NK Google Analytics
44 websites NK Google Analytics for WordPress adds necessary javascript to enable Google Analytics tracking on your website. Need Google Analytics on your website? NK Google Analytics adds the required javascript to track your website, it supports Classic, Universal and Remarketing Google Analytics tracking code. For more information about Google Analytics visit: Google Analytics For more information about Display Advertising Support Display Advertising NK Google Analytics its simple, just add your Google Analytics ID and click "Save changes"
Google Analytics Dashboard for WP
292 websites Displays Google Analytics reports in your WordPress Dashboard. Inserts the latest Google Analytics tracking code in your pages. This Google Analytics for WordPress plugin enables you to track your site using the latest Google Analytics tracking code and allows you to view key Google Analytics reports in your WordPress install. In addition to a set of general Google Analytics reports, in-depth Page reports and in-depth Post reports allow further segmentation of your analytics data, providing performance details for each post or page from your website. The Google Analytics tracking code is fully customizable through options and hooks, allowing advanced data collection using custom dimensions and events. Google Analytics Real-Time Google Analytics reports, in real-time, in your dashboard screen: Real-time number of visitors Real-time acquisition channels Real-time traffic sources details Google Analytics Reports The Googl
WSAnalytics - Google Analytics And Dashboards
23 websites Google API Based WordPress Plugin for Analytics implementation and Dashboards, See Live, Post/Page and other Stats inside admin area. WSAnalytics - A very simple way to install Google Analytics and have all it's feature under WordPress Admin area, WSAnalytics creates Google Analytics Dashboard helps to-do all implementation for Google Analytics. Features: Install Google Analytics on Your WordPress in few clicks. Option to choose between tradition Google Analytics (ga.js) vs Universal Google Analytics (analytics.js) Enable Demographic feature with Google Analytics Google Analytics Dashboard (Real Time Stats, General Stats, Keyword Stats, Top Country Stats, Top City Stats, and much more) Statistics (General) under the single posts/pages in wp-admin Realtime data Google Analytics data about user
Google Universal Analytics
2 websites Adds the latest Google Universal Analytics JavaScript tracking code to your WordPress website. Many options! Adding Google Analytics code to your website has never been easier. Simply copy and paste your tracking code or property ID and that's it. Why Google Universal Analytics is better than the usual Google Analytics? User ID tracking (track user across different devices); Event tracking (track downloads, mailto links, clicks on external URLs and Call tracking); Remarketing (Google AdWords, Display Advertising); Demographics and Interests reporting; IP Anonymization; SSL security for tracking data; Enhanced Link Attribution; Custom domain configuration; Disable Google Analytics tracking for specific WordPress users; Older Google Analytics tracking available; Tracking code customization; Simplified user interface; It is the new analytics standard set by Google;
Better Google Analytics
2014 websites Track everything with Google Analytics (clicked links, emails opened, YouTube videos being watched, etc.). Includes real time Analytics dashboard. The Better Google Analytics plugin allows you to easily add Google Analytics code to your website and gives you the power to track virtually everything. Better Google Analytics includes heat maps, reports, charts, events and site issue tracking in your WordPress admin area without the need to log into your Google Analytics account. Better Google Analytics allows you to manage your Google Analytics account from within your WordPress admin area (for example you can create/edit Google Analytics Goals). In addition, Better Google Analytics makes A/B (split) testing a breeze (no code required) so you can find what variations work the best for your site by using Google Analytics Content Experiments. Simple To Setup The Better Google Analytics plugin can automatically configure your Google Analytics account to maximiz
WP Google Analytics
331 websites Lets you use Google Analytics to track your WordPress site statistics WP Google Analytics makes it easy to track your site's usage, with lots of helpful additional data. Features: Uses Google's asynchronous tracking method which is faster and more reliable. Automatically tracks site speed Option to log outgoing links as events Option to log 404 errors as events Use custom variables in Google Analytics to track additional data on pageviews including: Author Categories Tags Context (such as home, category, post, author, etc) Date Logged in Anything - Use the built-in filter to add your own! Allows you to ignore any user roles (administrators, editors, authors, etc) Collaborate on the plugin: WP Google Analytics B
