13089 websites Akismet checks your comments against the Akismet Web service to see if they look like spam or not. Akismet checks your comments against the Akismet Web service to see if they look like spam or not and lets you review the spam it catches under your blog's "Comments" admin screen. Major features in Akismet include: Automatically checks all comments and filters out the ones that look like spam. Each comment has a status history, so you can easily see which comments were caught or cleared by Akismet and which were spammed or unspammed by a moderator. URLs are shown in the comment body to reveal hidden or misleading links. Moderators can see the number of approved comments for each user. A discard feature that outright blocks the worst spam, saving you disk space and speeding up your site. PS: You'll need an API key to use it. Keys are free for perso
Contact Form Clean and Simple
162 websites A clean and simple AJAX contact form with Google reCAPTCHA, Twitter Bootstrap markup and Akismet spam filtering. A clean and simple AJAX contact form with Google reCAPTCHA, Twitter Bootstrap markup and Akismet spam filtering. Clean: all user inputs are stripped in order to avoid cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities. Simple: AJAX enabled validation and submission for immediate response and guidance for your users (can be switched off). Stylish: Use the included stylesheet or switch it off and use your own for seamless integration with your website. Uses Twitter Bootstrap classes. Safe: All incoming data is scanned for spam with Akismet. This is a straightforward contact form for your WordPress site. There is very minimal set-up required. Simply install, activate, and then place the short code [cscf
Ajax Comment Posting
58 websites Posts comments without refreshing the page and validates the comment form using Ajax. There are many comment-related plugins in WordPress plugin directory. However, if you'd like to find just a simple, reliable comment-posting Ajax plugin, you won't find any. That's why I developed a simple and small yet functional Ajax Comment Posting (ACP) plugin. Not only will it post your comment without refreshing the page, but it will also make sure that you've filled all the form fields correctly. The plugin works well in all major Web browsers, and switches to the traditional comment posting if JavaScript is disabled. As the new Google Analytics code conflicted with the plugin, a built-in support for GA has been added. Read the FAQ for more information. ACP should work with all CAPTCHA word-verification plugins, but I personally suggest using Akismet.
Better WordPress reCAPTCHA (with no CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA)
146 websites This plugin utilizes Google reCAPTCHA to help your blog stay clear of spams. BWP reCAPTCHA supports no CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA, Contact Form 7 and Akismet. In the 21th century, spamming could be one of the most annoying problems for a website. Especially if you use some publishing platforms like WordPress, your blog WILL be spammed and no default methods will save you from such nightmare. This plugin utilizes the popular anti-spam library, Google reCAPTCHA, to help your blog stay clear of spams. The new no CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA, Contact Form 7 and Akismet are supported out of the box. Useful resources How-to: Add BWP reCAPTCHA to Contact Form 7. How-to: Add custom translations to reCAPTCHA (version 1 only).
7 websites A Clean, no hassle contact form plugin for WordPress, with advanced Spam bot protection that doesn't require Captcha. Clean-contact hides itself from spam-bots and optionally will filter messages using Akismet. Capctha and skill testing questions not required. The plugin has minimal configuration and can be used out of the box. It is intended to be a simple contact form that is familiar to your users, and doesn't require them to jump through hoops to send you an message. Features A clean and simple contact form that users understand. Shortcode support. Spam protection including Akismet filtering. No clunky Capctha. Supports multiple recipients and configurable subject and prefix, CC & BCC. XHTML compliant. No external javascript libraries required. Multi-language. Supports custom styling using CSS. This plugin is licensed under GPL v2.0 and is made available by the Chec
40 websites
Antispam Extra
102 websites Provides options to disable the commenter's website and deactivate links in comments. Extra protection from spammers, best used with Akismet. Antispam Extra provides these additional spam prevention options to WordPress installations. Prevent commenters from submitting their websites. Disable the links to commenters' websites. Deactivate the links in comments. Treat comments without proper HTTP referer as spam. Works best for comment spams that get past Akismet.
69 websites A shoutbox using ajax and akismet. This plugin enables a shoutbox widget, integrated with WordPress look n' feel, using ajax to add comments and filtering comments with Akismet as spam filter. There are 4 layouts to select from: Guest Book: Just to leave messages. No replies. Black Board: Anyone can leave replies to any comment, but there wouldn't be threads. A reply is listed in the order they come like another comment. Chat Box: The space to write comments comes at the bottom, and the messages list goes like in a chat room. Anyone can leave replies to any comment, but there wouldn't be threads. A reply is listed in the order they come like another comment. Questions and Answers: Only the administrator can leave a reply, and it will be shown right after the parent message. It also allows to define if the administrador has to approve every new comment.
