Surveys by Feedback Cat
5 websites Surveys by Feedback Cat Helps You Grow Your Business Or Blog By Making It Easy To Gather Feedback Using Onpage User Surveys. Surveys by Feedback Cat is the first WordPress plugin that lets you read people’s minds. Well, sort of. When you use our plugin you’ll be able to know what your users are really thinking. Unfortunately, though, “reading minds” here doesn’t mean doing anything out of the X-Men movies. We’re not talking mind reading in that sense. Instead, Surveys by Feedback Cat lets you create surveys and get direct user feedback. With this feedback, you will know what your users are thinking. You can then use their thoughts from the survey to grow your business more effectively. So, do you have 2 minutes? That’s how “long” it takes to set up Surveys by Feedback Cat. You’ll find complete installation instructions below. But don’t expect anything long or time-consuming. It really is easy to get up and running with Surveys by Feedback
Beautiful Feedback
6 websites Add beautifull ajax based feedback form to your blog Sliding beautiful configurable ajax based feedback form. Powered by jQuery. Выезжающая красивая настраиваемая форма обратной связи. Работает на аяксе, использует jQuery.
HGK Feedback Form
28 websites HGK Feedback Form plugin adds feedback (or comment) form to any page or post. HGK Feedback Form plugin adds feedback (or comment) form to any page or post. It does that by replacing '<!-- hgk feedback form -->' magic comment with the form's HTML. User submitted content is sent by e-mail to specified e-mail address. HGK Feedback Form features clean look and feel similar to WordPress' standard Submit Comment form, yet it is customizable via included style.css. The following options can be set from plugin's admin panel: Recipient e-mail address for user feedback submissions. Subject for notification e-mail. Message to show user in case of successful feedback submission. Message to show user in case of submission errors.
WP Customer Feedback
6 websites Give users a quick and easy way to provide feedback. Feedback is sent directly to you, away from competitors eyes. Increases leads and conversions. Sick of wondering what your visitors are thinking? A loyal customer of a small business website can spend thousands of dollars over the course of a few years. Smart business owners spend up big on ads, coupons, and discounts, to get new customers in the door. But getting new customers should be just the start To keep customers happy and engaged you need to understand them. Do you know: How they got to your site? What products they want to see? What features they think your site needs? Is anything holdeing them back from buying more? Are there things you could be doing better? You're always better off knowing more. If you know what's putting people off, you can change it. If you know what people love, you can give them more of it. You need all the customer feedback you can get. Savvy p
Anyway Feedback
28 websites This plugin enable users to send feedback with single click. This may support you to analyze your user's opinion. Works like Facebook's help Anyway Feedback provides simple controller with 2 buttons(Useful and Useless). Users can send feedback to specific post or comment. What you get is amount of positive feed backs and negative ones per post types. Typical usage is for FAQ. You could know if your FAQs are usefull or not. Sidebar also supported. You can display sidebar which includes the most popular posts per post type. If you have some request, feel free to contact me. For experienced developper, I'm waiting for pull requests on NOTICE Requires PHP 5.3 and over.
Front-End Help or Feedback Widget
2 websites Easily enables your visitors to send you a quick query, request for help, provide feedback or raise a support request, instantly with no hassles. This plugin provides a quick way to get any support query or feedback from your site visitors or registered users via email. This plugin gives a simple widget. All you need to do is provide a title and an email address in the widget to receive emails. Visitors do not have to search for a menu or link on your site to provide a feedback or ask a query. They will now see a simple support/feedback form on the sidebar. If email id is not specified, the plugin uses site administrator's email id. Receiver gets a well formatted email having a default subject 'Support query or Feedback from a visitor'. This email also contains a link that enables a quick reply.
9 websites FeedBack is a standard inspired by PingBack, and designed to establish relatively secure push mechanisms for feed sharing and management. FeedBack is a standard inspired by PingBack, and designed to establish relatively secure push mechanisms for feed sharing and management. Feedback is standard developed in the frame of iCamp project (See To be able to understand the point, just imagine you are subscribed to different newspapers, and each newspaper sends an e-mail to you whenever something new happens, and whenever you open your inbox you see some mails coming from different newspapers, which means in your inbox you hold an aggregated content of different newspapers. So, feedback plug-in for WordPress enables you to use such mechanism for blogs, in our example the subscription was one way, but in feedback case each blog owner can subscribe and can be subscribed by others. If you subscribe other people's blogs, whenever a user posts something, you
AKM Feedback Form
8 websites Just insert the [AKMFORM] shortcode in pages of your WordPress site to display a simple and easy to use Feedback form. Install and activate the plugin. Then add the [AKMFORM] shorttag in pages and posts to display a simple and easy to use Feedback form. This Plugin is best to use in sidebar. All Emails are directly forward to admin's Email address This feedback form includes jquery form validation.
