Custom Dashboard
7 websites Make your wordpress dashboard more style and customize by use this plug-in. Custom Dashboard plugin make your wordpress default style totally change and you see a nice dashboard interface. Features of this plugin: WordPress new dashboard color interface. Left Menu and Top Menu color change and make a good menu bar. Submit Button color change Add Font Awesome icon in menu bar. What Next version Unlimited Color change options More change on dashboard
Bugherd Dashboard
14 websites The Bugherd Dashboard provides a client facing interface within WordPress to track the progress of the bugs that have been submitted. Bugherd is an amazingly convenient way for users/clients to submit issues, or bugs that they've found on the website. It is however missing a client facing view for them to see the status of bugs submitted. The BugHerd Dashboard helps solve this. The Dashboard Widget Provides a quick and brief way to check the statuses of all submitted bugs.
Ask It
15 websites Ask It enables wordpress users to ask administrators questions and have them answered via the dashboard. Email & Text alerts available. Ask It enables wordpress users to ask administrators questions and have them answered via the dashboard. Three dashboard widgets are added: Question Form My Questions Answered Questions Other features include: Options to remove any or all of the default dashboard widgets Email & Text alerts when questions are asked, and email alerts when questions are answered
Chamber Dashboard Events Calendar
15 websites Create a calendar of events and display it on your site. A fork of the Events Maker plugin, modified to work with the Chamber Dashboard suite of plug Create a calendar of events to display on your site. Chamber Dashboard Events Calendar is a part of the Chamber Dashboard collection of plugins and themes designed to meet the needs of chambers of commerce. This plugin requires that you have the Chamber Dashboard Business Directory installed. For more information, check out plugin page at Chamber Dashboard site. Chamber Dashboard Events Calendar features: Create a calendar of events Create recurring events, including daily, monthly, yearly and custom occurrences Interactive Full Calendar display Event Categories and Tags Event Locations Google maps RSS feed support 5 Events widget
Easily navigate pages on dashboard
42 websites Displays a windows explorer style list of your pages on your Dashboard. Display a folder tree of your pages that is easy to expand and contract on your Dashboard. Designed for people that use WordPress as a content management system. The idea came from developing a site with over 50 pages in multiple folders and it became impossible to follow which page was where in the folder structure.
hpb Dashboard
242 websites "hpb Dashboard" plug-in is the data importer for "Home Page Builder 17/18/19/20". "hpb Dashboard" plug-in has the function which imports data created by "Home Page Builder 17/18/19/20" into WordPress website. "Home Page Builder 17/18/19/20" is a software which assists people to design their websites. Moreover, this plug-in has the following functions elsewhere. customizes the dashboard arranges social buttons sets up inquiry form sets up access analysis
Google Analytics Dashboard for WP
292 websites Displays Google Analytics reports in your WordPress Dashboard. Inserts the latest Google Analytics tracking code in your pages. This Google Analytics for WordPress plugin enables you to track your site using the latest Google Analytics tracking code and allows you to view key Google Analytics reports in your WordPress install. In addition to a set of general Google Analytics reports, in-depth Page reports and in-depth Post reports allow further segmentation of your analytics data, providing performance details for each post or page from your website. The Google Analytics tracking code is fully customizable through options and hooks, allowing advanced data collection using custom dimensions and events. Google Analytics Real-Time Google Analytics reports, in real-time, in your dashboard screen: Real-time number of visitors Real-time acquisition channels Real-time traffic sources details Google Analytics Reports The Googl
BNS Login
46 websites This plugin provides a link, in the theme footer area, to the dashboard when logged in as well as a log out link. A shortcode is also available. A simple plugin providing a link to the dashboard; and, a method to log in and out of your blog in the footer of the theme. This is ideal for those not wanting to use the meta widget/code links. Now with an added toggle to support a minimalist approach using Dashicons. See the FAQ for more details ...
Hello Claudia
5 websites Windows Azure Japanese official character "Claudia Madobe" is plugin to speak a message on a dashboard. Windows Azure Japanese official character "Claudia Madobe" is plugin to speak a message on a dashboard. Only Japanese supports it now. Functions The current time is displayed on the dashboard. Last post date until now, how long, you know what the post has not been updated. Adds a Claudia Madobe of your blog pages by entering the shortcode [claudia]. Example. [claudia]Hello World![/claudia]
Uptime Robot
4 websites A simple WordPress dashboard widget that shows you the current uptime stats of your Uptime Robot monitored websites. This plugin will allow you to enter your Uptime Robot API key and will provide a dashboard widget that will show you each of your current monitors, the monitor ID, their type, ratio and will provide a link to each of the sites in question. Each listing is also color coded visually depending on its status, providing much needed information at a quick glance.