Contact Form 7
685582 websites Just another contact form plugin. Simple but flexible. Contact Form 7 can manage multiple contact forms, plus you can customize the form and the mail contents flexibly with simple markup. The form supports Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering and so on. Docs & Support You can find docs, FAQ and more detailed information about Contact Form 7 on If you were unable to find the answer to your question on the FAQ or in any of the documentation, you should check the support forum on If you can't locate any topics that pertain to your particular issue, post a new topic for it. Contact Form 7 Needs Your Support
WP Advanced Comment
38 websites WP Advanced comment is a powerful and easy to use AJAX based comment system for wordpress with drag and drop custom fields. WP Advanced comment is a powerful and easy to use AJAX based comment system for wordpress with drag and drop fields that allows your website visitors to comment on articles, blogs and product pages. Now it supports AKISMET. You can say goodbye to spam now Akismet is an advanced hosted anti-spam service aimed at thwarting the underbelly of the web. It efficiently processes and analyzes masses of data from millions of sites and communities in real time. To fight the latest and dirtiest tactics embraced by the world's most proficient spammers, it learns and evolves every single second of every single day. Because you have better things to do. Main Features ( Free Version ) 1. Easy to create forms with drag and drop options. 2. Enable or disable guest comments. 3. Change comment forms status to
3974 websites Adds CAPTCHA anti-spam methods to WordPress on the forms for comments, registration, lost password, login, or all. Adds CAPTCHA anti-spam methods to WordPress forms for comments, registration, lost password, login page. In order to post comments or register, users will have to type in the code shown on the image. This prevents spam from automated bots. Adds security. Works great with Akismet. Help Keep This Plugin Free If you find this plugin useful to you, please consider making a small donation to help contribute to my time invested and to further development. Thanks for your kind support! - Mike Challis Features: Configure from Admin panel Valid HTML Section 508 and WAI Accessibility Validation. Allows Trackback
Fast Secure Contact Form
479 websites An easy and powerful form builder that lets your visitors send you email. Blocks all automated spammers. No templates to mess with. Easily create and add forms to WordPress. Fields are easy to add, remove, and re-order. The contact form will let the user send emails to a site's admin, and also send a meeting request to talk over phone or video. Features: easy form edit, multiple forms, confirmation emails, no templates to mess with, and an option to redirect visitors to any URL after the message is sent. Includes CAPTCHA and Akismet support to block spammers. Spam is no longer a problem. You can add extra fields of any type: text, textarea, checkbox, checkbox-multiple, radio, select, select-multiple, attachment, date, time, hidden, password, and fieldset. FastSecureContactForm.
AlphaOmega Captcha & Anti-Spam Filter
24 websites Provides Visually Appealing Captchas to Enhance and Secure your WordPress pages. Fortified with ANTI-SPAM FILTER Protection and SPAM COUNTER. The AlphaOmega Captcha & Anti-Spam Filter provides interesting and unique captchas to enhance and secure your WordPress pages. The ANTI-SPAM FILTER included blocks spam and filters posted user Comments for inappropriate content. Additionally, the new SPAM COUNTER feature provides you with an indication of the nature and magnitude of the spamming activity directed against your WordPress pages. This plugin can also thwart automated attacks against your WordPress Admin Log In area, and can be employed flawlessly with Akismet to provide enhanced security features. Several Captcha Types are available, including: Captcha Classica Captcha Mathematica Captcha Artistica
Front End PM
167 websites Front End PM is a Private Messaging system and a secure contact form to your WordPress site.This is full functioning messaging system from front end. Front End PM is a Private Messaging system to your WordPress site.This is full functioning messaging system from front end. The messaging is done entirely through the front-end of your site rather than the Dashboard. This is very helpful if you want to keep your users out of the Dashboard area. Some Useful Link Front End PM How to install Changelog FAQ Fron
23261 websites bbPress is forum software, made the WordPress way. Have you ever been frustrated with forum or bulletin board software that was slow, bloated and always got your server hacked? bbPress is focused on ease of integration, ease of use, web standards, and speed. We're keeping things as small and light as possible while still allowing for great add-on features through WordPress's extensive plugin system. What does all that mean? bbPress is lean, mean, and ready to take on any job you throw at it.
