Transpose Email
316 websites Keeps your email safe from spammers when you want to use mailto: links. Putting your email address in a blog post is an open invitation to spammers. There are several methods to prevent this, like using a contact form or obfuscating your email. Transpose Email plugin allows you to use JavaScript to create an encoded link. Clicking that link will trigger the user's email client to open and create an email. You have the option to set the default subject line to whatever you want.
Email Popup by Optin Cat
22 websites Email Popup by Optin Cat Helps You Convert More Blog Visitors Into Subscribers. Create Email Popup In Less Than 2 Minutes. “The World’s Most Dangerous Plugin!” WARNING: Do NOT let our plugin, Email Popup by Optin Cat, fall into the wrong hands. If you see any evildoers (Lex Luthor, Darth Vader, etc.) do NOT let them get Email Popup by Optin Cat. Please, please, please guard Email Popup by Optin Cat with your life. We don’t want the bad guys getting this popup plugin because of how powerful it is. Imagine being able to get more email subscribers than ever before. Do you understand what that would do to your business? No, seriously, do you? Forget the jokes for a minute and think about it. If you are a blogger or a content marketer, you need subscribers. They are your oxygen. If you don’t get enough subscribers - your blog asphyxiates and your dreams of online success die a slow and painful death. But what happens if y
HumansNotBots - Easy, Accessible Email Cloaker
114 websites "email AT address DOT com" (without quotes) is converted to a clickable version of [email protected] if JavaScript is enabled. This email cloaking method: is accessible for people browsing with screen readers (e.g., blind people); degrades gracefully for browsers without JavaScript; works just like a normal, clickable email address for browsers with JavaScript enabled; and requires no shortcodes. Email addresses in the form email AT address DOT com are converted to a clickable version, [email protected], if JavaScript is enabled. If JavaScript is not enabled (such as for screen readers), then the email address in the form email AT address DOT com is still readable to humans.
Email Obfuscator
73 websites Obfuscates email addresses and mailto: links in your content using ROT13. Email Obfuscator will obfuscate email addresses and mailto links in your content using ROT13. Write email addresses and mailto links as usual, the plugin will automatically find and encode the email addresses. ROT13 decoding is performed by JavaScript. When JavaScript is disabled or not available, a noscript fallback will display the email address as plain text in the form of: name AT domain DOT tld
26 websites Allows a simple petition or email based campaign action to be embedded into any wordpress page or post. This plugin allows a campaign action to be embedded into any wordpress page or post. The supported sequence of events is: The site visitor views the form containing the petition body or an email message. The visitor enters his/her name, email address, postal address etc. and can or may be required to customize the text of the email. The visitor clicks on 'Sign' or 'Send'. If enabled, the site visitor receives an email containing a verification code, which must be rekeyed into the form 5a. If the site visitor is sending as email, an email is sent to the target email address(s) and copied to the visitor's email address. 5b. If the site visitor has signing a petition, a confirmation email is sent to him/her. An email that includes the referer, the visitors IP address and all keyed data is sent to the campaign email address.
Easy Email Subscription
5 websites Easy Email Subscription form with secured captcha. This Plugin allows widget drag n drop form with captcha to display in sidebars.You can also use shortcode to display form anywhere in the template or pages or post.
WP Feedburner Email Subscriber
18 websites Just use Feedburner Email Subscriber service on your website sitebar widget.. Just use Feedburner Email Subscriber service on your website sitebar widget. Full Documentations You can watch this video
Email Subscriber
50 websites Amazing plugin to get visitors email address. Simple way to get visitors email address as email subscriber. use via shortcode to any page with six different themes for subscriber box. Plugin Features Use via shortcode. Unlimited subscribe popup box via shortcode. Six different theme for popup box. paginate subscriber list. Ajax subscriber form. Validate email address. Delete unwanted email address from list. Delay time to display popup box. Test mode or display popup for every refresh.
Email to Download
41 websites Collect email from users before downloading a product IMPORTANT!!! You must flush permalink after activating. Please go to Settings => Permalink => Select anything other than default => Save Addon: 1. Mailchimp Integration: Add the emails to your mailchimp list. Download Now You provide free items to users to download? Like you may provide free plugins, themes, UI kits, html templates or any other digital product. so, why don’t you make a email building list? This plugin will help you to collect email address from your users. When you users will want to download, they will need to provide an email address and the downlaod link will be sent to that user’s email. This way, that user
Simple Email Subscriber
15 websites The simple email subscriber plugin allows user to register their email to the wordpress subscription list Requires user to register for email subscription is a pain: lots blogs doesn't allow user to register even. The simple email subscriber plugin allows user to register their email to the wordpress subscription list, and it's flexible that user can always un-subscribe through click the unsubscribe email link.