Google Analytics Dashboard By Analytify
209 websites Just 1-Click and you get Google Analytics Dashboard inside your WordPress Admin Panel. eCommerce Analytics for WooCommerce is available too. Analytify - makes Google Analytics simple for everywhere in WordPress (posts,pages and custom post types etc). It presents the statistics in a beautiful way under the WordPress Posts/Pages at front end, backend and in its own Dashboard. Now you can get Google Analytics Dashboard inside your WordPress Dashboard within a minute. Google Analytics Premium Partner - Read what Google is saying about us. 1-Click Install is now available in free version too Premium Version: This plugin has a premium version, which is more easy to
MainWP Child
103 websites Provides a secure connection between your MainWP Dashboard and your WordPress sites. MainWP allows you to manage WP sites from one central location. This is the Child plugin for the MainWP Dashboard The MainWP Child plugin is used to securely remotely manage multiple WordPress websites from your MainWP Dashboard. This plugin is to be installed on every WordPress site you want controlled from your Dashboard. MainWP is a self-hosted WordPress management system that allows you to manage an endless amount of WordPress blogs from one dashboard on your server. Features include: Connect and control all your WordPress installs even those on different hosts! Update all WordPress installs, Plugins and Themes from one location Manage and Add all your Posts from one location Manage and Add all your Pages from one location Run everything fr
Dashboard Plus Graphs
3 websites A plugin that helps to display your stats graph with your blog (posts,pages and comments), authors with their authorized posts,pages and comments. A plugin that helps to display your stats graph with your blog (posts,pages and comments), authors with their authorized posts,pages and comments.
8 websites Embed the power of Google Analytics in your WordPress Admin console and view key metrics for each of your domains from one place. Googlyzer adds an administrative dashboard to WordPress with microcharts for tracking website traffic data from Google Analytics, allowing WordPress administrators to easily view Google Analytics data for their website(s) without leaving their WordPress Admin console. Key Features: Automatically loads Google Analytics async tracking code in header or footer, with customizable options Fully customizable Home Dashboard widget showing your selected key metrics and most popular page stats Fully customizable Main Dashboard with linecharts, piecharts, and tables for display of your desired metric/dimension data Change default dimensions and metrics for any chart or table Choose whether or not to display chart metadata (max, min, last, avg) Choose whether to display individual charts, and tabl
Show IP address
26 websites A simple plugin to show your IP address information on any of your pages, posts or widgets. Shows your IP address on your Dashboard. Shows Your IP address The idea is simple, give it a go, let us know what you think of this plugin. Any suggested updates I'll consider in each build. Great for: Your home page Posts Pages Dashboard widget: Includes a server uptime module built into the dashboard widget, I have also included a link to a wiki page which covers information to do with IP addresses. This is a FREE plugin This simply shows the IP address of a visitor if they land on a specific page, you simply put your tag where you want your visitor to see there IP address, and that's it! This tag works on specific pages or widgets by simply adding in the tag [show_ip]. Your IP address also shows on your admin dashboard. To show an IP address on any of your pages you could use:
3 websites A message board in the WordPress dashboard which let's different users chat with each other. This plugin adds a new widget in your admin dashboard that let's users type messages to each other. If you have used any instant messages client before, this should be familiar already. Tested and works fine in IE7, IE8, Safari+Chrome, FireFox, Opera & Camino. Works with a few minor bugs in IE6. Read more about the plugin at the Mr. Henry blog -
Affiliate Overview
5 websites Affiliate Overview uses the affilinet web services to create an overview over the publisher account on the WordPress dashboard. Affiliate-Overview is a WordPress plugin, which uses the affilinet web services to create an overview over the publisher account on the WordPress dashboard. The plugin enables you to display... the current account balance (open, confirmed, cancelled) the account balance of the last months information on the last payments and the number of partnerships (active and waiting) the wp admin.
WP Sliding Login/Dashboard Panel
9 websites Automatically add a sliding login/dashboard (or whatever HTML content) to your WordPress Theme This plugin allows you to add a sliding login/dashboard panel to any WordPress Theme. This awesome panel is based on Instead of modifying directly theme files, just install this plugin so you can preserve you panel when switching between themes (or after themes updates). You can also specify your own HTML content to put in the panel... Yes! this is awesome!
Filter Calendar Admin
19 websites Agrega un calendario al dashboard de wordpress para filtrar por día los post Add a calendar wordpress dashboard to filter daily posts --Agrega un calendario al dashboard de wordpress para filtrar por día los post --Add a calendar wordpress dashboard to filter daily posts
Vimeo Everywhere
8 websites Display your public Vimeo videos on your WordPress website via shortcode, widget, or dashboard menu. Display your public Vimeo videos, albums or channels on a WordPress website. Use the shortcode generator to place your videos on pages, posts or custom post types. Use the admin panel to place your videos in the dashboard (for example, make a learning center for your clients). Use the widget to put a video list in the sidebar.