Simple Google Analytics
58 websites A simple Plugin to add Analytics code on your pages. You simply enter your ID, you choose if you are on a sub-domain and add your domain name. Simple Google Analytics allows you to easilly add your Google Analytics code on all your pages. Just add your ID, choose if you are on a sub-domain (setting in Google Analytics code), and enter the domain. That's all, you're ready to go. You can also choose where to put the code (Header or Footer), and add the SiteSpeed option from Google Analytics. Simple Google Analytics will not track admin users logged-in. This plugin is largely inspired by the Google Analytics Input plugin from Roy Duff ( ). If you have any question, you can find the plugin page here :
Google Analytics by Yoast
4774 websites Track your WordPress site easily with the latest tracking codes and lots added data for search result pages and error pages. The Google Analytics by Yoast plugin for WordPress allows you to track your blog easily and always stays up to date with the newest features in Google Analytics. Upgrade to GA by Yoast Premium If you need support or want to use custom dimensions, upgrade to Google Analytics by Yoast Premium today! Full list of features: Simple installation through integration with Google Analytics API: authenticate, select the site you want to track and you're done. This plugin uses the universal or the asynchronous Google Analytics tracking code, the fastest and most reliable tracking code Google Analytics offers. Gives you incredibly nice visitor metri
Google Analytics Popular Posts
103 websites This is a WordPress plugin to list the most popular posts on the blog using Google Analytics statistics. (English) This is a WordPress plugin to list the most popular posts on the blog using Google Analytics statistics. To view a list, you can choose from three methods of shortcode, sidebar widget or custom PHP code. A new feature, you can now display the posted date and excerpts. The posted date and excerpt can be switched to hidden at option menu. (Japanese) これは、Google Analyticsの統計情報を使用して、ブログ上で最も人気のある記事を一覧表示するWordPressプラグインです。 一覧表示する方法として、ショートコード、サイドバーウィジェットまたはカスタムのPHPコードの3つの方法から選択することができます。 新機能として、投稿した日付と抜粋表示
Google Analyticator
43774 websites Easily view your Google Analytics and real-time statistics inside WordPress! Makes it super simple to add your tracking code too. Google Analyticator makes it super easy to view Google Analytics within your WordPress dashboard. This eliminates the need to edit your template code to begin logging. Google Analyticator also includes several widgets for displaying Analytics data in the admin and on your blog. One of the most popular WordPress plugins for Google Analytics! Over 3.5+ million downloads. Check out our other plugin for getting more traffic here. Features Google Analyticator Has the Following Features: Supports Universal (analytics.js) and traditional analytics (ga.js) Includes an admin dashboard widget that displays a graph of the last 30 days of visitors, a summary of site usage, the top pages, the top referrers, and the top searches Includes a widget that can be used to display visitor s
Google Analytics Dashboard By Analytify
209 websites Just 1-Click and you get Google Analytics Dashboard inside your WordPress Admin Panel. eCommerce Analytics for WooCommerce is available too. Analytify - makes Google Analytics simple for everywhere in WordPress (posts,pages and custom post types etc). It presents the statistics in a beautiful way under the WordPress Posts/Pages at front end, backend and in its own Dashboard. Now you can get Google Analytics Dashboard inside your WordPress Dashboard within a minute. Google Analytics Premium Partner - Read what Google is saying about us. 1-Click Install is now available in free version too Premium Version: This plugin has a premium version, which is more easy to
WP Scroll Depth
193 websites Add user scrolling events to your Google Analytics simply by installing this plugin. WP Scroll Depth is a simple WordPress plugin that loads and calls the Scroll Depth jQuery script. Google Analytics doesn't capture user scrolling information by default. This could be very important information if you have tall, scrolling, pages. Scroll Depth sends this information as Google Analytics events. From the Scroll Depth website: Scroll Depth is a small Google Analytics plugin that allows you to measure how far down the page your users are scrolling. It monitors the 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% scroll points, sending a Google Analytics Event at each one. You can also track when specific elements on the page are scrolled into view. On a blog, for example, you could send a Scroll Depth event whenever the user reaches the end of a post. The plugin supports Universal Analytics, Classic Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager.