Pixeline's Email Protector
34 websites Write email addresses without worrying about spambots and email harvesters. This plugin provides an unobtrusive yet efficient protection against email harvesters / spambots. Post/page authors may write email addresses in their article in the usual format ("[email protected]") without exposing them to spam email harvesters. The plugin takes care of the obfuscation, implementing a graceful degradation technique focusing on usability so as to protect your email addresses from harvesters while keeping them usable to your human visitors. The plugin replaces any email address found in posts, pages, comments and excerpts, and replace them by a bit of html markup that should deceive most email harvesters: <span class="email">john(replace the parenthesis by @)</span>. If javascript is available, it will display a clickable link and display the original email to the human user. Maximum usability, maximum protection.
Benchmark Email Lite
35 websites Benchmark Email Lite lets you build an email list from your WordPress site, and easily send your subscribers email versions of your posts and pages. If you want your blog to reach every reader, you have to use email. The Benchmark Email Lite WordPress Plugin builds an email list right from the pages of your WordPress site, and sends your subscribers email versions of your posts and pages in a flash. See when, where, and who opens or clicks on links or unsubscribes—all live from your WordPress dashboard! With this version you can: Control up to 5 separate Benchmark Email accounts. Build your list of subscribers with a custom signup form widget or shortcode. Send test emails of your blog post before deciding on the final send. Easily send or schedule a formatted email version of your blog posts. View live reports of opened, bounced, unsubscribed, forwarded, and unopened email as well as clicked links. From Blog to Email: Available as an easy-
Email JavaScript Cloak
40 websites A simple plugin to use JavaScript to cloak email addresses in your WordPress content (posts & pages). This plugin lets you use a shortcode to automatically generate 'cloaked' email addresses in your content. What is cloaking? Take an email address like [email protected] If that was to appear on one of your posts/pages, it could easily be 'scraped' or 'harvested' automatically to add that email address to a spam list of some sort. Cloaking is all about making that harder to do. How does this plugin do its cloaking? For any email address you include in your content, using the custom shortcode of [email [email protected]], that email address will appear as "barack -at- whitehouse -dot- gov" in your content initially. JavaScript running in the browser will then convert that email address to a regular, clickable, email link. Whilst i
GoDaddy Email Marketing
311 websites Add the GoDaddy Email Marketing plugin to your WordPress site! Easy to set up, the plugin allows your site visitors to subscribe to your email lists. The GoDaddy Email Marketing signup form plugin makes it easy to grow your subscribers! Use this plugin to integrate your signup forms into your WordPress site. To learn more, pick up a GoDaddy Email Marketing account and explore. Once the plugin is activated, you can select and insert any of your GoDaddy Email Marketing signup forms right into your site by using a widget, shortcode, or template tag. Setup is easy; in the plugin Settings, simply enter your account email address and API key (found in the Settings section of your GoDaddy Email Marketing account), and you're all set. Official GoDaddy Email Marketing Signup Forms plugin features: Automatically add new forms for users to sign up to an email list of your choice Insert unlimited signup forms us
WP Breaking News Mail
2 websites This is a plugin which sends an email to subscribers each time a Breking News is posted. In practical words, you can send an email to your subscribers each time a post is published on one or more categories. The format of the email can also be customised and you can generate emails for each of the following formats: * plaintext excerpt * HTML excerpt Important note: The email alert will be sent only when you publish a post, not on updates. I recommend you create a single category destinated to this email alerts and check it in the plugin settings page, this way, when a breaking new occur you can check this category the email will be sent to your subscribers. You can edit the email templates. The messages in the public form for subscriptions are being shown with ajax Based on Subscribe2: from Matthew Robinson If you have any issue,