Contact Form 8
179 websites Based on Takayuki Miyoshi’s Contact Form 7 version 2.0.1. Has better support for checkboxes (clickable labels, actually separate onto different line A fork of Contact Form 7 (by takayukister), Contact Form 8 improved things like checkboxes (labels!). Contact Form 8 is discontinued. Please use Contact Form 7 instead. Downgrade instructions and more information about the discontinuation of CF8
Quick Contact Form
224 websites A simple plug and play contact form with a huge range of options and styles. A really, really simple drag and drop contact form. There is nothing to configure, all you have to do is set up your email address and add the shortcode to your pages. Features Drag and drop fields with easy to edit labels and captions Massive range of built in styles with custom CSS support Display and download messages Custom error and thank-you messages Multiple form support Akismet spam filtering Fully editable autoresponder Developers plugin page quick contact form plugin.
AJAX Comments
36 websites Post comments quickly without leaving or refreshing the page. More than that, it checks if all fields filled correctly, and also makes sure to avoid comment duplication, and has flood protection capabilities as well. Probably one of the best ways you could spice up your WordPress Blog with AJAX; readers love it! Must see for yourself. This plugin works well in all major Web browsers, and uses discrete AJAX. That means if JavaScript disabled, it's using the original comment posting method. Ajax Comments known to work well, with Authimage plugin, but I rather suggest Akismet, as it is free for personal use. Features: * comment form validation happens server-side without refreshing or leaving the page * Fade In/Out Effects make readers happy * works with AuthImage captcha word verification plug-in to prevent comment spam * still works traditionally if browsers don't support JavaScript
eCards Lite
13 websites eCards is a plugin used to send electronic cards to friends. It can be implemented in a page, a post or the sidebar. eCards makes it quick and easy fo eCards is a WordPress plugin used to send electronic cards to friends. It can be implemented in a page, a post or the sidebar. There are two ways you can use this plugin: Add the shortcode [ecard] to a post or a page; Call the function from a template file: ; Use the shortcode [ecard_counter] to display the number of eCards sent; Call the function from a template file: .
143 websites Allows WordPress bloggers to easily create customised contact forms for use on pages or posts. The Form Builder Plugin for WordPress allows you to build contact forms in the WordPress administrative interface without needing to know PHP or HTML. We've tried to make it simple enough for anyone to make them, yet customisable enough to satisfy the needs of experienced web developers. ** Features: ** Easily build complex contact forms without any HTML or coding. Pre-made contact forms for quick and easy setup. Put forms anywhere on your site. Put multiple forms on a single page. Split forms into multiple pages. Set up personalised autoresponses to send to the visitor. Optionally store all form data in the database. Built-in anti-spam capabilities. Optional CAPTCHA technology. Translatable. Multi-language forms support. Akismet and spammer IP checking Per
FV Community News
84 websites Give the visitors of your site the ability to submit their news to you, and list it in a nice news feed. Many blogs out there can only produce a couple articles a week while their visitors ask for loads more. It sometimes is a good idea to add related articles from other blogs to your sidebar. Adding them manually takes lots of time we don't have. With this Community News plugin you allow your visitors to add to your blog. Complete with moderation panel and a settings page, you can sit back while you have full control about the look and articles that being posted. Features Currently, the Community News plugin has the following features: Custom post type, with featured images (thumbnails) and tags support. Widget support, with three different widgets to display posts, the post form or a tag cloud. Shortcodes to add a list of recent posts, the post form or a tag cloud to a page. Moderation page, with the ability to modify posts.
13 websites This plugin allows you get donations from peoples by WebMoney system. WebMoney is the most popular payment system in Europe. You can show donors list IMPORTANT! PLUGIN IS NOT SUPPORTED ANYMORE! This plugin allows you get donations and accept payments from people using WebMoney system. WebMoney is the most popular payment system in Europe. iYou can show donors list and total donations amount in your blog sidebar and pages using [shortcodes]. Visit widget page for more information.