GAS Injector
3 websites GAS Injector for WordPress will help you add Google Analytics on Steroids (GAS) to your WordPress blog. GAS Injector for WordPress is a plugin which makes it easy for you to start collecting statistics with Google Analytics on your WordPress blog. This plugin make use of Google Analytics on Steriods (GAS) for more advanced analytics tracking eg. outbound links, forms, movies, mailto links etc. This plugin is based on the GAS project on Github: After the installation of the plugin you just click on the "GAS Injector" in the "Settings" menu and add your Google Tracking code (eg. UA-xxxxx-1) and your domain (eg. in the admin form. This plugin also exclude the visits from the Administrator if he/she is currently logged in.
WP Google Analytics Events
889 websites Track Events Google Analytics on your website - Enables you to send an event when a user Scrolls or Click an element on your website. The WP Google Analytics Events plugin allows you to send events to Google Analytics for: 1. A user scrolls to a point of interest on your site 2. Clicking elements on the page, such as a Video play button or an Ajax submit form. For example, create a Google Analytics event when a visitor scrolled down and viewed your pricing table. Track Video Plays and banner clicks. Get to know what your visitors are doing on the website. The plugin also supports the new Universal Tracking code by Google. Plugin Documentation
Gravitate Event Tracking
316 websites Easily create Tracking Events to be sent to Google Analytics. Author: Gravitate Description: Easily create Tracking Events to be sent to Google Analytics. This Plugin only adds the Tracking Script to your website. It does not offer any reports. To view the Tracking details, you will need to login to your Google Analytics account that is associated with this website. Google Analytics Reports for Event Tracking are in real time, so you should be able to see the results immediately from your Google Analytics account.
Google Analytics Tracking For Forms
57 websites Get Google Analytics tracking data and send it through hidden fields on a web form, great for seeing the source of your form leads and enquiries. This plugin requires that you are already tracking your site visitors with Google Analytics. This plugin grabs that data and allows you to add it to a form in your site using hidden fields. The information includes: Source: where the visitor was referred from (search engine, email list, CPC ad, banner ad etc), Search term - what they actually typed into the search engine Type: Whether the visitor is considered Paid or Organic Campaign: you can identify specific campaigns and referring URL (use the Google URL builder) This is specific information attached to each lead, and provides valuable insights for your marketing or online sales. Google Analytics is fine for telling you aggregate, big picture information. But with this plugin, you can drill into the detail and find out which search terms ar
Anflex GA - Google Analytics for WordPress
50 websites Anflex GA quickly adds Google Analytics tracker code to WordPress websites, providing admin exclusion, external/download link tracking using Event Tra Anflex GA quickly adds Google Analytics code to WordPress-based websites. Administrator can be excluded from being tracked. External Link and Download Link tracking can be enabled (using Event Tracking) Screenshots and helps in detail please visit
GA Nav Menus Tracking
60 websites Add tracking events to your WordPress navigation menu items! Reference: This plugin adds custom fields to your nav menu items that represent the parameters for the _trackEvent method of Google Analytics. This plugin requires that you already have Google Analytics tracking active on your WordPress website. For example you have Yoast's Google Analytics for WordPress installed and activated.