Encrypt Email
35 websites This plugin allows users to encrypt emails in their content and widgets using a simple shortcode. The encryption uses a native WordPress function anti This plugin allows users to encrypt emails in their content and widgets using a simple shortcode. The encryption uses a native WordPress function antispambot(). To encrypt your email simply use the shortcode: [encrypt_email email="[email protected]" text="Text displayed"] or since v1.1.0 you can wrap your email in the shortcode using: [encrypted_email][email protected][/encrypted_email] If you want to display specific text use: [encrypted_email text="Text to be displayed goes here"][email protected][/encrypted_email] Since 2.0 you can use the 'Encrypt Email' button on the Visual Editor tab to wrap your selected email. Since 2.1 a lock icon is displayed beside sucessfully encrypted emails, viewable only for logged in users. Futu
Mandrill WP - Email Form Under Post
15 websites Only plugin which have all mandrill functionality as well as Email form under every post. Email Form Under Post - Bring email form under post and send define number of message to define email address. Suppose you set 5 for hello world post when five people contact throgh that post email will be sent to define email address with 5 Contacts. Only one email will be send instead of 5 so its easy to read. You can search any email which is send through mandrill. You can see click link stats. You can change the Popup body color,header color and popup button color drom WordPress PRO Version will be lanch soon. Features: Set mandrill ( details from wp-admin Set from email,name from wp-admin S
Email newsletter
1042 websites A simple way for you to email registered users, commenters and subscribers. Automate user growth and revenue with ReadyGraph integration. Check official website for live demo Live demo More Description Suggestion/comments Email Newsletter plugin has options to send HTML emails/newsletters to registered users, comment authors, subscribers and contact form users. When a visitor registers, comments, subscribes or uses the Simple Contact Form plugin, their information is stored in a database. Email Newsletter plugin users can view their user base, and email users. This plugin also sends automated email up
Email Subscription
677 websites Let the visitors subscribe to your future posts by email. A simple widget to register their email and they wont miss anything. The plugin provides a admin page where you can customize the emails to be sent. There is also a widget to be customized in the widget panel. The plugin uses WordPress schedule events (wp-cron) to schedule emails. For more information see installation page or the Webfish homepage.
WP Email Capture
297 websites Double opt-in form for building your email list. Define landing pages to distribute your ebooks & software. This creates a 2 field form (Name & Email) for capturing emails. Email is double opt in, and allows you to forward opt in to services such as ebooks or software. When you are ready to begin your email marketing campaign, simply export the list into your chosen email marketing software or service. Features:- Widget Ready. Uses WordPress' internal wp_mail function for sending mail. Easily integrated with posts & pages. Dashboard Widget. Export data into CSV files, compatible with most major Email Marketing Programmes (including Aweber, Mailchimp, Groupmail, Constant Contact) Double opt in, so compatible with CAN-SPAM act. And completely free! For more details please visit the official site of
Facebook Comments Notifier
331 websites Get email notifications when Facebook Comments are posted on your WordPress website. The Facebook Comments Notifier plugin adds the facebook comment system in place of the default WordPress comments and creates email notifications on successfully posted comments. The email notification includes: A link back to the page where the comment was submitted The name of the person who submitted the comment The text of the comment Distinction between "Comment" and "Reply" If Facebook Comments are already in place on your WordPress site, this plugin will perform the email notification functionality. The settings area allows for configurable items such as Facebook AppID and the recipient email(s). A Facebook AppID is not required. By default, the plugin will email notifications to the site's admin email address. Facebook Comments Notifier uses the wp_mail() function to send the email notifcations.