20 websites Minimax is a minimal Ajax library. This plugin is required by other plugins I have developed. Take a look at the readme.txt in the /doc/ directory to know what can minimax do. These are the plugins that use minimax: iRate Lexi Schreikasten MudSlideShow Kalendas
Support Tickets v2
4 websites With this plugin, you can manage a simple support ticket system on your WordPress site. Support Tickets is a WordPress plugin which allows you to create and manage a simple support ticket system or helpdesk system on your WordPress site. If you are offering a support service and are looking for a simple tool to help you with that, Support Tickets is an excellent choice. This code has been forked with the permission of the original author Takayuki Miyoshi @takayukister This fork contains bug fixes. The original code can be found at The plugin is based on Contact Form 7 plugin. Home page Multilingual Support You will have the ability to make a "multilingual supp
Support Tickets
3 websites With this plugin, you can manage a simple support ticket system on your WordPress. Support Tickets is a WordPress plugin which allows you to create and manage a simple support ticket system or helpdesk system on your WordPress. If you are offering a support service and are looking for a simple tool to help you with that, Support Tickets is an excellent choice. I'm using this for my customization service for Contact Form 7, as well. I've developed the Support Tickets plugin based on my Contact Form 7 plugin, so there are similarities. If you are familiar with Contact Form 7, you'll be comfortable with Support Tickets very soon. Home page Multilingual Support You will have the ability to make a "multilingual supp
566 websites Kills spam-bots, leaves humans standing. No CAPTCHAS, no math questions, no passwords, just spam blocking that stops spam-bots dead in their tracks. Since the vast majority of WordPress spam is automated in nature, the goal of BotBlocker is to block comment spam bots and not hinder users. This is accomplished through the use of honeypot technology, which tricks the spambot into identifying itself by performing actions that a human could not. BotBlocker's features include: Works out of the box to block spam Automatically stops spam-bots from commenting Zero hindrance to users: no CAPTCHAS, math questions, passwords or extra input required Zero false positives and ignores registered users Can be configured to completely block spam-bots or flag comments as spam Spam detection messages can be easily adjusted No javascript or cookies required Hooks into wp-comments-post.php to prevent spam-bots from directly submitting spa
Report Content
138 websites Inserts a secure form on specified pages so that your readers can report bugs, spam content and other problems. This plugin allows you to add a simple Ajax powered form to the posts (and optionally pages) of your website so that your visitors can report inappropriate content, broken links and bugs. If you manage a huge website with tons of user-submitted content then Report Content can make your life easier and ultimately increase the quality of your content. Features: Customization: Report Content gives you full control over every aspect of the reporting process. You can deactivate fields, change position of form, switch to manual integration, decide who can view reports and so on. Security: All submitted reports are passed through Akismet so you don't have to worry about spam. For an additional layer of security you can disallow anonymous users from using the submission form. Email notifications:
10 websites PlusCaptcha - The Easiest Captcha to Setup and Execute, with Auto-Setup Feature! Trusted by thousands of blog, e-commerce, and government sites! The first dynamic captcha provider. Art to your visitors, but a simple tool for you! An evolutionary landmark in the protection from bots and people without good intentions. Simple to install, simple to use. Security takes a turn for the best! Features Mega Update!: * New Easy-to-Read Dashboard! * Meet and Discover other Bloggers (and promote your blog!) * Cleanest Interface * Cleanest Captcha Simple to setup. NO MORE math problems, strange word combinations, colors, etc! Automatic PlusCaptcha account generation (NEW!). Size, color, difficulty personalization. No instructions needed to setup and operate (NEW!). Low bounce percentage. Weekly upgrades. Popular Browsers Support
Solve Media CAPTCHA
70 websites Secure & Monetize your site with Solve Media's CAPTCHA replacement. Secure & Monetize your site with Solve Media's free CAPTCHA replacement. CAPTCHA is a simple and popular method of securing forms from abuse. Solve Media has created a patent-pending technology that turns CAPTCHA into branded TYPE-INs™, allowing you to earn money while you secure your site. Every time a visitor to your site solves a CAPTCHA TYPE-IN™ ad, we share the revenue with you. Solve Media CAPTCHA TYPE-IN™ ads are easy to read and easy to complete. Our systems constantly monitor for various forms of abuse, insuring that an optimal amount of revenue and security is provided. For visually impaired users, the Solve Media CAPTCHA widget offers an audio CAPTCHA puzzle. Use the Solve Media CAPTCHA widget on a registration form, comments form, or any Contact-Form-7 v2.0 or newer. The Solve Media CAPTCHA widget is compatible with other anti-spam solutions lik
Contact Form Generator
12 websites Contact Form Generator is a creative and powerful contact form builder! You will get ready-to-use forms in 5 minutes! Contact Form Generator is a powerful contact form builder for WordPress! It is structured for creating Contact Forms, Application Forms, Reservation Forms, Survey Forms, Contact Data Pages and much more. You will get ready-to-use forms just after installation. Contact Form Generator is packed with a Template Creator Wizard(Pro) to create fantastic forms in a matter of seconds without coding. You can use one of existing templates, or create your own! Contact Form Generator is extremely easy to install and configure. All you need is just to activate the plugin and insert the shortcode [contactformgenerator id="ID"] into the text.