Google Analytics Suite
79 websites Gather actionable and decission-enabling data wihtin five minutes. View it directly in your Google Analytics dashboards. Gather actionable and decission-enabling data wihtin five minutes. View it directly in your Google Analytics dashboards. Track Pageviews Scroll depth Page speed Downloads(pdf,zip,rar, exe + custom types) Adsense link (+ auto finder) Anonymize IP,Respect Do-Not-Track Video is viewed best in 1080p Requirements: WordPress 3.0 or higher PHP5 Google Anatyics Account
Google Analytics Visits
191 websites Uses GAPI (Google Analytics PHP Interface) to fetch data from your analytics account and displays visits from each country in the widget with flags. This wordpress plugin uses GAPI (by Stig Manning) to fetch data from your analytics account and displays user visits from each country in the widget with Country Flags. You will have to enter your analytics account details in the options page "Google Analytics Visits". Features Various display options: (Option to display Country Names or Flags or Both with user-defined number of results) , (Option to hide header ( Flags Country... )), (Option to display - Visits, Total Visits, Pageviews, Total Pageviews with percentages if you choose to hide the actual visits count), (Option to display - Total Countries that visited). Flags: Stats with country flags (New: With CSS Sprite support). Cache support:
Google Analytics y la ley de Cookies
249 websites Si tu sitio web utiliza Google Analytics, te ayudamos a cumplir con la llamada Ley de Cookies española (artículo 22 de la LSSI) ¿Utilizas Google Analytics y estás preocupado por la nueva ley de cookies? Si es tu caso, las cookies que utiliza Google Analytics están afectadas por esta ley y por lo tanto debes poner mecanismos para obtener el consentimiento informado del usuario para usarlas. Este plugin te ayuda a cumplir con la ley de manera rápida y sencilla. ¿Cómo conseguir esto? Desactiva cualquier plugin de Google Analyitcs que tengas activo en WordPress Instala el plugin Personaliza los mensajes (esto es opcional) Ya está. No hay paso 4 Resumiendo un poco la situación legal: a día de hoy cualquier sitio web que utilice cookies no técnicas necesita el consentimiento informado del usuario. Esto es, como administrador de un sitio web has de informar al usuario de las cookies no técnicas que utilizas y para q
Adjusted Bounce Rate
34 websites A well-designed plugin that improves the accuracy of your bounce rate, time on page, and session duration metrics in Google Analytics. Google Analytics does not properly track some important engagement metrics like Avg Session Duration, Avg Session Duration, and Bounce Rate. This plugin uses a commonly-accepted JavaScript method of improving the accuracy of these stats. This plugin addresses the issues as identified by the Google Analytics team at: Others have also blogged about their own solutions at: http://
Surbma - Premium WP
10 websites Useful extensions for your WordPress website. WordPress is a great platform and a good basis. But it needs plugins to add functions, which is necessary for almost every website. The aim of this plugin is to add very useful extensions to your WordPress website. Here is a list of the current functions: Extra fields: It gives a central place, where you can add your basic informations, like name, address, phone or email. Use shortcodes to add these informations to your site. If you ever need to change any of this information, you can change it in one place and all your informations will automatically update. Wow! Google Analytics: An easy way to use Google Analytics tracking on your website. You only need to add your UA code and everything is done automatically. You can add your Classic or your Universal Analytics code and you can set display features option, if you want. Googl
Reduce Bounce Rate
1031 websites Get the real Bounce Rate and Time On Site in Google Analytics. Simple and effective. Get the real Time On Site and Bounce Rate in Google Analytics. Google Analytics calculates the Time On Site based on the length of time between a user entering your site and their last page view. This won't give you the REAL Time on Site and Bounce Rate stats. FEATURES Compatible with Google Analytics by Yoast Old and new tracking codes are supported Code placement choice between header and footer Track what percentage of a page has been scrolled Change time event frequency Set maximum tracking time Disable for administrator role Worst case scenario A visitor is very interested in one of your pages and takes 2 minutes and 13 seconds to read the article. After this he bookmarks the page and leaves. This visitor stayed 2 minutes and 13 seconds on your page, but never interacted