1057 websites Allows people to recommend/send your WordPress blog's post/page to a friend. Build Status Development Translations Credits Plugin icon by Yannick from Flaticon Icons courtesy of FamFamFam. Donations I spent most of my free time creating, updating, maintaining and supporting these
BuddyPress Group Email Subscription
23 websites Allows group members to receive email notifications for group activity and forum posts instantly or as daily digest or weekly summary. This powerful plugin allows users to receive email notifications of group activity. Weekly or daily digests are available. Each user can choose how they want to subscribe to their groups. EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION LEVELS There are 5 levels of email subscription options: No Email - Read this group on the web Weekly Summary Email - A summary of new topics each week Daily Digest Email - All the day's activity bundled into a single email New Topics Email - Send new topics as they arrive (but don't send replies) All Email - Send all group activity as it arrives DEFAULT SUBSCRIPTION STATUS Group admins can choose one of the 5 subscription levels as a default that gets applied when new members join. DIGEST AND SUMMARY EMAILS The daily digest email is sent every morning and contains all the emails from all the groups
Double Opt-In for Download
315 websites Capture visitors names and email addresses by offering FREE downloads to your visitors in exchange for their email address with our Double Opt-In Plug The Double Opt-In for download plugin is ideal for building your email list and improving your customer outreach. You simply upload your free download using the plugin admin interface. Once your file is uploaded, just add the generated shortcode to the pages or posts where you would like to show the sign up form. When the subscriber signs up to receive your free download an email with a verification link is sent to their email address. For the subscriber to receive the free download they must click on the link in the email. The link returns the subscriber to your website where the plugin verifies the information and provides the subscriber with a button to retrieve the download. A link to your download is never revealed. Features The free version of Double OPT-IN For Download comes with all the basic features you need to get your empir
Post Notif
21 websites Notify subscribers when you publish new posts. Post Notif is an easy way to keep your readers notified when you've posted something new. Simply tailor the subscription widget labels, the email subjects and bodies, and the subscription preferences pages - all via the common WordPress online admin menu area (no tinkering with files required :) ). Included features: Configurable email settings: Plugin email sender name and email address Subscription confirmation email subject and body Post notification email subject and body Email sent to subscriber after subscription is confirmed subject and body @@signature variable (for optional use in emails) Configurable page settings: Subscription confirmed page title and page greeting Subscription preferences selection instructions Current subscripti
36 websites Contribute on Github | Report Bugs This plugin allows you configure and reconfigure emails that are sent to specified users when certain things happen. Some examples (applies to custom post types as well): new post updated post deleted post (more coming soon) Additionally, you control the email template users receive. Boilterplate templates are included to get you started.
MailChimp Sign Up
39 websites Maximize your signups by adding this simple email subscribe field to your website. WordPress MailChimp Sign Up Form: Email marketing plays a key roll in getting the word out about your product or service. Maximize your signups by adding this simple email subscribe field to your website. It's fast, unobtrusive and seriously easy to use. WordPress MailChimp Plugin Features: Ajax success or error response. Why send people to another page? Quick and simple for your visitors. Single opt-in email system. Increase sign ups and start building your MailChimp database. Style Editor Custom Responses Easy CSS styling using your own class Simple to use admin interface. Requires an MailChimp API Key and your list, that's all. Keep it clean and simple. Just one field... EMAIL! You want them to subscribe right? Do you really need all their info or just the email address?
WPCB - Email Optin & CTA Boxes
47 websites Easily Create High Converting Email Optin and Call-to-Action Boxes With Attention Grabbing Box Settings & Advance Conversion Tracking System. WP Conversion Boxes - Same Traffic. More Conversions. WP Conversion Boxes (aka WPCB) helps you to easily create high converting email optin and call-to-action boxes (using our conversion optimized box templates) that you can put almost anywhere on your blog. With WP Converion Boxes, you can create: Email Optin Boxes Video Email Optin Boxes Call-to-Action Boxes Video Call-to-Action Boxes Timed Smart Popups Exit Smart Popups (Show optin box in a popup to abandonning users!) Scroll Triggered Smart Popups (Trigger's a popup when user scrolls past certain point on the page!) 2-Step Optin Links (You'll not find this feature in any FREE plugin in market!) Easily boost your conversion rates using our advanced attention grabbing box settings to grab user attention for more conversions
Simple Newsletter Signup
39 websites Easily add a newsletter signup form to your site and start collecting email addresses to use with MailChimp, Constant contact or other third-party bul Easily add a newsletter subscription form to your site and start collecting email addresses to use with MailChimp, Constant contact or other third-party bulk-mailer program! Complete with email management admin panel. Web development is affordable @ Your Local
CakeMail Subscription Widget