Spam Free WordPress
140 websites Todd Lahman's comment spam blocking plugin that blocks automated spam with zero false positives. Spam Free WordPress works well to block spam from most blogs, but some blogs that are targeted by spammers, need a much more powerful solution like Simple Comments. Special Offer for Members Only Upgrade to Simple Comments. 10% Off with Coupon Code WPSFW. Get Much More Powerful Form Protection from Simple Comments Spam Free WordPress is a weak free spam protection plugin. Upgrade to Simple Comments for extremely powerful spambot and hackbot protection. Simple Comments Provides 99.9% - 100% Spambot and Hackbot Protection for the Following Forms Please note: Simple Comments is a different plugin from Spam Free WordPress. The description below is for Simple Comments. WordPress Comment form (Spambot protection) Gravity For
WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam
5852 websites An exceptionally powerful WordPress anti-spam plugin that eliminates comment spam, trackback spam, contact form spam & registration spam. An exceptionally powerful and user-friendly WordPress anti-spam plugin that eliminates comment spam, trackback spam, contact form spam & registration spam. The All-in-One Anti-Spam Plugin for WordPress - Without CAPTCHAs Leading edge WordPress anti-spam protection, with NO CAPTCHAs, challenge questions or other inconvenience to site visitors. This plugin works silently in the background, and simply makes WordPress spam disappear. Supports: Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, JetPack Contact Forms & Comments, BuddyPress, bbPress, WooCommerce, s2Member, WP-Members, Mailchimp, Fast Secure Contact Form, Formidable Forms, almost all WordPress forms, and almost all WordPress registration forms. NEED HELP?
Anti-Spam by CleanTalk - No Captcha, no comments & registrations spam
6106 websites Max power spam protection, all-in-one, premium anti-spam. No comments spam & registrations spam, no email spam, protects any forms. Forget spam. No CAPTCHA, no questions, no counting animals, no puzzles, no math and no spam bots. Anti-spam features Stops spam comments. Stops spam registrations. Stops spam contact emails. Stops spam orders. Stops spam bookings. Stops spam subscriptions. Stops spam in widgets. Check existing comments for spam. Public reviews Using CleanTalk on WPLift was a great test as we receive huge amounts of spam. Oliver Dale, Comments spam protection Supports native WordPress, JetPack comments and any other comments plugins. Plugin moves spam comments to SPAM folder or you can set options to silently ban spam comments. You can enable options in the plugin
GoUrl Bitcoin Payment Gateway & Paid Downloads & Membership
63 websites GoUrl Official Bitcoin/Altcoin Payment Gateway for WordPress. Accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Paycoin, Dash, Reddcoin, etc. Payments Online GoUrl Official Bitcoin/Altcoin Payment Gateway for WordPress. See Screenshots. We believe there is no better measure of our success than the trust our customers place in our services. Our customers list - Features of the plugin 100% Free Open Source on No Monthly Fee, Transaction Fee from 0%. Set your own prices in USD, EUR, GBP, RUB, AUD (100 currencies) No ID Required, No Bank Account Needed. Global, Anonymous, Secure, No Chargebacks, Zero Risk Get payments
1001 websites After about 7 years and more than 320'000 downloads, DMSGuestbook has reached end of life and will not longer supported by the owner. Nach über 7 Jahren und mehr als 320'000 Downloads wird die Entwicklung und der Support von DMSGuestbook eingestellt. DMSGuestbook is an easy configurable guestbook with a lot of features. You can customize the whole DMSGuestbook to your desire. Features: Simple work on the attitudes over front-end (e.g. text color, guestbook width, border color...) Extended attitude possibility over the css file Preset DMSGuestbook caption text in different languages (e.g: german, english, swissgerman :-)) Every guestbook have his own language template (NEW in 1.15.0) Make your own language template in few minutes Set mandatory fields where user must be filled out Set text hidden in the DMSGuestbook (e.g. ip address) Captcha antispam (image, mathematically, NEW in 1.15.0 reCAPTCHA) Manage the DMSGuestbook user entries. (e.g. name, message, url, ip address) Sidebar widget Email notification when guestbook post was to submit Administrator can review posts before shown this Create your own guestbook template (beta) Administrator can search entries