8 websites Embed the power of Google Analytics in your WordPress Admin console and view key metrics for each of your domains from one place. Googlyzer adds an administrative dashboard to WordPress with microcharts for tracking website traffic data from Google Analytics, allowing WordPress administrators to easily view Google Analytics data for their website(s) without leaving their WordPress Admin console. Key Features: Automatically loads Google Analytics async tracking code in header or footer, with customizable options Fully customizable Home Dashboard widget showing your selected key metrics and most popular page stats Fully customizable Main Dashboard with linecharts, piecharts, and tables for display of your desired metric/dimension data Change default dimensions and metrics for any chart or table Choose whether or not to display chart metadata (max, min, last, avg) Choose whether to display individual charts, and tabl
40 websites Displays the most visited posts as a widget using data from Google Analytics. Designed to be used under high-traffic or low server resources. This plugin displays the most visited posts as a widget using data extracted from Google Analytics. It is designed to work with high-traffic sites and all types of caching. IMPORTANT! You need to have Google Analytics active on your site if you want to use this plugin! Features Connection with Google Analytics Account using OAuth 2.0 method; Starting with the plugin version 3.0 we have switched to GA API v3 Offers a widget displaying the most visited posts as simple links (no styling); The widget can display the most visited posts from the past day, week or month; You can set the number of posts to be displayed between 1 and 250; It can also display the number of views as counted by Google Analytics; i18n support/translation requests are more than welcome; Generate the list of the
Track Everything
69 websites Track Everything makes using Google Analytics on a WordPress site easy. Attach tracking to forms, links, or any CSS selector. Track Everything makes event tracking simple. By default the plugin tracks form submissions, external links and emails. However, you can customize it to track nearly any common event using CSS selectors. The plugin allows users to label events or completely customize events' Category, Action , and Label as allowed by Analytics. By using Google Analytics Event Tracking you can get a more detailed view of what users do on your site and track beyond what Google Analytics offers by default. WordPress Track Everything acts as a simple interface for jQuery Track Everything, allowing anyone to easily track events on their WordPress
10 websites Displays your visits from Google Analytics in a Feedburner like style in the sidebar of your blog via widget interface or anywhere else via function c Displays your visits from Google Analytics in a Feedburner like style in the sidebar of your blog via widget interface or anywhere else via function call. The plugin displays always the visits from yesterday. The Plugins comes with 4 layouts so far. We're planning to release some more layouts with the next version. Feel free to contact us to get you own layout included. Note: It's not a live counter because that would produce a lot of overhead. Like 2 api calls per visitor + the dynamic image generation. That would slow done you blog for sure.
Trackable Social Share Icons
23 websites The Trackable Social Share Icons plugin enables blog readers to easily share posts via social media networks, including Facebook and Twitter. All shar Increase the reach of your blog with social network sharing, and track the number of share clicks in Google Analytics. Trackable Social Share Icons plugin is a simple, intuitive, and customizable plugin that places social media icons, such as Twitter and Facebook, at the bottom of WordPress posts and pages. Users can click on the icon to share the blog post over social networks without ever leaving the page. All clicks on the social icons are automatically tracked in your Google Analytics, under Event Tracking. Tracking data is not shared with us or any 3rd party – only someone with access to your Google Analytics will see it in any form. Key Features Integrates with Google Analytics Choose where and how icons display 12 sets to choose from, or upload your own Trackable Facebook "Like" button Add custom butt
Google Adsense Adblock Tracker
4 websites Detects if user is using adblock or not and sends the tracking data to google analytics. Detects if user is using adblock or not and sends the tracking data to google analytics. How to Install the plugin and see tracking data on google analytics. Behavior -> Top events -> Event Action Plugin Homepage We are here
Blunt GA
