a color associated to it. Make answers mandatory or not. Add polls to post and pages with shortcode. Easy to setup and use. Features View screenshots. An image is worth a 1000 words! Polls have a title and a description Each poll has N number of questions Each poll has N number of possible answers Each answer is associated with a color Display the results in original order of answers, most voted or most positive/negative Make any question mandatory or not to answer Control votes by either IP/cookie/user Simple and easy to use Non intrusive styles. With CSS knowledge, you can easily restyle to your liking
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