Cartpauj PM
231 websites Easily add Private Messaging for your users to your WordPress site with Cartpauj PM (Private Messages). Cartpauj PM (Private Messages) allows you to easily add a Private Messaging system to your WordPress blog/site. Unlike other Private Messaging plugins available, Cartpauj PM works through a Page rather than the WP Dashboard -- This is very helpful if you want to keep users out of the Dashboard area! Please see the features and wish lists below for more about what Cartpauj PM currently does and what's been requested for the future. Features Works through a Page rather than the dashboard. This is very helpful if you want to keep your users out of the Dashboard area! Users can privately message one another. Option to restrict message sending to only an admin user; in this case only the designated admin user may message any other user. Threaded messages. BBCode in messages. Messages may have attachments. Attachments are
5 websites Enables you to create template without the need of FTP when your site is in live server. VSTEPMLATE Creator plugin is developed for creating any php file that you want to make template for your site.Suppose your site is in server and a situation arrises that you have to create a template you have to create a php file in your machine and then upload that file from your FTP which sometimes makes you annoy that suddenly you are working in your wordpress Dashboard and you have to connect and then choose directory and then upload your file from there and once again go to your Dashboard and continuee your work . So, why not we craete an application that will help you upload your template and as well as delete your template from here it means from your dashboard only. Thus saves your time and help you to maintain your Templaet as well Language Support: The plugin interface in only in English. Some of the features added by this plugin
CSSJockey Add-Ons
5 websites CSSJockey Add-ons enables various features to extend the functionality of your WordPress website with an ever growing collection of add-ons. CSSJockey Add-ons enables a lot of easy to use features, shortcodes, widgets, dashboard tweaks, front-end modifications and options to manage and enhance your WordPress website. With this plugin you can install various available add-ons and choose to activate or deactivate them at any time. Available Add-ons WordPress Dashboard Tweaks (free) WordPress RSS Feed Tweaks (free) WordPress Loading Panel (free) WordPress Front-end Authentication (free)
4 websites Adds a UserLogin Widget to display login form or dashboard links depending on user role. Front page login/logout and control panel.
WSAnalytics - Google Analytics And Dashboards
23 websites Google API Based WordPress Plugin for Analytics implementation and Dashboards, See Live, Post/Page and other Stats inside admin area. WSAnalytics - A very simple way to install Google Analytics and have all it's feature under WordPress Admin area, WSAnalytics creates Google Analytics Dashboard helps to-do all implementation for Google Analytics. Features: Install Google Analytics on Your WordPress in few clicks. Option to choose between tradition Google Analytics (ga.js) vs Universal Google Analytics (analytics.js) Enable Demographic feature with Google Analytics Google Analytics Dashboard (Real Time Stats, General Stats, Keyword Stats, Top Country Stats, Top City Stats, and much more) Statistics (General) under the single posts/pages in wp-admin Realtime data Google Analytics data about user
3 websites NOTE: NO LONGER MAINTAINING THIS PLUGIN. PLUGIN IN NEED OF COMPLETE OVERHAUL. Display your blog's stats graph plus your blog traffic, social engagement and social influence directly in your dashboard. See how you're ranking on Alexa, check out your Technorati authority, monitor your ranking across multiple sites and much more. Once you install this plugin you'll wonder how you ever managed to track your social media worth without it. Notable features: Lots of stats dashboard widgets Tracking 50+ social metrics Trending social metrics over time. Sidebar widgets: social metrics, social profiles, total views, graph views per day and top 5 authors Profile finder. Export Social Trends to excel. iGoogle gadget. Available translations: Afrikaans af_ZA by Schalk Burger Arabic ar by Rawaf Dutch nl_NL by Dave Ligthart English en_US default Italian it_IT by Gianni Diurno Russian ru by Denis Voituk Spanish es_ES by Paula Moreno Portuguese pt_PT by Ana Cunha Vestergaard Looking for translators please contact [email protected] WordPress MU, PHP4 and safe_mode compatible.
Adblock Notify by b*web
186 websites Detect Adblock and nofity users. Simple plugin with get around options and a lot of settings. Dashboard widget with counter & statistics included! Adblock Notify has been blacklisted by adblocker softwares but it is still working properly with the "Random selectors and files" option. Make sure to disable your adblocker to view screenshots in and in your admin area to view all the plugin's options fields and the dashboard widget. Detect Adblock and nofity users. Help to block adblock (eg: Adblock Plus) and increase your ad revenue. Adblock Notify is a very easy to use plugin with get around options and a lot of settings. A smart dashboard widget with counter & statistics is included! Can I stop adblocker users? NO! This plugin does not completly block adblocker users, it only uses a passive approach, and it will always be that way. Plugin Capabilities Detect adBlocker (eg Adblock Plus) Random selectors and files name
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