11 websites This plugin is no longer supported. See the description. I will no longer be supporting this plugin. This plugin supports Classic (or Old) GA. Univiersal Analytics is out of Beta and in a short time Google will require that everyone converts their GA accounts to UA. Everyone should be migrating upgrading their accounts and migrating to the new code. Please see my previous announcements below. My suggestion is to switch to UA and use Google Tag Manager to do all the event tracking this plugin was doing and more. Installs GA on site. Event tracking of outbound, email, click to call and document links. Form Tracking. Conversion Tracking. Cross site Tracking. Anouncement: With recent changes to the
Simple GA Ranking
2 websites Ranking plugin using data from google analytics. Ranking plugin using data from google analytics. How use Set your Google analytics account and so on at the Simple GA Ranking's option page (Settings->Simple GA Ranking). Put the short code at where you'd like to show the ranking. You can use many kind of filters by post-type or taxonomy. For example, you can show only posts and pages by [sga_ranking post_type="post,page"]. Also, showing posts in only WordPress category by [sga_ranking post_type="post" category__in="wordpress"]. The short code supports parameters as follows: post_type, exclude_post_type, 'taxonomy_slug'__in, 'taxonomy_slug'__not_in, filter. All parameters except “filter” need to be set the slug(s). post_type: set the attribute of th
Google Translate WordPress » WP Translate
1 websites Google Translate WordPress Plugin. Adds a Google Translate widget to your WordPress website. Google Translate WordPress Plugin This Google Translate WordPress Plugin dynamically adds a Google Translate widget to the upper right of your users' screen. This will allow visitors to translate your website content to any language. Bring your WordPress website to the global market place today! SEE DEMO WP Translate Pro Plugin Newly added - Google Analytics integration - See what languages visitors are translating your content into. WordPress Plugin Features Set your website's default language Track translation usage with Goolge Analytics Enhanced widget posi
Simple Cart & Buy Now
17 websites Simple shopping cart system provides buy now buttons to purchase items via Paypal. Also links to Google Analytics to tracks sales. Add "Add to Cart" buttons to your pages / posts with sidebar widget showing items currently in customer's shopping cart. When customer clicks on 'Go to Checkout' then can purchase items via Paypal. Simple, secure shopping cart system stores no user information (email, address, credit card, etc) but uses encrypted buy now buttons to pass customer over to Paypal for providing purchasing information. Features: Easily add "Add to Cart" buttons to pages / posts Secure, encrypted Buy Now buttons for Paypal and Google Wallet You can include options to your products, with different prices if necessary Easy to customize, including custom functions to get pricing (e.g. volume discounts), shipping options, etc Optionally adds Google Analyics tracking code and links Paypal purchases with Google Analytics Ecommerce
DuracellTomi's Google Tag Manager for WordPress
6948 websites The first Google Tag Manager plugin for WordPress with business goals in mind. Google Tag Manager (GTM) is Google's free tool to everyone to be able to manage your analyitcs, PPC and other code snipetts using an intuitive web UI. This plugin can place the necessary container code snippet into your website so that you do not need to edit your theme files. Multiple containers are supported! Basic data included Google Tag Manager for WordPress (aka GTM4WP or GTM 4 WP) builds a so called dataLayer variable for you. Using this you can manage your tags very easily since you can fire them using rules that include post/page titles post/page dates post/page category names post/page tag names post/page author names post types post count on the current page + in the current category/tag/taxonomy logged in status logged in user role logged in user ID (to
Professional Share
19 websites Professional Share is a free WordPress plugin that is optimized for the social media buttons that professionals and B2B companies need. Professional Share is a free WordPress plugin that is optimized for the social media buttons that professionals and B2B companies need most. It’s optimized for speed and analytics with proper placements for posts and pages. Core buttons applicable to professionals and B2B – focus is on LinkedIn and Facebook action verb “recommend”. Drive quality traffic to your site while simplifying the user experience. Full Google Analytics Social Tracking. Google Analytics reports successful shares only. Tracks shares, recommends, AND unlikes. Official button code from LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, and Facebook. and OpenGraph meta tags for more precise sharing. Allows Twitter username entry so Tweets can be attributed to you – (the AddThis plugin does not!). Plugin buttons can load once in the page speeding up the user exp