Was This Helpful
17 websites Get reviews about posts/pages from visitors to make your blog more valuable for readers. Was This Helpful is a wordpress plugin to get valuable feedback from your readers. While a positive feedback motivates to do better, a negative review helps to find the shortfalls and improve your blog making it more useful for other visitors. How it Works Reader will see a innovative & interactive Yes/No interface to give feedback. Blog owner can see all yes & no in the backend. Here is a quick highlight on the numerous customizable features offered by the free and pro versions of the Was This Helpful Version. Lite Version (Free) Display Feedback Option on Posts Or Page. You can enable/disable it using backend. You can display feedback option below the post. You can enable/disable it using backend. Show/Hide feedback option in ar
Usernoise modal feedback / contact form
383 websites Modal contact / feedback form designed "the Apple way". Usernoise is a "just works" modal contact / feedback form. It became responsive starting from 3.5 release. You will not need to change even a line of code in your site. Demo Usernoise demo is available at - a "Feedback" button at the left. Go Pro Usernoise Pro adds even more features, like: Public feedback comments CSS customization for every piece of public interface. Advanced debug info gathered along with feedback Ability to use custom Feedback buttons without code modifications. Second email for admin notifications. [usernoise] form shortcode to embed the form right into WP pag
CBX Feedback
15 websites CBX Fixed Vertical Feedback Button Vertical fixed feedback button for wordpress This shows a vertical feedback button in fixed position in your site ,which is very useful to collect your visitors feedback and impress the visitor .The plugin gives you flexibility to edit your button as you want Features: Display a awesome feedback button vertically in your chosen post type or page in your desired position Is 100% customizable ,You can choose background color ,text ,hover color as you wish Can open an external link in new tab Very easy to edit and highly eye catching Single Button Pro Version: There is a pro version of this plugin supported from our company site which supports unlimited buttons and supports 5 Different Contact forms Fast Secure Contact Form CForms II Contact Form 7 Ninja Form
GuildQuality Member Feedback Widget
10 websites A simple widget that displays a Guildmember's feedback. GuildQuality surveys on behalf of quality minded homebuilders, remodelers and contractors GuildQuality's Member Feedback Widget plugin for WordPress allows you to display a feed of recent published comments and reviews from your GuildQuality account on your WordPress site or blog. GuildQuality surveys on behalf of quality minded home builders, remodelers and contractors. You must have a member account with GuildQuality in order to utilize this plugin. Don't have an account? Visit to sign up for a free trial. Style the widget to fit your site with an easy to use form on the widget administration panel. This widget will help promote the quality of your services and express your commitment to quality to your site visitors. Simply install this plugin and include the widget on one of your widget areas of your site to include your feedback on your site or blog.
Contact Form
450 websites Easily create a contact form for your WordPress site. Easily create a contact form for your WordPress site. Upgrade to the Pro Version - add captcha for Free What you get when you use the WordPress contact form plugin Allow users to contact you Create a form with a simple shortcode [think_contact/] Why you should use a contact form If you don't have a contact form on your site now, you may think a contact form is not necessary. You may think you don't need a contact form because you don't have a lot of visitors to your site. You may also think a contact form is not necessary because you don't think anyone wants to contact you. Both of these reasons are wrong assumptions. You need a contact form on your site. No matter how little your tr
1 websites wp-reactions is a plugin that allows blog authors to gather a reader's gut reaction after reading a post. At it's core, wp-reactions is designed to encourage readers to leave some sort of feedback after reading a post on your blog. Instead/as well as leaving a comment, Reactions gives readers the option of providing their 'gut reaction' to a post by providing a form consisting of a list of author-specified terms that the user can choose from. The list of terms that a user can choose from to describe their reaction can be modified by the author to fit the needs of the blog. As a specific example, the author of a link-blog may choose to get feedback on whether readers have already seen the content elsewhere. This information could then be used to determine 'freshness' of the links.
Popup Surveys & Polls (
8 websites Popup surveys lets you poll visitors with questions about your site. Use this feedback to build a better blog or business. Don't guess what your visitors want, ask them directly - right on your website. Popup surveys allows you to ask visitors directly on your website about your blog, your business, your products, or ANYTHING else, by creating popup surveys or polls that your visitors will see on ANY page of your website. You can use this feedback to build better landing pages, improve your products, or increase the effectivness of your website. This is a full featured plugin where you can build 3 kinds of surveys: Multiple choice surveys (with an unlimited number of choices) Net promoter score Text response All of the results are stored on your OWN website, and no information is shared with any external server. Other features: Create an unlimited amount of surveys Run multiple surveys at the same time (o
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Contact Bank - Contact Forms Builder
1776 websites Contact Bank is an ultimate form builder wordpress plugin that lets you create contact forms in seconds with ease. Contact Bank is an ultimate WordPress Plugin loaded with 200+ Features and designed to create simple but powerful contact forms easily and hassle free within few seconds. Contact Bank provides you with powerfull Control Panel and Shortcode Manager make getting started super easy. Contact Bank has become the Best Plugin in the world for WordPress sites to display forms. It has been designed to provide easiness and simplicity to the end user. It is a very simple but fully loaded with 200+ features(Premium Version) Plugin. Live Demos & Documentation - Contact Bank
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