3 websites Simple email marketing subscribers collector. If you know how to email, you know how to CakeMail. Widget This plugin will add a form into your page to collect new subscribers to your mailing lists. About CakeMail We believe a successful small business can change its community and the world for the better. So we work hard to create tools that help small businesses engage and build relationships with their community. Which is why we provide an elegant and simple-to-use email marketing app. Description of the product CakeMail 4 is an email marketing application that simplifies the way small businesses engage with customers, allowing them to manage contacts, create personalized email campaigns from templates and simply... send. It’s an affordable, easy-to-use solution, created to help small businesses begin, or pursue, their email marketing efforts - regardless of the marketing resources, design background or technical ex
Pigeon Pack
2 websites Free and easy email marketing, newsletters, and campaigns; built into your WordPress dashboard! The Pigeon Pack plugin is completely free! This plugin aims to solve one problem, putting the power of email marketing, newsletters, and campaigns in the hands of YOU. Now you do not need to pay for a third party like MailChimp or Constant Contact to reach out to your customers. You have full control and power over your own lists and you can bring them anywhere at any time. The Pigeon Pack plugin is GPL and free to use on any WordPress website. Features of this plugin include: Single Email Campaigns WordPress Post Campaigns (single or digest) Email a specific role or create a list Easy to use shortcodes and widgets for users to sign up for your emails from your website Create custom fields for your lists Double Opt-in available for lists Easily extendable with filters and action hooks You can fo
Email Subscribers
2370 websites Easily add a subscription form to your website or blog, then send HTML newsletters to subscribers. You can also send notification emails to subscriber Email Subscriber is a fully featured newsletter plugin. It helps you achieve all your newsletter related tasks effectively in one single place. Email Subscriber plugin has a separate page with the HTML editor. You can easily create HTML newsletters using this editor in around 5 minutes. You also have a separate page to select the include and exclude categories before sending each newsletter. You can quickly import/ export email addresses of registered users and commentators to the subscription list using the import-export option in the plugin. This plugin also has a subscription box and it allows users to publicly subscribe by submitting their email addresses. You can add the subscription box to your sidebar (use widget), posts (use shortcode) and theme file (use php code). Main advantage Easily collect emails by adding a subscription fo
Grunion Contact Form
34 websites Add a contact form to any post, page or text widget. Messages will be sent to any email address you choose. As seen on Add a contact form to any post or page by inserting [contact-form] in the post. Messages will be sent to the post's author or any email address you choose. Or add a contact form ta a text widget. Messages will be sent to the email address set in your Settings -> General admin panel or any email address you choose. Your email address is never shown, and the sender never learns it (unless you reply to the email). As seen on Configuration The [contact-form] shortcode has the following parameters: to: A comma separated list of email addresses to which the messages will be sent. If you leave this blank: contact forms in posts and pages will send messages to the post or page's author; and contact forms in text widgets will send messages to the email address set in Settings -
14 websites Implements strong, automatic anti-spam protection for email addresses that appear in the text of articles. The "wp-spamspan" plugin implements strong, automatic anti-spam protection for email addresses in content on a WordPress site. To spam crawling 'bots, email addresses appear in obfuscated form. To human visitors, they appear as clickable links. There are two parts to the wp-spamspan process. First, the message text is scanned for email addresses and they are rewritten into an obfuscated form. So, if you have a post that contains the text: [email protected] This plugin will rewrite that address to display as: chip [at] example [dot] com A 'bot that harvests email addresses will see this text and won't be able to extract a usable email address from it. For human users, however, once the page is loaded into the web browser, a Javascript procedure runs that locates the obfuscated
WP Mailto Links - Manage Email Links
307 websites Protect email addresses and mailto links from spambots and spamming. Easy to use without configuration. Protect email addresses and mailto links from spambots and spamming. Easy to use without configuration. Features Protect mailto links automatically Protect plain email addresses or convert them to mailto links Protect RSS feed Set icon for all mailto links, also supports Font Awesome Icons and Dashicons Use of shortcode [wpml_mailto] Use of template tags wpml_mailto() and wpml_filter() The plugin combines the best email protection methods (css and javascript techniques). Easy to use The WPML plugin works out-of-the-box. After activating the plugin all options are already set for protecting your emails and mailto links. Optionally you can also set some style options, like adding an icon. Sources
Email Blaster Newsletter Signup Form
13 websites Quickly embed email blaster forms on your WordPress powered site. Add a newsletter signup widget, or any contact form. Easy to use and setup. The official email blaster WordPress plugin lets you quickly add email blaster Newsletter Signup form and contact forms to your WordPress site. Build your form for free inside email blaster, get your 7 digit QuickCode, paste inside this app, done! Email Newsletter Subscribe Embed a double opt-in newsletter signup form to your WordPress website. Allow your website visitors to join your mailing lists. No web design skills required, get up and running in under 5 minutes. After embedding your form, you can use the power of email blaster to mail your subscribers for free. Contact Forms Use email blaster to create any form/newsletter signup form for your website quickly; contact forms, surveys, enquiry forms and more. Then quickly embed on your WordPress site.