in guestbook Gravatar function Multiple guestbooks (NEW in 1.13.0) Define a selectbox and fill this with your own data (NEW in 1.14.0) Super Guestbook: One guestbook can have more than one languages (NEW in 1.17.0) Enjoy it :-) Das ganze DMSGuestbook laesst sich nach deinen Wuenschen einstellen. Breite des DMSGuestbook und des Separators Die Position auf der Seite Anzahl Eintraege pro Seite Textfarbe und Rahmenfarbe Antispam (Antirobot, Captcha, reCAPTCHA) Textfarbe Navigations-Style und Textfarbe Datum, Zeitformat und Offset Das Input-Formular kann oben oder unten angezeigt werden Vorgefertige Beschreibungstetxe wie Deutsch, Englisch, Schweizerdeutsch :-) Eigene Sprachvorlagen lassen sich in wenigen Minuten erstellen Setze die Felder welche zwingend ausgefuellt werden muessen Verstecke Felder im DMSGuestbook (z.B. IP Adresse) Die DMSGuestbook Eintraege der Benutzer lassen sich nachtraeglich bearbeiten (z.B. Name, Message, Url, IP Adresse) Backup Funktion um die Gaestebuch Optionen schnell und einfach zu sichern Sidebar Widget Der Administrator kann die einzelnen Eintraege vor dem Anzeigen ueberpruefen. Eigene Gaestebuch Templates koennen erstellt werden. (beta) Suchfunktion fuer den Administrator. Multiple Gaestebuecher koennen erstellt werden. (NEU in 1.13.0) Akismet Funktion (NEU in 1.14.0) SuperGuestbook: Ein Gaestebuch kann in mehreren Sprachen angezeigt werden (NEU in 1.17.0) Viel Spass damit :-)
Sweet Captcha
127 websites Sweet Captcha is a free image captcha service putting your users and your website at first priority. Our CAPTCHA protects your website from spam, using a fun and illustrated widget! No typing is required, our Captcha is fully interactive, sweet and easy to use! Sweet Captcha is fully integrated as a contact form 7 captcha, comments captcha, log-in captcha, registration captcha, password recovery captcha, custom contact form and more. You can customize your captcha language translation and theme, to have your users interact with any captcha in a fun and playful manner. See a live demo FAQ Support FAQ in our website Features Fun and illustrated, easy and playful for human to solve Choose a theme suitable for your website, or just play it random Sweet Captcha translates to 17 different languages Full mobile support! Tested for iPhones, iPads and Android devices Cross browser support, tested for all modern web browses Recommended Plugins The author of Sweet Captcha also recommends the following plugins: Contact form 7 - Contact Form 7 can manage multiple contact forms, plus you can customize the form and the mail contents flexibly with simple markup. The form supports Ajax-powered submitting, Sweet Captcha, Akismet spam filtering and so on. WordPress Integration Sweet Captcha for Comment form Sweet Captcha for Registration form Sweet Captcha for Login form Sweet Captcha for Lost password form Sweet Captcha for Contact Form 7 Sweet Captcha Contact Form Themes and Designs Sweet Captcha "Fun" theme Sweet Captcha "Music" theme Sweet Captcha "Movies" theme Sweet Captcha "Shopping" theme Sweet Captcha "Food" theme Sweet Captcha "Wedding" theme Sweet Captcha "Games" theme Sweet Captcha "Sports" theme Sweet Captcha "Animals" theme Sweet Captcha "Finance" theme Sweet Captcha "Random" theme Translations Sweet Captcha was translated thanks to the help of it's users and community. If you like to contribute your translations please contact us at [email protected] English Sweet Captcha translation German Sweet Captcha translation French Sweet Captcha translation Dutch Sweet Captcha translation Portuguese Sweet Captcha translation Russian Sweet Captcha translation Swedish Sweet Captcha translation Czech Sweet Captcha translation Hebrew Sweet Captcha translation Slovak Sweet Captcha translation Arabic Sweet Captcha translation Italian Sweet Captcha translation Romanian Sweet Captcha translation Spanish Sweet Captcha translation Polish Sweet Captcha translation Chinese Sweet Captcha translation Korean Sweet Captcha translation Norwegian Sweet Captcha translation Bulgarian Sweet Captcha translation Danish Sweet Captcha translation Finnish Sweet Captcha translation Greek Sweet Captcha translation Bulgarian Sweet Captcha translation Turkish Sweet Captcha translation Hungarian Sweet Captcha translation Lithuanian Sweet Captcha translation Slovenian Sweet Captcha translation Bahasa Indonesia Sweet Captcha translation IMPORTANT Follow the installation instructions to setup Sweet Captcha in your website For Sweet Captcha news and updates follow us on Facebook and Twitter